Mexican Eggs

mexican breakfast eggs

Mexican Eggs

These are brilliant when you’re in the mood for a bit of heat in the morning to kick-start your day. Also doubles well as a dinner dish with a green salad on the side.

The butter really changes the flavour of the sauce, softening the acidity of the tomato a little.

enough for 2
takes: 10 minutes

2 tablespoons butter
1 can tomatoes (400g/14oz)
1 teaspoon chilli flakes or powder (optional)
4-6 eggs from happy chooks
green salad, to serve

1. Heat a medium skillet over a medium high heat. Add butter, tomatoes and chilli (if using) and simmer for about a minute or so.

2. Add the eggs one at a time and simmer for about 3 minutes or until the egg whites are no longer clear.

3. Season with salt and pepper and serve hot.

Quantities for Different Serving Sizes

This is a little more forgiving in terms of increasing and decreasing but the more eggs, the longer it will take.

Prepare Ahead?

You could cook these in advance and reheat on a low heat. Be careful not to overcook the eggs.


vegan – you could crumble some tofu or tempeh into the tomato in place of the eggs and replace the butter with olive oil.

paleo (gluten, grain + dairy-free) – replace the butter with olive or macadamia oil.

carnivore – brown some bacon or chorizo before adding the tomato.

carb lovers / more substantial – serve with warm tortillas or toast.

more substantial (low carb) – add some avocado, feta, sour cream and serve with zucchini tortillas.

keto / ultra low carb – reduce tomato to 1/2 cup.

more veg – soften onion and red peppers in a little oil before adding tomato.

Problem Solving Guide

burning on the bottom – this means the heat was too high. Since we’re not stirring once the eggs go in its important not to have it too hot.

‘snotty’ whites – this means you haven’t quite cooked the eggs long enough. Next time leave for a little longer or spoon some hot tomato sauce over the eggs. It also helps if the eggs are at room temperature before you start frying so don’t forget to get them out of the fridge first.

rubbery eggs – too much cooking. Aim for the whites to be just turning white and set and the yolks to still be runny.

Waste Avoidance Strategy

butter – keeps in the fridge for months.

tomatoes / chilli flakes or powder – keep them in the pantry.

– will keep in the fridge for a month or so. Or use for another meal.

Serving Suggestions

Great on their own or with a green salad on the side.

Leftover Potential

Ok to reheat but be careful your eggs don’t end up super rubbery.

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