Crispy Fish with Tahini Yoghurt & Walnut Herb Salad

Crispy Fish with Tahini Yoghurt + Herby Walnut Salad

Crispy Fish with Tahini Yoghurt + Walnut Herb Salad

This is my idea of the perfect midweek dinner… It’s fast, it’s fresh, it’s tasty. And with the tahini, fish and walnuts, it’s super satisfying without weighing you down. Did I mention it’s tasty?

I love this mix of tahini and yoghurt as a sauce / base to serve with different types of protein. It’s just as delicious as hummus but with a fraction of the carbs. Tahini is a paste made from ground sesame seeds. It can be tricky to track down but my supermarket and health food store stock it. If you can’t find tahini see the ‘variations’ below for alternatives.

I’ve used both coriander (cilantro) and mint in the photo above. Basil is great too.

enough for: 2
takes: 30 minutes

100g (3.5oz) walnuts
100g (3.5oz) tahini
100g (3.5oz) Greek yoghurt
2 salmon fillets
2 bunches herbs (leaves picked)
2 tablespoons lemon juice

1. To roast the walnuts, place on an ovenproof tray and pop in the oven 200C (400F) for about 12 minutes or until they smell all nutty. If you’re short on time or energy use pre-roasted nuts or just skip this step.

2. While the nuts are roasting, mix tahini and yoghurt in a medium bowl to make your sauce. Taste and season with salt and pepper.

3. Rub salmon with some oil and season with salt. Cook in a small frying pan on a medium high heat for 3 minutes skin side down. Turn and cook for another 3-4 minutes on the second side or until cooked to your liking.

4. While the salmon is cooking, make the salad by combining herbs, walnuts, lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil in a medium bowl. Toss until well combined.

5. To serve, divide the tahini sauce between two plates. Top with cooked salmon (crispy skin side up) and place herby salad on the side.


no tahini – replace with sunbutter, cashew butter or almond butter. Or replace the whole sauce with store bought hummus.

garlicky – add a small clove of finely minced garlic to the tahini sauce.

dairy-free – replace yoghurt with coconut cream and a squeeze of lemon or use coconut yoghurt. You could also just use extra tahini.

different fish – I love crispy salmon but any fish fillets will work well here.

different protein – the sauce and salad are also amazing with lamb chops, lamb fillets or even a steak.

easier – use all mint or all coriander (cilantro) instead of both. Or skip the salad and serve with washed salad leaves instead.

nut-free – skip the walnuts in the salad or replace with cooked chickpeas or lentils (carb alert!). Or use roast broccoli or cauliflower florettes.

vegetarian – replace fish with lentils, chickpeas, roast mushrooms, roast eggplant (aubergine) halves or pan fried eggplant slices (aka eggplant ‘steaks’).

carb lovers / more substantial – serve with warm flat bread, couscous, quinoa or brown rice.

more substantial (low carb) – more walnuts or larger serving of fish.

Waste Avoidance Strategy

walnuts / tahini / extra virgin olive oil – keep them in the pantry.

greek yoghurt – usually has a shelf life of a month or so. Otherwise, have it for another meal like breakfast! Don’t freeze.

salmon fillets – freeze them.

mint / coriander (cilantro) – best to use for another meal. leaves can be frozen but will wilt when defrosted so not ideal. Alternatively make a herb oil by packing washed and dried leaves in a clean dry glass jar and covering with extra virgin olive oil use oil to serve with lamb, chicken, steak or fish.

Prepare Ahead

No best when freshly made. However you could mix up the tahini yoghurt sauce up to a week in advance if that helps. Don’t freeze the sauce.

Crispy Fish with Tahini Yoghurt + Herby Walnut Salad-2
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    • You know I haven’t Jenna but I had brunch out on Thursday and had this amazing salmon skin and I thinking I should cook something like this!
      Thanks for the reminder – you’re right totally up my alley

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