Workshop Chat

06:00:40 From Ellen Devlin : Hi All! Ellen From NY!
06:00:41 From Michele O : California
06:00:52 From cathy schleining : Cathy S from Oregon
06:01:03 From Paula Staffeldt : Hi from Colorado, USA
06:01:43 From Elaine : Elaine from Medford, Oregon USA
06:01:48 From Arvees ipad : Rhonda in Dubbo, NSW, Australia
06:02:03 From iPaddiane kumarich : Sydney Australia
06:02:14 From Stephanie Dalton : Hello from Seattle!
06:02:16 From Galaxy S21 5G : I’m Lisa from Bainbridge Island WA, across from Seattle
06:02:36 From iPaddiane kumarich : Diane Sydney Australia
06:03:11 From Caroline Ballard :
06:05:09 From Alexandra Schweitzer : About how long is this workshop?
06:05:23 From Alexandra Schweitzer : Thanks
06:06:36 From Katie Stanford : To streamline my family life!
06:06:41 From Katie Stanford : Reduce decision fatigue!
06:06:50 From Mary Rosewood : Learn about flavors I can create!
06:06:51 From Karla Salvatore Caveness : Ditto Katie! 🙂
06:06:51 From Claire : Hoping to need to rely on recipes less
06:06:51 From Tara Gibson : Easier cooking for my family who’s always on the go
06:06:52 From Lori Hasegawa : stop making the same type of meal
06:06:54 From Paula Williams : Learning a bit more about how to taste, as I cook
06:06:58 From Pam Adamson : To eat healthier!
06:07:02 From iPaddiane kumarich : Help myself to cook instead of getting take aways
06:07:08 From Ellen Devlin : Have learned to love cooking with your meal plans-going to the next level today!
06:07:09 From Lisa Standring : reduce waste
06:07:10 From Karen : Make cooking easier even when I can’t focus on planning far in advance!
06:07:11 From Paul Atkins : use recipes less, get more creative
06:07:15 From Paula Staffeldt : To feel able to “throw things together” with what I have on hand.
06:07:24 From barbara sweeney : provide more variety
06:07:26 From Monica Butler : Being able to take what I have on hand and create yummy dishes. The tasting as cooking sounds wonderful also!
06:07:28 From Katie Stanford : Yes! Not black bean burritos all the time ?
06:07:31 From chery : If I missing an ingredient I can have confidence to make a sub item
06:07:40 From Galaxy S21 5G : to feel more comfortable standing in the kitchen
06:07:45 From Stephanie Dalton : To be able to wing it more easily!
06:07:51 From nancy : eat more low carb
06:08:17 From Kim : take the basic food more appetizing
06:08:50 From Jean : eat more plant based…when am a cooking novice:)
06:11:44 From Jean : So, I can get healthier by learning to cook!
06:18:10 From Lisa Standring : wasted time
06:18:13 From Paul Atkins : wasting food
06:18:16 From Lisa Standring : wasted money/food
06:18:24 From Lisa Standring : wasting calories
06:18:31 From Tara Gibson : Burning down the kitchen
06:18:33 From Jean : Partner is critical of efforts
06:18:37 From Paul Atkins : family disapproval
06:18:43 From Paula Williams : Worst is waste of time, food, winding up with something inedible or a burnt pot, which takes lots of time to clean
06:19:28 From Jean : Since partner does tend to be critical, may do experimenting on myself:)
06:19:53 From Galaxy S21 5G : same as for Jean, might be always true, but I m worried snyway
06:21:22 From Jean : Thought-“Explore cooking for myself!
06:21:35 From Mary Rosewood : I like that, Jean!
06:21:38 From Ellen Devlin : I started that way knowing my partner does not like the same food I do- we began cooking for ourselves-and out stuck! Heaven!
06:22:06 From Ellen Devlin : And it stuck!
06:22:20 From Jean : Love ;hearing that Ellen:)) Thanks for cheer Mary!
06:22:58 From Monica Butler : Jean, I love it! I had to tell myself that my spouse can either eat what I make or have a bowl of cereal (and that totally goes against my concept of healthy, not his). So it’s all good, right?
06:25:30 From Galaxy S21 5G : my husband and I eat different dinners often. he goes to Sonic for fries and milk shakes. I try to cook healthy food at home
06:25:39 From Jean : Monica-Am taking a page from your book! Thanks for cheer on “Explore cooking for myself!”
06:25:54 From Ellen Devlin : I read once the only ones you have to feed are babies and pets
06:26:43 From Monica Butler : I love it Ellen. So true!
06:27:29 From Monica Butler : Yes, Jean. It’s so freeing!
06:27:46 From Mary Rosewood : Yes, your recipes are simple & delicious!
06:28:14 From Paula Staffeldt : Agree, Mary!
06:28:37 From Caroline Ballard : RECIPES: 20 x Plan-B Recipes (workshop only) >>
06:28:56 From Caroline Ballard : RECIPES: 31 x Plan-B Recipes (Simple Meals Plans + Naturally Healthy Club Members) >>
06:28:59 From Paula Staffeldt : I missed the 3rd step to becoming an intuitive cook.
06:29:02 From Jean : Here’s to freedom to explore-cooking and other things:))
06:29:07 From Paula Staffeldt : Is it have a plan B?
06:29:44 From Karen : The 6-ingredient, 15-minute meals are absolutely AMAZING. They have literally changed my life and ability to eat well after work.
06:29:51 From Ellen Devlin : ?Jules gives Plan B meals in her Meal Plans program
06:33:24 From Paula Staffeldt : Thanks for asking, Jean. My internet is breaking up and I thought I’d missed the 3rd step. 🙂
06:33:49 From Sanj : How do you find links?
06:33:59 From Jenny Eakes : Hi, the link isn’t opening
06:34:00 From Caroline Ballard : Here they are again:
06:34:15 From Caroline Ballard : (workshop only) >>
06:34:26 From Caroline Ballard : (Simple Meals Plans + Naturally Healthy Club Members) >>
06:35:03 From Paula Staffeldt : Yummy spiced tomato soup!
06:35:16 From Jenny Eakes : sorry – maybe I copied the wrong link? The link I copied said I needed to be a member
06:35:21 From iPaddiane kumarich : Cabbage carbonara
06:35:22 From Katie Stanford : I want to do abundance bowls, I think I should start with easy almond pizza for the family
06:35:29 From Paula Williams : Curry
06:35:32 From Jean : Ho;t Cheesy Chickpeas
06:35:34 From Mary Rosewood : One Pot Mushroom, Sausage, & Spinach
06:35:37 From Jenny Eakes : got it. thanks!
06:35:50 From Claire : Warm salmon and chickpea salad!
06:35:52 From Paul Atkins : red lentil risotto sounds interesting
06:36:02 From Sanj : Buy nothing new curry
06:36:10 From chery : Yummy Spiced Tomato Soup
06:36:13 From Elaine : Red Lentil Risotto for Elaine too!
06:36:16 From Ellen Devlin : Sun dried tomato omlette
06:36:18 From natalie : Next day shakshuka
06:36:30 From Stephanie Dalton : Oh yum!! Egg fried cabbage!
06:36:33 From Cynthia : spinach and eggs
06:36:41 From Tara Gibson : Everyone Happy Cashew Masala …if I can find garam masala LOL
06:36:43 From Penny Johnston : red lentil risotto sounds great!
06:36:45 From Nan Gering : abundance bowls
06:36:48 From Kim : feta burger
06:36:50 From Lisa Standring : broccoli and bacon bowl
06:37:21 From Tara Gibson : Great! Thank you!
06:37:25 From Paul Atkins : the cashew masala is delicious. that has become a regular in my family
06:37:27 From Karen : Pea bowls with Olives and Goat Cheese
06:37:44 From Jenny Eakes : Cashew masala
06:37:44 From Megan P : Broccoli and bacon bowl
06:37:48 From Tara Gibson : Yes thanks Paul!
06:37:54 From Galaxy S21 5G : Broccoli Pantry Curry or Egg Fried Cabbage
06:37:57 From Pam Adamson : cashew marsala
06:38:07 From Cynthia : Jules do you recommend doing the recipe the same way for the 1 time a week for 3-4 weeks….or go ahead ande try variations?
06:38:11 From Catherine Bolshesolsky : Chilli con tuna
06:38:27 From cathy schleining : Cabbage carbonara
06:38:39 From Cynthia : okay great
06:41:39 From Galaxy S21 5G : looking at the choices others have made, I see that I’ve made a few of them already! our power just flickered, hope it stays on!
06:41:42 From Paula Williams : For the tasting, how do we decide whether to use coconut milk or tomato passata if have both?
06:42:29 From Paula Staffeldt : Your choice, Paula. Use coconut milk if you’re allergic to nightshades or don’t like tomato
06:42:54 From Jean : ***Does tomato paste work….or fresh tomatoes?***
06:43:07 From Monica Butler : Cumulus Spiced Eggs
06:44:17 From Pam Adamson : Are we to pour 1/4 cup of each item into a bowel?
06:44:37 From Jean : Is there someone who can list all needed ingreditents for this experiment??
06:44:53 From Katie Stanford : balsamic vinegar
06:44:57 From Katie Stanford : wine vingear
06:44:59 From Katie Stanford : EVOO
06:45:04 From Paula Williams : 1/4 cup of tomato passata in each cup?
06:45:22 From Caroline Ballard :
06:45:29 From Pam Adamson : so is the tasting medium either the coconut milk or the tomato passata
06:45:40 From Stephanie Dalton To Jules Clancy(privately) : Jules, this is just fantastic! I’ve been following you for about a decade…I’m a functional nutritionist and health coach and have been sharing your site and recipe with clients for forever! So many people are afraid of cooking or don’t want to do complicated cooking, so thank you for what you do. It’s very inspiring and so helpful. I’m going to launch a new program this fall and would love new recipes to offer them. I wonder if you’ve already got a 4 week cookbook w recipes that are low grain, and balanced fat/fiber/protein let me know. I’d love to offer it (I need new recipes!). 🙂
06:45:43 From Jean : Thank you!
06:45:52 From Glenice Fisher : I’ve suddenly had to leave home for a few days, and don’t have the ingredients.. I’ll just watch.
06:46:01 From Penny Johnston : would a hefty cab sav that’s been out for a few days work better than balsamic vinegar??
06:46:22 From Jean : List is exactly what I need…Thank you!
06:46:40 From Kim : what was the measure of paste and water
06:49:54 From Jean : Measurements are shown in this link
06:49:58 From Jean :
06:57:30 From Paul Atkins : what is the current health advice on salt please jules? it used to be a big no no
06:59:16 From Pam Adamson : my husband is on a low salt diet – does low salt mean NO salt?
06:59:18 From Paula Williams : Samrin Nosrat’s book, Salt Fat Acid Fat Heat, goes into some of these issues.
07:02:38 From Avis Gnewuch : How do you adjust for a salt-free diet?
07:05:10 From Galaxy S21 5G : That’s why I like salted caramel chocolate
07:05:28 From Catherine Bolshesolsky : Hence salt on margharita class
07:05:49 From Galaxy S21 5G : yes Catherine!
07:06:45 From Stephanie Dalton : Yes! Re: salt and blood pressure. 🙂
07:06:58 From Caroline Ballard : ARTICLE:How to Normalize Blood Pressure Naturally >>
07:08:43 From Katie Stanford : I feel great about salt! Let’s go!
07:09:03 From Glenice Fisher : I understood that using unadulterated Celtic sea salt, or pink Himalayan salt, that have a perfect blend of minerals in them, they cease to be dangerous like pure Sodium chloride, but actually really beneficial.
07:10:15 From Lisa Standring : Does everyday salt need to be iodized? (Is that an American thing?)
07:13:28 From Cynthia : the South Australian one tastes cleaner to you?
07:18:01 From Galaxy S21 5G : it’s the same with cupping coffee
07:22:44 From Jean : 2 finger salt-maybe cuz eat low salt
07:22:45 From Paula Staffeldt : It’s between #2 & #5
07:22:47 From Caroline Ballard : 1 – Standard
2 – 2 finger pinch salt
3 – 3 finger pinch salt
4 – 1/4 teaspoon salt
5 – 1.5 teaspoon soy sauce
07:22:50 From Jules Clancy : 1. Standard
2. + 2 fingered pinch salt
3. + 3 fingered pinch salt
4. +1/4 teaspoon salt
5. + 1/4 teaspoon soy sauce
07:23:06 From Christine Fodor : 2
07:23:26 From Jean : Thanks you Caroline-the notes are very helpful!
07:23:31 From Paula Staffeldt : I like soy sauce and I only like a little bit of salt (more of a pepper person:)
07:23:31 From Katie Stanford : I like the 3-finger – most flavor without being overly salty.
07:23:31 From Paula Williams : 3-finger pinch tastes best to me, followed by soy sauce. The 1/4 t. salt is too salty
07:23:36 From Jenny Eakes : #2 and #3 – 3 is sweeter.
07:23:36 From Mary Rosewood : I like the soy sauce best
07:23:37 From chery : 3 pinch , 2 pinch, soy sauce
07:23:39 From Claire : 3 or 5
07:23:43 From Elisabeth’s iPad (2) : Number 3
07:23:45 From Ellen Devlin : 1 pinch
07:24:06 From Jean : Do like the soy sauce. too
07:24:16 From Megan P : Soy sauce
07:24:21 From Karen : 3-finger pinch – it’s more richly acidic with the tomato – or soy, which is a darker, more complex flavoring.
07:24:28 From Paula Williams : of course, there are many kinds of soy sauce
07:24:31 From Pam Adamson : 3 fingernpinch
07:24:32 From Lisa Standring : 2 fingered pinch but reduced sodium soy sauce a close second
07:24:35 From Kim : #2 tastes best to me
07:24:36 From Cynthia : 3 finger pinch, and soy
07:24:37 From Stephanie Dalton : #3. Really brought the flavor of the tomato out and much more tasty
07:24:40 From Linda Lang-Gunn : Three-finger pinch tastes best to me.
07:24:44 From Galaxy S21 5G : 2 finger followed by soy. the soy could be a little stronger
07:24:49 From Elaine : 3 finger pinch
07:24:53 From Michele O : 3 and 5
07:24:54 From Catherine Bolshesolsky : salt – the 2 finger pinch also love the soy sauce
07:24:59 From Lisa Standring : 1/4 teaspoon was icky
07:25:10 From Nan Gering : 1/4 tsp salt
07:25:12 From Galaxy S21 5G : I was wrong, it’s the 3 finger. then soy
07:25:33 From Paul Atkins : 3 finger pinch
07:25:35 From Monica Butler : Two finger pinch
07:25:36 From Leesa Ingalls : I meant 3 finger
07:26:04 From cathy schleining : Cathy – how much soy sauce?
07:26:07 From natalie : 2 finger pinch
07:26:19 From Caroline Ballard : 1/4 teaspoon of soy sauce
07:26:20 From Paula Williams : 1/4 t soy sauce
07:26:24 From Cynthia : this is fun!!!
07:26:51 From Ellen Devlin : What happens if its the fridge for a day/
07:27:14 From cathy schleining : Cathy, thanks
07:27:52 From Katie Stanford : I agree Cynthia, it is fun!
07:28:21 From Jean : This Is fun!!
07:28:40 From Dorothy : I adore tamari
07:30:26 From Paul Atkins : might there be value in seasoning a sample?
07:31:20 From Paul Atkins : as cooking,so don’t do too much. is that what you were suggesting
07:32:08 From Paula Williams : important to taste first, even when adding food at table… especially if someone else has cooked the dish
07:32:41 From chery : This is great this tasting is good idea .. I have only tasted after dish is conplete
07:36:25 From Catherine Bolshesolsky : Oh yes – always had vinegar with chips in England, not so common here!! (Sydney)
07:37:27 From Jean : Love malt vinegar w/ chips/fries!
07:39:16 From Jules Clancy : `6. +1/4 teaspoon red wine vinegar
7. +1/4 teaspoon balsamic vinegar
8. + 1 teaspoon evoo
07:40:28 From Cynthia : with tomato/
07:40:36 From Cynthia : ?
07:44:15 From Paula Staffeldt : Interesting! I thought I’d like the tomato sauce with the red wine vinegar best, but my favorite was with balsamic.
07:44:42 From Paula Williams : balsamic
07:45:15 From chery : Red Wine Vinegar was the best.
07:45:45 From Pam Adamson : basalmic
07:46:03 From Katie Stanford : I liked both the vinegars, in different ways.
07:46:09 From Nan Gering : I liked balsamic over cider vinegar
07:46:10 From Jean : Red wine vinegar
07:46:10 From Monica Butler : balsamic
07:46:11 From Lisa Standring : balsamic
07:46:14 From Paul Atkins : balsamic,
07:46:18 From Paula Williams : oil by itself doesn’t work, maybe it needs acid and/or salt?
07:46:25 From Jenny Eakes : Me too – both vinegars were delicious
07:46:28 From Lisa Standring : balsamic but the red wine was good too
07:46:31 From Ellen Devlin : balsamic
07:46:31 From Claire : Balsamic, but would have been better with salt
07:46:32 From Monica Butler : that may have happened with my red wine vinegar
07:46:39 From Monica Butler : too much
07:46:51 From Cynthia : red wine vinegar
07:47:00 From Monica Butler : my bad — apple cider vinegar
07:47:14 From Galaxy S21 5G : both vinegars were subtle, liked balsamic better
07:47:17 From Catherine Bolshesolsky : LIke all 3, probably balsamic I do like the olive oil as well but not that acidic obviously
07:47:20 From Katie Stanford : Do you have suggestions about what kind/quality of balsamic to buy? Maybe include in notes… I just don’t know what to do! Is expensive really better, if budget matters.
07:47:21 From Mary Rosewood : Wow!! Salt really helps the balsamic!
07:47:30 From cathy schleining : sorry, what’s evoo
07:47:43 From Galaxy S21 5G : I used apple cider vinegar
07:47:46 From Kim : Olive Oil, and the Red wine Vinegar
07:48:12 From Megan P : Balsamic and soy ?
07:48:45 From Elaine : Extra Virgin Olive Oil = evoo
07:48:45 From Paula Staffeldt : Evoo=extra virgin olive oil
07:50:23 From Catherine Bolshesolsky : Adding salt with the vinegars – even better
07:50:28 From Galaxy S21 5G : yes the 9live oil is richer
07:51:14 From Galaxy S21 5G : I used the coconut milk
07:53:09 From Penny Johnston : Jules my holy grail is finding one perfect salad dressing.. that perfect combo of oil vinegar and seasoning .. if that’s a workshop for the future!
07:53:44 From Alexandra Schweitzer : +1 on perfect salad dressomg
07:53:53 From Alexandra Schweitzer : dressing^
07:54:11 From Paula Williams : Asian cooks often add a bit of sugar if too salty
07:54:21 From Caroline Ballard : RECIPES:10 Best Sauce Recipes (for workshop only). >>
07:54:48 From Caroline Ballard : RECIPES:A-Z of Sauces (Simple Meals Plans + Naturally Healthy Club Members) >>
07:55:11 From Jean : Thanks Caroline & Jules for getting the details in writing-w the link and in the chat. Made it so much easier!!
07:55:56 From Caroline Ballard : LIST: Flavour Bombs >>
07:59:06 From Caroline Ballard : Replay page >>
07:59:09 From Katie Stanford : This was fantastic, thank you!
07:59:14 From Paul Atkins : no worries re time for me
07:59:17 From andyw : thankyou
07:59:28 From Jean : This was a wonderful class, and has given me more confidence already, Jules!
07:59:32 From Galaxy S21 5G : I can stay
08:02:07 From Jenny Eakes : When I use a wok I find it’s so easy to burn
08:07:39 From Paula Williams : starches that boil over, like rice or oatmeal or beans? how to prevent
08:07:48 From Pam Adamson : This has been wonderful! Thank you so very much!
08:08:17 From Alexandra Schweitzer : for boiling over put a wooden spoon over the pot – no idea why it works but it does
08:08:24 From Dorothy : Thank you-lovely class
08:08:54 From Ellen Devlin : Thanks, Jules! So helpful
08:08:58 From Paul Atkins : I have really enjoyed this thank you Jules. i learned heaps. 🙂
08:09:09 From Margaret Blake : I loved this! thank you
08:09:21 From Avis Gnewuch : Thank you.
08:09:53 From Michele O : Loved the class! Learned so much thanks!
08:10:02 From Pat Newman To Jules Clancy(privately) : I was able to watch the end of the class and will look for the links to the recording. Appreciate your expertise and sorry I was so late. Just got the date wrong first and then was at an event when your email came to me. Thanks for what you do!
08:10:09 From Monica Butler : Jules & Caroline, thank you so much! I’m excited to put these new skills to use on the cumulus egg dish.
08:10:35 From Linda Lang-Gunn : Fun and informative class! Thanks, Jules!
08:10:44 From iPaddiane kumarich : Many thanks very inspiring
08:10:59 From Mary Rosewood : Fantastic experience! I learned A LOT!!
08:11:20 From Paula Staffeldt : Thank you, Julies!?
08:11:51 From Caroline Ballard : MEAL PLANS: join Simple Meal Plans here. >>
08:11:52 From Catherine Bolshesolsky : Love this, thanks so much Jules and Caroline. Not overwhelmed now – one recipe at a time to master and become a real cook! so helpful on seasoning and flavours
08:12:14 From Elaine : ??
08:12:22 From Leanne : Thank you! This was really helpful, Jules
08:12:26 From Arvees ipad : Thanks, Jules! Hmmm…it’s now 8.10am…Is that too late to go back to bed? now?
08:12:27 From Galaxy S21 5G : thanks so much, Jules. can I save the chat? so fun, making it possible.
08:12:36 From iPaddiane kumarich : Bye
08:12:44 From Paula Williams : Whole class was great, but especially enjoyed the tasting experiments. Many thanks!
08:12:58 From Tara Gibson : Thank you for getting up so early for us in the US!!
08:13:01 From Cynthia : Thank You Jules!!!
08:13:02 From Tara Gibson : This was great!
08:13:14 From Kim : thanks
08:13:19 From Galaxy S21 5G : I’m looking forward to experiment
08:13:19 From Jenny Eakes : thank yoU! Will you be emailing us the

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