Your Masterclass Bonus!

Thank you for attending my free Masterclass.

CLICK HERE to download your free gift templates + notes.

With love,
Jules x

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  • Hi Jules
    Thank you for the replay of the live Masterclass. I needed to reset my focus on the simple steps that work for *me* (habits vs willpower, substitutions being less demanding of perfection) and this Masterclass certainly helped.

  • Thanks Jules, I knew about making habits rather than relying on willpower, but I like your additional idea of creating personal guidelines so that decisions are made in advance. I often come home tired and toss my plan for a healthy meal out the window. Having a guideline to keep a few healthy items on hand could help me to stick to the healthy meal! Colleen 🙂

    • Glad you like the idea of Personal Guidelines (a much better name than personal rules!) Colleen – Thank YOU for the new name suggestion.

      Sounds like you need some good simple go-to meals. We’re going to have a 5-Day challenge for all Simple Meal Plans members to help you develop your goto meals in a few weeks. So stay tuned!

      • Nice try Cindy – It’s only a bonus for people who join.

        For one month at $16 you’re getting the Baking Book for almost half price AND you get the meal plans and everything else as a bonus 🙂

        You should totally give it a go!

  • I enjoyed your Masterclass. I have several of your books and look through them often. I don’t meal plan traditionally, but choose/buy some ingredients from recipes that sound good, then make up a recipe from those plus whatever I have on hand. Sounds odd, but I like the challenge 🙂

    • Thanks for attending live Sandi!

      Your meal planning method is what I used to do before I had a family.

      I actually have quite a few members in Simple Meal Plans who do the same as you and keep their membership for access to the recipes (on the one searchable website) and programs

      If you’re enjoying the challenge then keep doing what works!

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