Weekly Call Chat 24Aug21

10:35:34 From Cynthia : I suppose it is similar to a car stuck in the mud or snow. We have to figure out how to get the tire out of the rut and move a bit in a different direction to get out.
10:36:14 From Lisa Standring : love that analogy Cynthia. Great mental image
10:36:25 From Sue Fuller : Good analogy, Cynthia,
10:45:14 From Jenny : I tested that. I ate ice cream at the table, without distractions, and there was a break point where it was still yummy but not as satisfying
10:45:20 From Paula Staffeldt : Focusing on satisfaction has been a “game-changer” for me!
10:47:13 From Sue Fuller : Mindless eating has limited satisfaction, but when we focus on satisfaction it is a realtime changer
10:48:37 From Sue Fuller : That should read game changer
10:49:03 From joan : darya rose hd some great inspirational podcast too.
10:50:00 From Shaz Andrus : could you send the link, Joan?
10:51:36 From joan : https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/how-to-stop-yourself-from-nighttime-bingeing/id1090954776?i=1000411797699
10:51:52 From joan : this is just one episode…there’s a lot.
10:52:01 From joan : I am not very tech-y
10:52:05 From Caroline Ballard : https://www.daryaroseshow.com/
10:52:19 From Cynthia : thanks joan
10:52:43 From Cynthia : thanks caroline
10:54:52 From Cynthia : this is so good jules. just what I need to hear at this point
10:55:12 From Sue Fuller : Good points, Jules
10:55:33 From Shaz Andrus : Thanks a lot, Joan
10:57:13 From Sara : https://mehrwert-gesundheit.de/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/Proactivity-960×664.png
10:57:50 From Sara : An easy visual from Dr. Covey of why it’s great to focus on your influence rather than your concerns.
10:58:13 From Lisa Standring : I’m loving this discussion but I must leave right at 9:00 to go pick up my daughter at the train station.
11:01:19 From Gail : This has been an amazing discussion / coaching Jules. Thank you so much. Almost everything you said resonates with me!
11:05:55 From joan : Experiment on!

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