What Jules Ate – 27th Jan

Hi there,
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discussion forum
I owe you guys apology. 
I got out of the habit of checking the discussion forum for new posts over the holidays and have only

just remembered to check. So sorry for not being on the ball.

I’ve responded to everything now and will keep checking regularly so please continue to post your

comments and suggestions and questions! Or just pop them in the comments section on each page.. I get an

email every time someone posts a comment.

what jules ate
We were in Sydney most of the week so lots of eating out opportunities. Highlight was definitely

celebrating my Irishman’s birthday at the new Momofuku Sydney. So good.

SUN. BBQ pork belly with romesco sauce & an unbeatable beet salad
TUES. the new Cafe Sopra in Bridge St.
WED. Fabulous modern Japanese at Sake in the


THURS. BBQ snapper with chilli & soy + charred Chinese broccoli
FRI. Detoxing with green curry of broccoli soup
Hope you have a relaxing weekend!
Jules x
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