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  • Hi there Jules, I read somewhere that a book can be won, if a comment whether good or bad is made. I do have a comment, but I’m so sorry to say it is negative, but said with a lot of love! It’s just that I found the website pages and emails too busy, packed full with too much information and thus, complicated. Sorry! I just wondered how cool it would be if the information matched the simplicity of the cooking? That’s all 😉 I can not wait to start my stone soup journey!!

    • Thank you so much for the feedback Amber!
      Its something I’m always thinking about – the balance between simplicity and providing loads of value to my customers… Good to know how its coming across to you 🙂

  • In your cookbooks you give vegan options but in the last three weeks plans I just looked at, there were no vegan variations? Are you not doing that? If not, I will need to cancel my membership. 🙁

    • Hi Andrea
      Apologies. You’re right. I do include vegan variations where I can in my recipes. But not in the overview for the meal plans. Basically because I’m short on space and you can usually find a vegan idea by combining the vegetarian and dairy-free options.
      If you find that’s not enough help for you please just email me jules@thestonesoup.com so I can cancel your membership.

  • I appear to have PAID TWICE the reason being that “Clickbank stated the transaction failed!! So I re-applied and now it has gone through TWICE.

    • Hi Mike,

      I have refunded the duplicate purchase. Let me know if you didn’t receive it and I will follow up.

      Hope you enjoy Soupstone.

      (Jules Assistant)

  • I’m having trouble signing in. When I try to set up an account, I get a “user name already exists” message (I have signed up for Stone Soup school previously), but when I try to sign in with my username/password, it says that username doesn’t exist. Help???

  • When I tried to join for the weekly meal plans, I was unsuccessful when it came to the final registration of password etc. I have already had my money details accepted but I don’t know how to get back to the point of final registration. Help. Please.

    • Sorry you’ve had problems Wendy.
      I’ll get my assistant Caroline to contact you via email and help sort out your problem.

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