Warm Fig, Prosciutto & Buffalo Mozzerella Salad


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This recipe pre-dates my 5 Ingredients philosophy.

Warm Fig, Prosciutto & Buffalo Mozzerella Salad

From Stonesoup

This salad started out life as Jamie Oliver’s sexy fig salad which is still a favourite of mine as a starter but I like to think that my warm salad gives Jamie a run for his money. Especially when the evenings are getting cooler and you’re more in the mood for a quick main course salad.

Buffalo mozerella can be a bit tricky to source so If you aren’t able to get hold of any or it’s not quite in your price range you could substitute in some bocconcini. It won’t have quite the same lovely milky melt-in-the-mouth texture but it will be a hundred times better than rubbery old supermarket mozerella. Of course you could always try another angle with some fresh ricotta or even goats cheese.

If you don’t have a BBQ or feel a bit weird about BBQing lettuce – which I do understand – you could either leave the radicchio as is for a lighter feel or ditch the radicchio altogether and go for a couple of handfuls of basil or flat leaf parsley leaves.

A final option, if you or your guests are more of the vegetarian persuasion you could leave out the prosciutto (although if it were up to me I would be tempted to have a go at trying to convert them) and substitute in some roasted walnut halves or pinenuts.

Serves 4
a hunk of sourdough or other rustic bread (approx 120g or 4oz)
1 head radicchio, leaves washed and separated
2T aged balsamic vinegar
1 clove garlic, peeled and smashed
6T extra virgin olive oil
1 small sprig rosemary, leaves picked and finely chopped
6 fresh black figs, halved lengthwise
200g (7oz) buffalo mozerella, bocconcini or ricotta, torn into chunks
4 – 6 slices prosciutto, torn into bight sized pieces

1. Preheat your BBQ or a char grill pan.

2. Tear bread into bight sized chunks (stale bread is fine) and lightly toast under the grill or broiler to warm and freshen it up a little but not to make it golden or crispy.

3. Whisk together balsamic, garlic, oil and rosemary in the base of a large bowl and season well. Take out 2T of the dressing and reserve for serving. Wash radicchio leaves but don’t worry about drying too much. Cook leaves on the BBQ for a minute or so until the leaves have started to wilt and char around the edges. Toss the wilted leaves through the dressing with the bread and allow to stand for at least 10minutes.

4. To serve, fish the garlic out of the salad and place the leaves and bread on a platter or divide between individual plates. Artfully arrange the figs,cheese and prosciutto over the top. Drizzle each fig cut side with a little of the reserved dressing. Serve straight up.

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