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NOTE: This is where the meal plans and recipes you save end up. You can edit and organize these how you like.

* New Meal Plan Training Videos HERE.

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My Old Favourites

my favourite recipes
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    • You can do it Patricia! Let me know if there are any specific things you are struggling with. I can make a special training video for you if you need extra help. It will be worth the learning curve I promise 🙂

  • hi jules! i’m trying out the new features with collections and i’m having some trouble. i removed some recipes from the collection and added a few new ones, but when i click on the “shopping list” it seems to only generate based on the original meal plan – it doesn’t account for my changes. the same happens if i even just change the # servings for existing recipe within the original meal plan. is there a “save” button i’m missing or anything like that?

    also, is there any way to get the variations to show up if i add new recipes? it helps if they show so that i can edit the shopping list more easily (on the same page).


    • so glad you’re trying the new format Elizabeth! Sorry you’ve had problems.

      Here’s what you need to do.

      1. Save the meal plan to your collections (which I assume you’ve done).
      2. Edit the meal plan as you like. Add / remove things.
      3. Click on shopping list. This will generate the standard list based on the original plan.
      4. Click on regenerate shopping list – it will then ask which units you want to use and if you want to include ingredient notes (choose yes to this).
      5. It will then update the shopping list with your choices.
      6. Save your new shopping list. Then you can edit or share it.

      Sorry this is a bit clunky – will see what I can do to make it generate the shopping list from your changes first.

      And with the variation notes – I add them in manually so if you want to include a different recipe, you’ll need to look at that recipe page to see the variations. Will add to my list for future versions 🙂

      Does that help?

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