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  • There are many things I love about your recipes and ideas as well as the potential convenience of preparing healthy meals when one is not a chef. And probably if we had no dietary restrictions it would already be a perfect help. However, I thought one of your videos said I can type to add to the shopping list? I assumed that there would be more automation to adjust for ingredient replacements as well as add to the list. Also, I was surprised to find that I do not have access to the archives to chose from other recipes at this time. I cook for 4ppl and need to provide my family with a low-fodmap diet as well as avoiding several top allergens. It is a given that I will need to make adjustments to every recipe I come across. I will make do and likely learn a lot from you, but my wish would be that someday your customers can make preprintable changes or type in basic foods that they can use to create a recipe. With your 5 ingredient recipes, large catalog you hold and the creativity you show I bet you could make that happen! For now I will use white out and make it work. Thanks!

    • Thanks for the feedback Debra!

      You can type to edit the shopping lists – but you need to open the pdf in Adobe Reader to be able to do this. They have apps for your phone or you can download the computer version. It’s free and there are links to Adobe reader on every meal plan. Let me know if you need more help with this 🙂

    • and I forgot to say Debra – you have access to all the recipes on the site via the search and the recipe index. You just won’t have access to the archived meal plans until your second month 🙂

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