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Click on the covers above to download your FREE BONUS ingredient thesaurus [$17 Value] AND The Tired & Hungry Cook’s Companion eCookbook [$27 Value] .
You may need to ‘right click’ and ‘save link as’.

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1. I recommend using the free program Adobe Reader. Download the computer version here:
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3. Open the saved file using Adobe Reader.

On your mobile device

1. Get the free Adobe Reader App for iphone / iPad or android in the App Store. Or over here
2. Open this web page on your iPad / iPhone / Android device.
3. Click on the cover to open the ebook PDF.
4. Click on the ‘open in…’ option that appears on the top left hand corner of your screen (you might need to tap in the top left corner to get this option to appear). Choose ‘Open in Adobe Reader’.
5. The PDF will automatically be saved in your Adobe Reader App.


If you have any questions, compliments or concerns, please don’t hesitate to email me: jules@thestonesoup.com


Your meal plans will be emailed to you each week. You can also login and access them from the SOUPSTONES DASHBOARD PAGE.


Don’t forget you have access to 1157+ recipes on this website! Feel free to have a browse of the recipe index or use the search bar to find what you’re looking for. And when you find something you like, click on the ‘add to favourites’ icon on the bottom of the recipe page to add it to your own personal favourites collection which you can access from the navigation menu above.


You’re free to cancel at any time! Either follow the ‘customer service’ link in your latest payment receipt email from Clickbank. Or email jules@thestonesoup.com and we’ll look after it for you in a jiffy.

With love
Jules x

ps. To login in the future just go to:

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  • Hi there Jules, I read somewhere that a book can be won, if a comment whether good or bad is made. I do have a comment, but I’m so sorry to say it is negative, but said with a lot of love! It’s just that I found the website pages and emails too busy, packed full with too much information and thus, complicated. Sorry! I just wondered how cool it would be if the information matched the simplicity of the cooking? That’s all 😉 I can not wait to start my stone soup journey!!

    • Thank you so much for the feedback Amber!
      Its something I’m always thinking about – the balance between simplicity and providing loads of value to my customers… Good to know how its coming across to you 🙂

  • In your cookbooks you give vegan options but in the last three weeks plans I just looked at, there were no vegan variations? Are you not doing that? If not, I will need to cancel my membership. 🙁

    • Hi Andrea
      Apologies. You’re right. I do include vegan variations where I can in my recipes. But not in the overview for the meal plans. Basically because I’m short on space and you can usually find a vegan idea by combining the vegetarian and dairy-free options.
      If you find that’s not enough help for you please just email me jules@thestonesoup.com so I can cancel your membership.

  • I appear to have PAID TWICE the reason being that “Clickbank stated the transaction failed!! So I re-applied and now it has gone through TWICE.

    • Hi Mike,

      I have refunded the duplicate purchase. Let me know if you didn’t receive it and I will follow up.

      Hope you enjoy Soupstone.

      (Jules Assistant)

  • I’m having trouble signing in. When I try to set up an account, I get a “user name already exists” message (I have signed up for Stone Soup school previously), but when I try to sign in with my username/password, it says that username doesn’t exist. Help???

  • When I tried to join for the weekly meal plans, I was unsuccessful when it came to the final registration of password etc. I have already had my money details accepted but I don’t know how to get back to the point of final registration. Help. Please.

    • Sorry you’ve had problems Wendy.
      I’ll get my assistant Caroline to contact you via email and help sort out your problem.

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