JC90 Chat 8Mar22

10:08:59 From Sue Fuller : I own about 150 cookbooks, but I really like this concept
10:09:46 From Lisa Standring : I cleared out a bunch of them during a minimalist purge a few years back. Have not missed them
10:10:16 From Lisa Standring : Like the idea of reading them, some are so beautiful and inspiring
10:11:06 From Paula Staffeldt : I like the idea of “template cooking.”?
10:13:26 From Jax : I have a spreadsheet with my favourite meals that collates a shopping list for me, which simplifies my current method of cooking – recipe cooking – but I’d love to be able to get a veg box and be able to nourish myself better, eat seasonally and reduce food waste.
10:14:18 From Sue Fuller : These days, I rarely use a recipe. I am a “throw it all in and see how it turns out” sort of cook.
10:14:42 From Paula Staffeldt : Yes, I’m a recipe cook and it often feels like a lot of work—especially with meal planning.
10:19:06 From Kris Carey : I’d love to master sauces & spices – so versatile!
10:20:20 From Sue Fuller : My Gran, and my Mum, were excellent cooks but they always kept it simple. I can’t think why I did not follow their example.
10:24:38 From Lisa Standring : I love simple foods but always feel the need to offer lots of color on a plate – and the meat, starch and veg combo from my childhood is always there too.
10:26:17 From Jax : Lisa, we take the first bite with our eyes… I think a colourful plate is great! Eating a rainbow of veg is healthy too. 🙂
10:29:42 From Lisa Standring : thanks Jax, I like the colorful plate too – but have to watch that it doesn’t become burdensome. But the triad of meat, potato and veg as a requirement for a decent “supper” for the family. I’ve left that one behind but it often pops up.
10:31:17 From Paula S : Over the last two years, as I’ve cooked more from home, I’ve found that I usually enjoy what I’ve made more than take-out. That’s a big switch!
10:31:22 From Sue Fuller : Good point Jules. I have rather lost interest in cooking since my husband died.
10:31:47 From Lisa Standring : I love that idea Jules, “we are becoming joyful cooks”.
10:32:58 From Lisa Standring : Glad to be a trailblazer
10:33:17 From Paula S : ??
10:35:36 From C Metzner : I’ve always admired the “substitutions” that you have with your recipes!
10:35:46 From Sue Fuller : Jules, I am hoping that you can give me some ideas for cooking without onions and garlic. My son in law cannot eat them, and does not like spices, so It makes family Sunday lunch a bit boring.
10:39:27 From C Metzner : Be curious.
10:50:46 From C Metzner : Sounds great Jules!
10:51:09 From Kris Carey : Before we wrap up, can you tell us where to find the schedule, and go over where to find it? Thx ?
10:52:29 From C Metzner : I don’t have time to cook!
10:52:38 From Jax : I am a bit of a picky eater, and I don’t like food waste, so I worry I will make something I can’t eat and waste food.
10:52:44 From Lisa Standring : I make it too complicated.
10:52:52 From Lisa Standring : I try to make something everyone will love
10:52:53 From C Metzner : Cooking is TOOOOO much work
10:52:55 From Lori-California CA : I feel like I don’t know how to cook without a recipe.
10:52:55 From Paula S : I don’t enjoy the shopping/cooking/planning process very much.
10:52:56 From Kris Carey : all ingredients are raw & have to start from scratch
10:52:57 From Gaye Scott : Having the right ingredients in the pantry and the knowledge of how to cook.
10:53:04 From Lori-California CA : It takes a lot of time to meal plan.
10:53:12 From Paula S : I don’t like leftovers—it’s hard to cook for one.
10:53:15 From Ellen Devlin : Too many experiences of not liking It! Most terrible tp spend a reatdeal of time and it doesn’t taste good!
10:53:15 From Marie Wheat : Trying to meet too many different rqrmts — heart, type 2 diabetes, kids
10:53:19 From Karen : I get overwhelmed when I can’t figure out what to make from the ingredients I actually have at home.
10:53:38 From Lisa Standring : Me too on that one Karen
10:53:51 From williambrownlow : Cooking is too much effort.
10:54:08 From Cynthia : I wear too many hats, (too many responsibilies)
10:54:12 From Lisa Standring : yes on the effort William. Let’s go out to eat
10:54:29 From Alice Hadley : Yes William & Lisa
10:55:04 From C Metzner : Rephrase the unhelpful thought
10:55:32 From Paula S : I love the idea of making simple, single-serving (or just two servings) meals!
10:55:45 From Sue Fuller : Me too, Paula
10:58:58 From Lori-California CA : Do you know the time of the calls each week?
10:59:11 From Paula S : I am becoming an intuitive cook!
10:59:12 From Gaye Scott : Thanks Jules. We survived!
10:59:16 From Jax : thanks Jules ?
10:59:17 From Marie Wheat : Thank you! Great first session!
10:59:28 From Marie Wheat : ???
10:59:32 From Carmel Flynn Bunurong Country : Thanks Jules!
10:59:34 From Sue Fuller : Thanks, Jules.

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