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6 tips for stylish gift wrapping without spending a fortune.

1. Start a box collection.

It’s always far easier to wrap a gift in a box than odd shapes. Home made gifts tend to end up as funny shapes so having a box handy is a brilliant way to give your gifts a stylish, professional look.

I always keep shoe boxes and any other boxes that cross my path in the garage for when I need to wrap something funny-shaped.

If you need some tips for wrapping boxes, see the video over here on Real Simple.

2. Buy in bulk.

I have a giant roll of striped paper I picked up about 3 years ago. It hardly cost anything and has meant we’ve had cute matching gifts under our tree. Each year I’ve just invested in some new and different ribbons to keep it interesting.

3. Use materials you already have in the house.

Newspaper can look brilliant as gift wrap if you add a big bold coloured ribbon. I’m also a fan of brown paper ‘lunch bags’ from the supermarket tied with string or ribbon. Baking or parchment paper has also been used in our house on occasion.

4. If you have kids, put them to work.

A friend of mine buys big rolls of paper from Ikea and lets her children use them as ‘canvases’ during the year. Then come Christmas or other times of the year, she has an endless supply of ‘priceless masterpiece’ gift paper.

5. Keep a supply of brown paper and string.

I’m showing myself as a big Sound of Music fan here, but there’s something so lovely about ‘brown paper packages tied up with string’. Office supply stores tend to be a great source of inexpensive brown paper and rolls of string. These work well for birthday and other gifts as well.

6. Recycle for next year.

I have a strong memory of my Mum always taking the time to fold up any wrapping paper or ribbon that hadn’t been destroyed by hasty gift openers. She’d stash them away in the ‘gift wrapping’ shelf and whenever we needed wrapping materials there was always an endless supply of different options.

With Love,
Jules x

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  • Hi ELise
    The blog template is called thesis… you can customise it to look how you want.. if you google it you should find their website.

    And I use Johanna Kinndvall for the illustrations you can contact her here:

    Good luck!

  • Hi! I am contacting you as the marketing consultant at GRUB- a whole food based nutrition center in North Carolina. We are interested in putting our classes online and have come across your website as one of our favorites! I am wondering what template or website you go through to get your classes online? Any information would be amazing- You have such a beautiful thing going on!
    Thank you,
    Elise Swartwood

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