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25 February 2021
We Manage Our Self Talk – Part 2.

How To Reprogram Subconscious Beliefs

1. Decide you want to change.
2. Practice new thoughts (belief plan).
3. Start looking for evidence to support our new beliefs.
4. Recognize and celebrate small wins.
5. Repeat

1. Create a Belief Plan .
– Review your ‘winning result’ work and choose one belief (or more) to practice.
– Write it every day when you do your daily planning
– See Resources Thread in Twist for examples.
2. Daily Planning – continue building the habit.
3. Weekly Evaluation – due Mondays.

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17 February 2021
We Manage Our Self Talk – Part 1.

1. Thought work – start paying attention to your thoughts in the moment. How do they make you feel?
2. Daily Planning – continue building the habit.
3. Weekly Evaluation – new exercise – due Mondays.
Post the following in the new Weekly Evaluation thread in Twist.
* List 3 thoughts / feelings / actions that worked this week.
* Write one lesson / thing you’re going to experiment with doing differently next week.
* Leave a comment for someone else.

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11 February 2021
We Plan and Enjoy Proper Meals

Focus on building the daily planning habit over the next week:
1. Choose a time to do your daily plan. If possible link to an existing habit.
2. Explore ideas to make planning intrinsically rewarding.
3. Write your realistic plan every day.
4. Ask yourself ‘Is this doable?’. If you’re not an 8/10 adjust the plan until you are.
5. Ask yourself ‘What could potentially de-rail this plan?’. Visualize yourself overcoming any obstacles and / or adjust the plan.
6. Repeat every day 🙂

“Plans are of little importance, but planning is essential.” – Winston Churchill

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Twist Training Video

If you haven’t received your email invitation to join Twist, please email jules@thestonesoup.

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1 February 2021
We Stop When We’ve Had Enough

SUMMARY: How to Stop
i. Believe it’s possible for you.
ii. Decide to become someone who stops.
iii. Remove distractions when eating.
iv. Slow down
v. Listen for the feeling – an inner knowing ‘I’ve had enough’.
vi. Manage your self talk.
vii. Stop eating.
viii. Allow any feelings that come up.

i. Start playing with practicing stopping when you’ve had enough.
ii. After you receive the email invitation on Thursday. Follow the link to setup you Twist account / Download App.
iii. Send me a direct message in Twist with your homework from last week. What is your winning result you want to have / feel at the end of the 6 months.

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25 January 2021
We Are Naturally Healthy

Think about who you want to become at the end of this 6 months together. Spend 5-10 minutes free writing about that person. Dare to dream big. Then write down your winning result. What new skill do you have? How do you want to feel?

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NOTE: Short on time?
Adjust the video speed settings to watch in double time.

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