I probably shouldn’t be doing this transcript

10:22:47 Hi! There! Happy New Year! So I’m Jules from stone soup and I’ll tell you about that thing that I probably shouldn’t be doing in a second.
10:22:55 But first I have a question for you. So on an average day, when it gets to 4pm 0 P.
10:23:00 M do you
A) Ignore that little voice in your head asking asking about what’s for dinner, and think I’ll worry about that later.
B) Start stressing about? What to cook?
C) you feel relaxed, and you look forward to calmly walking into the kitchen and preparing something, you know, is going to be simple and good,

so if you pick C.
10:23:21 Amazing congratulations like it feels good doesn’t it, to be like to have that calm?
10:23:27 But if you’re more of an A or a B person, it’s okay, like you’re totally not alone.
10:23:31 So one of the biggest problems we all face is knowing what to cook for dinner like night after night is this recurring problem, and the good news is that you don’t have to stay at an A or B. It’s possible for you to get to become a C where you aren’t scrambling
10:23:47 around at the last minute and there’s actually only 3 little essentials.
10:23:51 You need to get to that magical place where you feel calm, and you know what to cook every night.
10:23:58 And actually, maybe you’re only missing one of these.
10:24:00 But that’s all you need to make a big difference.
10:24:02 So what are these 3 essentials? So the 3 things are, first of all, you need a list of go to meals.
10:24:09 So just don’t list of things that you love, that you can, that are easy for you to make.
10:24:14 Then we need a process for actually deciding what to cool.
10:24:17 And then the third thing is just a source of new ideas, because otherwise, if you don’t have that, you get stuck in a rut and everything feels boring so to help you get all 3 of these things in place, I’ve actually created a challenge, and it’s actually more than a challenge.
10:24:33 It’s so I’ve decided to call it an epic adventure the challenge sounds like hard work, right?
10:24:38 This is going to be fun. So in our epic adventure.
10:24:41 So it’s simplicity is my superpower.
10:24:44 So I’ve broken it down into this, step by step.
10:24:46 Adventure. So all you’re going to need to join in the epic adventure is like 6 to 9┬ámin per day.
10:24:53 Some days are have a little bit more involved than others. For 5 days, or if you want, you can just binge it and do everything all in one city like it’ll take you 45┬ámin or so definitely less than an hour, and so I’ll hold your hand so together we’ll get
10:25:08 Those 3 essentials in place for you and it’s gonna be like in a way that’s tailored to suit your exact lifestyle.
10:25:15 So it’s going to be like your system. They’re going to be things that work for you.
10:25:19 And I just want you to imagine, like, how good would it feel to start the New Year with this new, easy, positive process in place.
10:25:30 So the it’s called the lighten your mental load.
10:25:33 Epic, adventure. So it starts on the third of January, and it’s free to everyone who’s part of my simple meal plans program.
10:25:41 Speaking of which so that thing that I told you at the beginning of that I probably shouldn’t be doing well.
10:25:47 So I the last year I’ve been working with the marketing cache, which means I haven’t had any like.
10:25:52 She’s really against doing having sales or discounting.
10:25:55 So I haven’t done anything like that since. Like December the twentieth 21.
10:26:00 But because stone soup, my blog actually turned 17 last Tuesday, 17.
10:26:06 I’ve been blogging for 17 years. Yes, and because I actually like, I actually like doing things that I shouldn’t be doing, I decided to have a sale on simple meal plans membership.
10:26:17 So normally, it’s $25 a month. But for the next 2 days it’s only $17 a month, and if you join now, since 30% saving, and if you join now you’ll get that low price for as long as you decide to stay a member and if you only want to join for
10:26:29 One month, just for the lightning, your mental loads. Epic adventure like that would be totally fine, too, so don’t feel like you need to stay for a long time so and if you did want to just take that one month option, you just need to email.
10:26:43 Me before the end of January, to let me know no, so we can wrap up your payments.
10:26:47 Yeah, so there really only are these 3 essentials that take you from stressing and feeling drained every night about knowing what to cook to this magical place, where you feel relaxed and calm.
10:27:00 And you you you you you got it! You feel like you’ve got it under control.
10:27:04 So let’s help you change so you can. Mental light in your mental load and also so that you get all those benefits that that come from eating healthier like.
10:27:16 You know how good it feels when you’re you’re when you’re eating eating well, like it.
10:27:20 Just it impacts all the areas of your life. Your energy levels, your confidence like all those things.
10:27:25 So yeah, it’s, it’s so worth doing this.
10:27:27 So click on the link below the video to join simple meal plans today and make sure you do it before the the sale ends.
10:27:36 I can’t wait to see you inside

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