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29 JULY 21
Self Coaching (January Group Only)

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22 JULY 21
Coaching (January Group Only)

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15 JULY 21
Coaching (January Group Only)

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8 JULY 2021

Habits = cue / trigger + action + reward
Form good habits – make them intrinsically rewarding
Break bad habits – make them intrinsically UNATTRACTIVE

Wine = poor sleep, feeling disconnected, hangovers, increased breast cancer from even 1 glass.

Sugar / Carbs = cancer cells can only feed on sugar, wrinkles, dementia / alzhiemers = type 3 diabetes, blindness, amputations

Smoking = money, time freedom, wrinkles, teeth stains, lung cancer.

Overeating = less enjoyment, poor sleep, bloating, scale up the next morning, NOT joyful relationship with food, wasting food (worse than throwing it in the trash), taking more than my body needs.

Snacking when cooking = not able to enjoy the meal as much. bad example for my boys, less space at dinner for my meal.

What’s one bad habit you would like to break?
How can you make it intrinsically unattractive and so you feel better off NOT doing that habit?

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1 JULY 2021

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24 JUNE 2021
We sooth ourselves in healthy ways

When we are in a stress cycle (fight or flight) awareness and acceptance of our feelings isn’t always enough. That’s when self soothing actions can help us return to calm and safety without turning to food.
– Pause – remove yourself from the situation (if you can).
– Name the emotion – I’m feeling really angry/ scared / xxxx
– deep breath – or three deep breaths
– self compassion practice – Danielle Savoury – hand on heart  – It’s  OK, Of course you’re feeling xxxx, It’s totally normal
– walking outside
– walking in nature or looking at plants – forest bathing
– 4-7-8 breathing technique – oak mediation app or Dr Weil.
– Journalling – write it out what you’re feeling
– Guided mediation – loving kindness – oak app or headspace app or calm app.
– Hugging someone else or a pet or yourself.
– Affirmations – thinking positive thoughts – basic things ‘it’s OK’ ‘I can handle this’ ‘I always solve my problems’
– Write a gratitude list
– Distraction – scrolling / games (BUT only if there is a net negative)
– Making a pot of tea ritual / drinking tea
The tapping solution (EFT) + book
– Reading a book
– Crochet / knitting / colouring / crafts
– Listening to music
– Singing
– Dancing
Choose ONE self soothing technique you will use next time you’re in a stress cycle.

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BONUS CLASS: Developing a Healthy Relationship with Difficult Emotions with Maggie Reyes

Experiencing Feelings Exercise starts about 19 minutes in
Maggie’s Website
Maggie on Instagram
Podcast Episode – Using Acceptance to Make Your Marriage Stronger.
Podcast Episode – The Healing Power of Gratitude

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17 JUNE 2021
We DON’T Eat Our Feelings

Humans emotionally eat because we’re taught from birth that putting things in our mouth is soothing.
This is only a problem now that we have abundant access to food.
What to do instead – awareness + acceptance.
Ask what am I feeling?
Name the feeling. eg. I feel good / bad / scared / angry etc.
Remember it’s fantastic that we have negative emotions because it provides contrast and guides us to take action.
When you name your emotion, add ‘and it’s OK’ to the thought. eg ‘I feel scared and it’s OK’.

Christine Juneau’s List of Feelings (thank you Sara)
Feelings Article (thank you Supraja)

1. Schedule a regular time to do your evaluations.
2. Post your #evaluation in Circle as a new post.

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10 JUNE 2021
We learn from our experiments

Why evaluate
This is how we learn and improve faster and faster.
Notice Patterns  – bring more awareness –
Recipe for success >> do more of what works and less of what doesn’t
Slowing down to speed up. eg riding a bike then slowing down to get in the car and program the gps.

Evaluation Process
i. What worked well. What am I proud of?
ii. What can I learn? (What didn’t go well)
iii. What will I do differently? Choose ONE THING to focus on.
iv. Support each other. Post a comment on some one else’s evaluation

1. Schedule a regular time to do your evaluations.
2. Post your #evaluation in Circle as a new post.

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3 JUNE 2021
We Trust Our Hunger

3 types Hunger – physical, psychological + emotional.
I see hunger as a useful tool. Not something I’m afraid of.
I love feeling physically hungry because things taste better.
“Hunger is a tasty sauce”– Glen Brennan
How to overcome the fear of hunger.
Step 1. Decide that you are ready to trust your hunger and trust yourself to know the difference between the different types.
Step 2. Practice with the Visualization Exercise (starts about 36 minutes into the call)
how they treat phobias + fears – just imagining.
>> close your eyes and imagine.
>>Bring to mind a time you felt hungry.
>>What were you feeling?
>>What type of hunger is this? physical / psychological / emotional
>>How can you be kind to this hunger? Pause? / Eat? / Feel? / Explore? / Distract?
Step 3. Experiment
Skip a meal (I recommend dinner) one night and see what happens.
Main mantra – this is an experiment / I’m not going to die.
Eat something if it gets too much.

1. Signup for Circle and message me when you’ve logged in.
2. Continue Daily Practice >> planning / visualizing / anticipating obstacles / evaluating
3. Evaluations – create a new post in Circle in the #evaluations space – no due date – find a time that suits you each week.

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27 MAY 2021
We Always Solve Our Problems
Part 4. – Planning Problems

COACHING: Supraja, Christiane

1. Don’t believe it will work / not seeing the value.
SOLUTION >> We plan to increase awareness. Make better decisions with our prefrontal cortex. PRACTICE navigating life – overcoming obstacles.

2. Don’t have a specific time
SOLUTION >> Decide WHEN – this can be different on weekends

3. Not seeing it as fun
SOLUTION >> How can I make this ENJOYABLE?

4. Plans too rigid – ‘best behavior’ not REALISTIC. Equal swaps are fine.
SOLUTION >> MAke realistic plans and remember equal swaps are fine. IT’s more important to visualize your day than stick to the plan perfectly.

5. Limiting beliefs around planning – eg I’m not a planner / I don’t like being organized / my schedule is too variable / a naturally healthy person shouldn’t have to plan >> eg. concert pianist + practice
SOLUTION >> Self coach (see exercise below)

Ask yourself – why aren’t I planning? – then free write. Examine the thoughts that come up – which ones can you keep? which ones aren’t helping – can you let go? If not ask for coaching.

Signup for the new Circle group and send me a direct 1:1 message to let me know when you’re in.

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20 MAY 2021
We Always Solve Our Problems
Part 3. – Thought Errors

COACHING: Sue, Anne, Lisa

I don’t know why the scale is up / I’m doing everything right…
I don’t know how…
I’m powerless over chocolate cake / I can’t resist…
I’ll never have this again (scarcity thinking)
It’s not working…
I can’t have cake / burgers / etc.
I need to do be on the live calls / do all the exercises / watch everything to get the result / make progress.

First remind yourself these are just thoughts. They aren’t helping. What could you think instead?

You are NOT behind.
Coaching isn’t linear.
I can take just one idea to completely change everything.
It’s like Netflix – you aren’t supposed to consume everything.
You are being guided even if it doesn’t feel like it.
Trust Yourself (I’m talking to you Lisa :)).

Focus on the last week of the Enough Challenge.

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13 MAY 2021
We Always Solve Our Problems
Part 2. – When the Scale Isn’t Moving


It’s always because of your thoughts + beliefs.
Self Coaching Tool.
1. Grab your journal or open a google doc or whatever you use.
2. Write ‘why aren’t I losing weight?’ at the top.
3. Then free write whatever comes to mind. And keep asking why until you get to the root cause(s). Trust yourself to uncover the reason. We are wiser than we give ourselves credit for.
4. Underline the thought(s) that spark the strongest emotion and examine them >> how do they make you feel? What action do you take when you’re feeling like that? Are they helping? Can I let this go? What could I think instead? Ask for coaching (in the twist coaching thread or direct message me) if this seems hard or you’re not sure.

Boring Reasons the Scale Isn’t Moving
1. Wrong type of food – too little protein or too many carbs.
2. Hormones.
3. Grazing / Not proper meals
4. Too many snacks
5. Overeating at meal times.
6. Wild weekends
7. Emotional / Stress Eating / Bingeing / Buffering
8. Timing >> eating too late
9. Sleep – see sleep article.
10. The scales are lying 🙂

My weight DOES NOT EQUAL my self worth – I am already 100% WORTHY.

1. Keep going with the Enough Challenge.
2. Post your Weekly Evaluation in Twist.

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6 MAY 2021
We Always Solve Our Problems
Part 1. – Cycling in and Out

COACHING: Lisa G, Sara, Nancy + Laureen.

SUMMARY: Solving the Problem of Cycling in and Out of Eating Well.
It’s never that you can’t do it, or you don’t have what it takes or anything that feels like shame.

Boring reason 1. – It’s not a problem
SOLUTION: Remind yourself Nothing has gone wrong. I am exactly where I need to be. What can I learn from this? Is there anything I need to adjust ?
Go back to planning every day.

Boring Reason 2.  Daily planning is not an embedded habit yet
SOLUTION:  Journal about daily planning. What thoughts / resistance is coming up? How can you get to a place where you’re excited about planning every day? Where you really believe you’re better off when you plan. Ask for coaching

Boring Reason 3.  Subconscious Thoughts / Beliefs
Answer this question…
On a scale of 1-10 how certain are you that you are a naturally healthy person today?
If it’s not a 10. Why?
Write whatever comes into your head for as long as you like.
Examine each of these thoughts.
Can you let them go?
Or do they feel really true? If they feel true reach out for coaching on them.

Boring Reason 4. You don’t want to give up your old self concept / Fear of change / Something to lose. 
SOLUTION: Make peace with your old identity – let her know she can still be part of you.
She’s just not going to get to make decisions any more.
Watch this video on the letting go process.
If you sense there is fear around this – reach out for coaching.

Boring Reason 5. Too much restriction.
SOLUTION: Make sure your plans reflect what you truly WANT to eat.
Plan some more treats / indulgences – what do you truly desire?
What are you afraid of?
Do an experiment.
Could it be possible that it’s better when I have indulgences in my life?
Reach out for coaching.

1. Download the Enough Challenge progress chart over here (it’s not too late to join).
2. Share your insights in the Enough Challenge thread.
3. Post your Weekly Evaluation in Twist.

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29 April 2021
We Are Active.

COACHING: Leesa + Laureen (Part 1)

Download the Enough Challenge progress chart over here.

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22 April 2021
We Stop When We’ve Had Enough.


1. Review the key steps in the SOC Process. Focus on completing the next step for you.

Step 1. Send me your winning result via Twist 1:1 message.
Step 2. Build the habit of daily planning – write it every day and make it enjoyable.
Step 3. Pay attention to your self talk in the moment.
Step 4. Create a belief plan – list of thoughts to think on purpose.
Step 5. Experiment with stopping when you’ve had enough.
Step 6. Choose just ONE experiment to focus on for the coming week. eg. checking in with how you are feeling before eating, having your last bite earlier in evening, weighing yourself every day or anything you feel inspired to play around with.

2. Post your Weekly Evaluation in the Twist group.

There is no ‘falling behind.’
You are exactly where you need to be.

NOTE: If you can’t attend the weekly calls, schedule a time each week to watch the replay. Remember deciding WHEN you’re going to do something more than doubles the likelihood that you’ll do it 🙂

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15 April 2021
We Manage Our Self Talk – Part 3.

COACHING: Lisa + Nancy + Joan

We make decisions / take actions because we think we’ll be better off.
Use the thought ‘It’s better when…’

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8 April 2021
We Trust the Process

COACHING: Anne + Sue

1. Check in with your belief that this will work for you – if you have doubts ask for coaching.
2. Focus on your daily planning habit – every day.
3. If you are finding yourself eating off plan – make your plans more doable
4. If you find yourself over eating / emotional eating – pause and ask ‘what am I feeling?’ ask for coaching.
5. When you are sticking to your daily plan most of the time, look at your quantities – stopping when you’ve had enough.

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1 April 2021
We Weigh Ourselves Every Day

COACHING: Supraja + Donna

Start weighing yourself every day.
If you have resistance around this – message me and ask for coaching.

Donna – links to inspiration in the Resources tread in Twist.

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25 March 2021
We Can Handle Any Emotion

We want to feel the feelings instead of eating over them.
1. Awareness
Often we go unconscious when we emotionally eat.
What am I feeling now?
Check in during the day at random times
Check in before you eat or while you are eating.
2. Acceptance
It’s OK to feel _____ bad / angry / sad / scared / anxious
Get curious and try to name the emotion.
3. Allowance
I’m doing the best I can – compassion
I can handle this _______ anger / fear / anxiety / discomfort
4. Ask Why?
What am I thinking that is driving this emotion?
Get curious.
Ask why a few times to get to the root.
5. Action
Decide what you want to do next…
Eat more?
Keep allowing / experiencing the feeling?
Find a new thought to drive a different emotion?
Take a different action? eg other self soothing activity that doesn’t have a net negative outcome.

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18 March 2021
How + What I Eat

PODCAST EPISODE: (must listen!)
An Open Mind for Meat – Dr Gabrielle Lyon.

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11 March 2021
No Bad Foods

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4 March 2021

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25 February 2021
We Manage Our Self Talk – Part 2.

How To Reprogram Subconscious Beliefs

1. Decide you want to change.
2. Practice new thoughts (belief plan).
3. Start looking for evidence to support our new beliefs.
4. Recognize and celebrate small wins.
5. Repeat

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17 February 2021
We Manage Our Self Talk – Part 1.

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11 February 2021
We Plan and Enjoy Proper Meals

“Plans are of little importance, but planning is essential.” – Winston Churchill

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Twist Training Video

If you haven’t received your email invitation to join Twist, please email jules@thestonesoup.

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1 February 2021
We Stop When We’ve Had Enough

SUMMARY: How to Stop
i. Believe it’s possible for you.
ii. Decide to become someone who stops.
iii. Remove distractions when eating.
iv. Slow down
v. Listen for the feeling – an inner knowing ‘I’ve had enough’.
vi. Manage your self talk.
vii. Stop eating.
viii. Allow any feelings that come up.

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25 January 2021
We Are Naturally Healthy

Think about who you want to become at the end of this 6 months together. Spend 5-10 minutes free writing about that person. Dare to dream big. Then write down your winning result. What new skill do you have? How do you want to feel?

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NOTE: Short on time?
Adjust the video speed settings to watch in double time.

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The Stop Overeating Club Private Podcast

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