Chat Text 9May23

06:13:14 From Marissa Kennerson : I used to do that too with cheese!
06:16:27 From Marissa Kennerson : I have a snack everyday .😃
06:18:02 From Marissa Kennerson : hummus too😃
06:21:35 From Marissa Kennerson : I have this lavender mint tea that I love for cozy
06:21:52 From Mandy : Hot water with lemon can be delicious all on its own
06:22:03 From Marissa Kennerson : hot water and lemon and fresh ginger
06:22:09 From Marney Wilson’s iPad : Peppermint tea, ginger & lemon tea
06:22:24 From sheryn Hodges : Riobios ? Spelled right
06:22:45 From iPhone CFR : Yummy thanks ladies
06:23:14 From Amy Welch : Twinings Sleep Tea is a favourite as is matcha green tea with ginger
06:24:01 From iPhone CFR : Reacted to “Twinings Sleep Tea i…” with 👍
06:24:27 From Marney Wilson’s iPad : Congratulations!!
06:24:32 From Marissa Kennerson : Reacted to “Congratulations!!” with 🥰
06:25:16 From Mandy : That’s a huge win, Marney!
06:25:33 From Marissa Kennerson : Yay, Marney!!
06:26:37 From Marissa Kennerson : I booked a week in Italy and excited for the food – not scared! Yay!
06:26:54 From Amy Welch : Sitting quietly in bed with my little boys… tiny wins here getting much better at leaving and chucking things that don’t taste great
06:28:10 From Marissa Kennerson : Reacted to “Sitting quietly in b…” with 😍
06:30:34 From Marissa Kennerson : “Face down in the bin!” Our favorite expression.
06:30:47 From Mandy : Reacted to ““Face down in the bi…” with 👏
06:31:46 From Amy Welch : 🤣💪
06:40:47 From Mandy : That feels great to me!
06:40:52 From Marissa Kennerson : I’m in.
06:41:01 From sheryn Hodges : I’m in too
06:41:49 From Mandy : Feel comfortable, light, strong and energetic in my body.
Appreciate my body, without judgement.
06:42:02 From Marissa Kennerson : NHC goal?
06:42:08 From Amy Welch : Conflicted; don’t want to set something too easy as that will feel empty but scared to fail 🤔
06:42:42 From Marissa Kennerson : I want to finish this revision of my novel.
06:42:58 From iPhone CFR : Feeling like I’m not always juggling 100 things
06:43:39 From Marissa Kennerson : 3 months.
06:53:31 From Marissa Kennerson : Big hugs. Have to hop off. See you all on Circle!
06:57:17 From Mandy : Sleep: I have been working on this a lot lately. Definitely having a consistent bedtime helps. Also, getting sunlight first thing in the morning and using blue-light blocking glasses an hour or two before bed. And I have recently become a HUGE fan of the Slumber app, which will for sure help you relax your mind!

10:14:38 From Jenny Carlin : Yes, I’m still here!, lol
10:14:56 From Christine : My win is that I am here. I missed the last few weeks.
10:15:02 From Jenny Carlin : Reacted to “My win is that I am …” with 👍
10:16:13 From margaretnolan : Started a meditation course and so far I have meditated for 9 days straight. Can feel some small changes in my mindset already.
10:16:31 From Marcia Moore : My win is that I had TWO potlucks yesterday. I enjoyed delicious food and stopped easily when satisfied. I didn’t even have to think about it. (Also I’m at work in a shared office, so can’t talk!)
10:18:14 From Vicky : My win is that I have been planning treats and actually sticking to my decision. This evening I went to a coffee shop with the intention to only buy an iced coffee with milk, and I only bought the coffee (and no additional sweet treats)!
10:33:30 From Margaret MacKay : Jules, & everyone, I’m sorry but I have to leave now. I’ll listen to the replay.
10:54:31 From Jennifer Lynch : when I feel fatigued and overwhelmed, I stop the thought and I say “I am powerful and full of energy” and repeat it.
10:58:23 From Margaret : Thank you Vicky, Jenny and Adine for sharing what is happening for you with NHC. It was so helpful.

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