scrambled eggs


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scrambled eggs
scrambled eggs recipe

quantities for different serving sizes

As with fried eggs, it’s really important to match the number of eggs to the size of your frying pan. For less people I’d use a smaller pan and for more a larger one.

If you don’t have that luxury just remember that for a given pan size, the less eggs, the faster everything will cook and the more eggs, the longer it will take.

prepare ahead?

You could break the eggs and whisk to combine and keep in the fridge but you’re not really going to save any time.

variations for dietary requirements & fun

vegan – Try the scrambled tofu recipe.

dairy free – use olive oil or macadamia oil instead of the butter and use a few tablespoons of water instead of the cream.

troubleshooting guide

eggs watery – if the eggs look cooked but have watery liquid coming out the bottom, it mean your eggs are overcooked. The protein has started to break down which causes it to lose water. It won’t hurt you. Next time take the eggs off the heat sooner and remember that they’ll continue to cook as they sit on the plate.

eggs browning – this means the pan was too hot to begin with and your butter started to brown, Next time use a lower heat or get the eggs in the pan sooner.

eggs sticking to the pan – A sign of a dodgy pan and not enough butter or oil I’m afraid.

too bland – eggs love seasoning so don’t forget your salt and pepper.

serving suggestions

Scrambled eggs are just as versatile as a frittata or omelette when it comes to flavourings. Here are a few ideas:

  • top with a few slices of smoked salmon and some chopped chives.
  • serve with a side of mushrooms cooked as per the mushrooms and butterbeans
  • serve on a bed of spinach leaves
  • serve with spinach and lentils
  • layer over some finely sliced prosuitto or jamon
  • serve with halved cherry tomatoes and some fresh basil
  • stir in your favourite herbs at the end. I love parsley or thyme.

leftover potential

Tricky to reheat but you could eat them cold. Not ideal though.

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