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  • Jules, I just found this Epic Positive Belief Plan and played it. I found it has many affirmations that I could use to help myself believe that I can do this. I downloaded the file and will try and play it in my car. I think if I can say some of these things and put it out there in the universe, maybe my intentions will be better received and resonated! I really liked them all. Thank you!

  • The idea of trusting myself around my kryptonite is especially appropriate today — right before the holidays. My weakness is cookies and I went to a cookie exchange last night and it was a free for all. I need to remind myself that it doesn’t mean I’m. It trustworthy, it just means that I like cookies!

  • What a wonderful surprise and delight to be quoted this morning. As the Thanksgiving weekend comes to an end and I reflect on all the things I am grateful for, I am so grateful that I found you and this community, Jules!
    Thank you!

  • Oh! I Ike this idea of connecting a bit of unexpected behavior to my identity. In addition to being a clean plate rebel, it’s fun to be an anti-dieter! Instead of counting calories and bulking up on carrots and celery, I’m eating what I want, in the quantities that I want and intend, when I want. And enjoying every delicious bite of food that I take. And not cleaning my plate but stopping when I feel full. Thanks Jules!

  • Hi Jules, two very interesting thoughts here. Eating the amount that is appropriate for my body prevents my overconsumption of precious food resources. And starting today, I can decrease the amount I need to eat gradually taking pressure off the earth and lowering my food bills!
    Second, my body is not a rubbish bin or a punching bag for my emotional roller coaster. Both of those are abusing my body which is vital to my long term health and longevity. Thanks dor these two interesting insights!

    • I love that imagery of your body not being a punching bag for my emotional roller coaster Susie – am going to use it for a future thought of the day!

      And yes listening to your body prevents over consumption of resources – AND you don’t have to do it perfectly – don’t use it as a weapon to beat yourself up on those occasions when you do over eat.

      Am going to post this in Circle so everyone sees it. 🙂

  • I want to be naturally healthy because … my parents are still alive in their mid 90’s so I have a good chance to have a long life too but seeing their struggles with health issues – dementia, type 2 diabetes and osteoarthritis motivates me to do whatever I can now to reduce my risks of developing the same or worse. All the NH principles will accomplish that for all of these. I will enjoy an engaging, active and pain free life with my children when they are my age now and beyond 😍 Aging is inevitable just as change is inevitable. We get to choose how we change.

  • Dr. Spock was a pediatrician way back when and wrote the preeminent book on raising children in the 20TH century. His book is a great one!

  • I loved the quote”Everything is hard until it is easy”. Ironically I’ve noticed when I have to do something hard at work that requires thinking that I immediately go to the fridge to get something to eat as a means of procrastination. How interesting!

  • You know Jules… everything is better when I slow down. Do you think all the rules that apply to food also apply to the way we live our lives?

  • Comment on I’m not going to die: when I first listened I thought “ now Jules has lost it a little here” but I listened again and I happened to be pretty hungry and had a really good laugh at myself- because I was having tons of thoughts about a lack of planning or making time- but it turns out my next meal was in 45 minutes – AND IM NOT GONNA DIE-in fact I’m ten steps away from my kitchen! LOL
    Thanks Jules!

  • I was just listening to podcast and you said change is possible and it occurred to me change is not only possible … it is inevitable…so why not focus on what I want? hmmm…

    • YES Leslie – Change is totally inevitable –

      If you can get to that thought now and it feels true for you then keep going with it.

      And it’s also OK if some days it doesn’t feel inevitable – that’s part of the process of change – on those days focusing on the possibility is enough.

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