What Jules Ate – 3rd Feb

Hi there,
Really excited about the new classes we have on the horizon! 

Super Quick Cooking
Starts on the 18th Feb. We’ll be focusing on techniques such as stir frying and cooking with your kettle. As well as looking at time tricks to help make you faster in the kitchen.
Weekly Menu Planning
Beginning on the 3rd March, this 4 week in-depth class will teach you my hassle-free system for planning your weekly menus.
You won’t need to do anything to access the classes when they go live apart from logging on.
I need your help!
I really loved doing recipes by request last year, so I’ve decided to make it a permanent feature at the SVCS.
So pop on over to SVCS by request!
I’ve also put a link in the nav bar and side bar so you can access the page whenever you think of something.
Looking forward to hearing your idea… especially looking for quick cooking ideas for our next class.
what jules ate
What started as a lovely Summer’s week with eating outdoors has ended up with me wearing my Ugg boots and cranking up the heater. I miss global warming 😉
And things have been going well on the detox front with my Irishman down 4kgs since we began 9 days ago. Looking forward to having a glass of wine or two on Saturday!
SUN. BBQ steaks with chimmichurri & shaved zucchini salad 
MON. stir fry of smoked tofu with sugar snap peas & chilli oil
WED.  BBQ chicken breasts with babaganoush & radish tabbouleh
Have a lovely (&warm!) weekend
Jules x
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