Weekly Call Chat 17Aug21

10:01:50 From Leesa Ingalls : Za’atar and Lemon Chicken tonight!
10:03:42 From Sue Fuller : Stilton Cheese
10:04:35 From Paul Atkins : This topic (positive restriction) is spot on for me at this time
10:04:51 From Lisa Standring : Comparison is the thief of joy
10:08:11 From Lisa Standring : me too Paul.
10:11:01 From Sue Fuller : Moderation in all things – a concept that I struggle with
10:12:25 From Sue Fuller : Sugar and carbs are real problems for me
10:13:48 From Jenny : If there’s never ice cream….
10:14:20 From Julia Lim : Sadly I put on 1.5kgs just allowing myself to eat anything I want (even though it’s small quantities). Finding that balance is tricky for me
10:21:14 From joan : Is that like having your personal manifesto??
10:21:21 From sophie nicoll : Wine and croissants!
10:21:43 From Sue Fuller : Sugar, bread, pasta
10:22:33 From Sue Fuller : Joan, a personal manifesto sounds like a good idea
10:30:44 From mel b : Is there a feature on circle to bookmark posts ((that we find particularly relevant)?
10:31:28 From Sara : Yes, you can select to follow the post and filter for the posts you are following
10:31:30 From Sara : This is how I bookmark them
10:34:28 From Jenny : Trend matters
10:34:42 From Sara : Very true, Jenny
10:35:08 From Jenny : 2 data points is just a line
10:38:18 From Jenny : Hard to say what the actual fluctuation is
10:38:54 From Lisa Standring : I think it is easier to be attached to the number if you only see it once a week
10:39:30 From Sara : It is for me, Lisa, because I don’t see the correlations between my choices and the outcomes as readily
10:40:21 From Leesa Ingalls : I had pancakes for breakfast, ice cream for dessert – up 2 pounds but I knew why. Jules checklist is super.
10:40:58 From Lisa Standring : For me, looking at it each day helps to keep it just a data point. I’ve been surprised by how quickly I’ve separated any judgement from the number
10:41:22 From Kate Caldecott : Thats great to hear Lisa. Why do you think that is?
10:41:33 From Paul Atkins : In addition to tracking I have set a goal for weight loss by end of September. but heating this I am realising that is not part of the process you are recommending. can you speak about your view of setting a goal weight by a certain time?
10:41:54 From Corrie : I definitely find there is less emotion used when weighing daily rather than weekly or monthly where there is so much anticipation and expectation attached to the number. The daily number becomes data rather than a big result I am anticipating….
10:43:06 From Laura Anderson : I agree about the daily weighing not having the emotional impact of weekly, where I’d be leading up and hoping and expecting. Not that I’ve seen much progress in this daily journal but I can see the emotional distance and the data.
10:43:08 From Lisa Robertson : Here is the link. Thanks for putting this together Jules!
10:43:09 From Lisa Robertson : https://nhc.circle.so/c/coaching/what-causes-weight-fluctuations-14d11247-f6c6-49f1-9e33-4e6cbea929b8
10:44:48 From Lisa Standring : Kate, I think it is simply the logic of it as Jules laid it out. I didn’t realize how I tied to a judgement – not maybe of my self worth but of my behavior such as “I was good and rewarded with weight loss or I was bad and punished with more weight.” Now I have banished that notion for it simply being data and a way I can track progress toward my goal. Thanks for asking, this was good to type out.
10:45:45 From Laura Anderson : Is regret helpful compared to guilty? Or do you equate the two?
10:45:49 From joan : Lisa…that’s worded perfectly!
10:46:03 From Paul Atkins : I am so appreciating your willingness to share Sandra . indeed we have all done it! certainly I have
10:46:44 From Kate Caldecott : Thanks Lisa – that was great to see in words.
10:47:23 From Annie : It is really interesting how it becomes easy to hop
on the scales after my morning shower – I was so resistant to the idea as I had a history of eating disorder when young, but the alternative of NOT hopping on at all was strangely more confronting. Now it’s just a part of my morning – shower, weigh, observe but not get involved with the number, track it, and forget. It’s actually less occupying in my mind, than that one weigh-in every week – it’s just part of my morning ritual. I find that strange but quite cool.
10:48:44 From Caroline Ballard : https://nhc.circle.so/c/coaching/what-causes-weight-fluctuations-14d11247-f6c6-49f1-9e33-4e6cbea929b8
10:48:45 From Kate Caldecott : I agree Annie – I was the same. The dread before getting on scales so I didn’t even do it. Now I am finding it quite liberating. Even when goes up, I am seeing myself shrug more freely thinking about the cause/ reflection rather than punishment.
10:48:50 From Jenny : Annie that’s my experience too
10:49:27 From Michele Oatman : Annie same for me too
10:49:34 From Leesa Ingalls : New Belief Plan thought: I practice new skills.
10:49:53 From Sue Fuller : Annie, same for me
10:50:09 From Sue Fuller : Good thought, Leesa
10:50:31 From Sara : Laura, I am now very attentive to the word guilt. Guilt is consciously committing an offense that is a breach of social or legal conduct. Regret is to be sorry for something. I am often regretful. Guilt? Nope
10:51:06 From Lisa Standring : I like that distinction Sara.
10:51:18 From Kate Caldecott : So Jules – will we do more on pyschological hunger?
10:51:41 From Sue Fuller : Good point Sara.
10:51:57 From Lisa Standring : Kate, there is a podcast episode about it but I hope we talk more about it.
10:52:06 From Laura Anderson : Thanks Sara, that makes a lot of sense. Because I think it’s pretty natural to regret something, in this case, something I’ve eaten, or how or how much. But I agree, I don’t tend to nor want to feel guilty about it.
10:52:49 From joan : Self forgiveness. We are doing the best we can and learning new skills
10:52:59 From Kate Caldecott : Thank you
10:53:06 From Laura Anderson : Thanks for this weekly time Jules. I started this call teary and upset with myself at not seeing more progress and not following through enough. Now I feel more hopeful.
10:53:36 From Lisa Standring : hugs to you Laura – this is hard
10:54:14 From MH’s iPhone : xoxo Laura
10:54:59 From Sue Fuller : Don’t beat yourself up, Laura. HUGS!
10:56:14 From MH’s iPhone : I’ve found the 5 minute journal app really easy
10:57:18 From MH’s iPhone : And I don’t even spend 5 minutes to be honest
10:57:19 From sandrahogan : Actually that sounds like a lot of good things to me Laura.
10:57:46 From Nancy Starr – Sacramento CA : Laura you are making tiny positive changes.
10:58:03 From joan : a lot of folks have had positive comments re the 5 min app. I’m gonna give it a try.
10:58:28 From Leesa Ingalls : I agree, Nancy. Small changes are good!
10:58:52 From Lisa Standring : I’m doing the daily practice on the app but it is not always as good as it could be. I figure I will improve the quality of the practice with practice
10:59:16 From Leesa Ingalls : Home Court Habits Rock!
10:59:55 From Kate Caldecott : I have to go…thanks everyone for such helpful advice.
10:59:59 From Sue Fuller : Laura, story of my life
11:00:37 From joan : Need to Practice the Practice?
11:00:41 From Sue Fuller : I need to go, too. Have a happy week everyone – and thank you, Jules
11:00:55 From Sara : My challenge was putting it off to find the ‘perfect’ method that would flawlessly deliver results.
11:01:07 From Sara : ‘Perfect’ is the enemy of good enough
11:01:42 From joan : How about “something is better than nothing” Less pressure
11:01:57 From MH’s iPhone : I do it right after I weigh myself – since you’re doing that every day that might be a good time to do it
11:03:33 From Sara : The patterns will reveal themselves to you without specific tracking

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