The 2-Secret Skills to enjoy cooking FREE CLASS

Secret Skills

You’ll discover:

  • Exactly how I learned to cook without recipes
  • The 3 phases of cooking confidence
  • The 2 secret skills to enjoy cooking AND feel confident in the kitchen




With love,
Jules x

PS. If you have any questions, suggestions or concerns leave a comment below.

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  • I listened to the replay and discovered that even though I still use recipes (mostly your simple ones), I have turned into a joyful cook. I’ve paid attention to your variations, and that has helped me to be way more creative than I ever was. If I’m missing something I (supposedly) need, it’s generally easy to figure out a substitute. I do have an issue with being totally an impromptu cook: you’ve got to figure out what you need besides the produce that looks good. As one who has been cooking for 60 years, I enjoy being able to be more creative, and I’ve largely ditched the complex recipes. However, I still really like the structure that comes with having basic recipes to follow (more detailed than templates). At this point in my life, I don’t have the energy to completely start over, but I like what I’ve evolved to – especially the fact that I can always figure out a solution to a missing ingredient. Thank you for making me into a more creative cook.

  • I shared this podcast with my sixteen year old son who is already on the path to becoming a joyful cook and he wants to take the class! Fingers crossed we can get him in and build his skills toward a healthy well fed future! (And this mama will learn right along with him!)

  • Was the podcast episode you mentioned β€˜how to make food taste amazing’ in your Joyful Eating? I lost the link you pasted. Great intro today Jules 😊 Looking forward to Joyful Cooking starting up soon.

  • Hi Jules,
    I tried to zoom for the very first time with no success. I could see you but had no sound. Not that tech savvy.

  • I would have joined in but 1 am London time is a bit inconvenient as it’s in the middle of the night, unless you mean lunchtime?

  • I missed the Zoom time live.Could you please tell me how t watch it recored?Many thanks Kind Regards Bebaki

    • Hi Shoshana!

      No need to register – I’ll just post the replay video on this page so check back here to watch when you’re ready πŸ™‚

  • Is it necessary to register for the class in order to have access to the recording? I too will not be able to make the live class.And I really can use some ideas to spice up my cooking which is boring. Thank you Jules for offering the class

  • Thank you for this impromptu cooking class. your postings have provided helpful knowledge over the years. My diet is different now and your thoughts about kitchen work would be helpful. I’m doing the LEAST amount of preparation for my meals. Frugal but Boring.

    • So glad you’ve found my work helpful Donna!

      The LEAST amount of prep sounds like a smart approach – I’m all about making it as simple as possible too πŸ™‚

  • Thank you Jules … due to time change I am unable to watch you live … however so looking forward to watching your reply … as always Jules thank you so much for all you do for this community

    • You know I love my job Nancy,

      If you have any questions when you watch the replay – just leave a comment here and I’ll help you out πŸ™‚

  • Hello,
    I am thinking about signing up for your Joy of Cooking 3 month class.
    I live on the US West Coast and will not be able to listen to your event on Thursday. Will this be part of the class?
    Thank you! Nancy

  • Jules,you’re simply great. With my terrible lifestyle I don’t make it to just anything, but it’s so calming to “have you” in my days. The time will come when I’ll cook and live according to your priciples and ideas – and many more people will enjoy it thru me. Love and thanks for all what you’re doing – and for the friendly way, directly from the heart. Christa from Austria/Salzburg

    • Absolutely NOT Khali – you don’t have to be good at cooking. I’ll explain more in the class. Don’t want to give away all my secrets now πŸ˜‰

  • goodness me girl … you do come up with the most wonderful things when you are running … much love from Nancy in Canada

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