Toblerone Ice Cream Cake


toblerone ice cream cake

toblerone ice cream cake
from Stonesoup
takes 15 mins + freezing
serves 8-10

While toblerone is absolutely delicious in this cake, don’t feel constrained to one type of chocolate. Pretty much all chocolate works well here, as would nougat, honey roasted nuts, cookie dough or your favourite chocolate biscuit or cookie.

I’ve used a loaf pan approximately 30cm x 10cm (11in x 4in). You’re looking for something that will hold at least 6 cups. If you’re using a round pan, about 20cm (8in) diameter would be about the same size.

Feel free to halve or quarter the recipe. It would be lovely in little individual cups.

3 eggs, separated
300g (10oz) icing (powdered) sugar
2 cups whipping cream
200g (7oz) toblerone, chopped + extra to serve

1. Line a loaf pan or other container with baking paper or foil.

2. Whisk egg whites with a pinch of salt until you have firm peaks. Add about 1/2 the icing sugar and whisk until the whites are glossy.

3. Mix yolks with a spoon in a large bowl and transfer the foamy whites to the bowl.

4. Place cream and remaining sugar in the bowl you used to whisk the whites and whisk until the cream forms soft peaks.

5. Add the cream and toblerone to the whites and yolks and gently fold everything until just combined.

6. Transfer gently to your lined container. Freeze for at least 8 hours.


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  • Next time I have visitors this will make a fantastic dessert with an addition of fruit. Looks like this is quick and easy to make.

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