Crispy Duck Confit with Fig and Walnut Salad


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This recipe pre-dates my 5 Ingredients philosophy.

Crispy Duck Confit with Fig and Walnut Salad

From Stonesoup

Duck, figs and walnuts are a bit of a classic combo but you could easily use pecans or hazelnuts and sub in fresh pomegranate or even shaved pear if figs aren’t in season. For that matter you could do a fresh take on the classic duck a la orange and toss through some freshly segmented oranges instead.

If you’d prefer to eat more delicately in front of your beloved(s), by all means shred the meat from the bones and toss through the salad rather than serving on the side. To be honest, you’ll be missing out on the primal pleasure of gnawing and sucking on the sweetest meat, but whatever turns you on.

Serves 12
12 confit duck legs
4 large handfuls walnuts, toasted
18 ripe figs, halved lengthwise
1 head radicchio
1 head baby endive
1 bunch watercress
½ bunch flat leaf parsley
3 shallots, peeled & very finely sliced
4T red wine vinegar
1T pomegranate molasses
8T extra virgin olive oil

1. Preheat oven to 200C. Remove duck legs from their fat and place on a baking tray. Bake for 20mins or until browned and crispy skinned.

2. For the salad, remove and discard the tough outer leaves of the radicchio and endive and tear the inner leaves into bight sized pieces. Pick watercress and parsley and discard their tough stems. Wash all lettuce in a salad spinner and spin dry.

3. In a very large bowl whisk together vinegar, pomegranate molasses and oil. Season well and toss through shallots.

4. When ready to serve place a duck leg on 12 warmed dinner plates. Toss leaves in the dressing and divide between the plates. Arrange 3 fig halves on each plate and scatter over walnuts.

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