Chat Text 7Mar23

06:03:36 From Marissa Kennerson : Being a published writer.
06:03:40 From Mandy : My dream home.
06:04:07 From Kari Richards-Dinger (she/her) : having children
06:04:21 From iPhone CFR : Can you repeat the question pls
06:04:25 From Fiona Dixon : My job – I went back to school at age 30 and now I have the job of my dreams.
06:04:26 From iPhone CFR : Sorry half asleep lol
06:04:38 From Maria Nicholls : Qualify as an accountant
06:04:42 From Marissa Kennerson : What is your job, Fiona?!
06:04:54 From Marit : Paying off our house and not having a mortgage
06:05:09 From Marissa Kennerson : A podcast too!
06:05:25 From Marit : Reacted to “A podcast too!” with 👍
06:05:26 From Mandy : Gosh, I could list a lot of things… many of these things y’all have mentioned are on my list, too.
06:05:47 From Fiona Dixon : Marissa I’m a web designer. That job didn’t even exist when I left school!!!
06:05:52 From iPhone CFR : Get rid of debt and start buying shares
06:06:03 From Marissa Kennerson : Fiona: I love that!
06:06:10 From Marit : Reacted to “Get rid of debt and …” with 👍
06:06:24 From Marit : Reacted to “Qualify as an accoun…” with 👍
06:06:29 From Marit : Reacted to “My job – I went back…” with 👍
06:06:34 From Marit : Reacted to “having children” with 👍
06:06:38 From Marit : Reacted to “My dream home.” with 👍
06:06:41 From Marit : Reacted to “Being a published wr…” with 👍
06:09:24 From Marit : I’m so sorry Jules — I hope he’s getting better!
06:09:37 From Mandy : I’m so sorry about that, Jules. Best wishes for your dad and your whole family.
06:16:57 From iPhone CFR : Yes
06:17:17 From Kari Richards-Dinger (she/her) : yes, it worked for me too!
06:21:41 From Mandy : Agree! Repeat repeat repeat!
06:23:31 From Marissa Kennerson : I track my writing practice. And get stickers. So helpful.
06:23:38 From Mandy : FWIW, I did actually order some actual gold star stickers for my tracking chart. 😂
06:24:23 From Jules Clancy : Tally the anything tracker
06:25:04 From Mandy : I do LOVE having a streak!
06:25:12 From Emma : Streaks are addictive.
06:25:21 From Mandy : @Emma — totally.
06:25:45 From Kari Richards-Dinger (she/her) : streaks push my perfectionist button though
06:25:58 From Marissa Kennerson : It also shows you how far you have come during a long term goal/project.
06:25:58 From Mandy : Mmm., yeah, I can see that @Kari
06:26:10 From Mandy : I like this idea of tracking amounts rather than binary yes/no
06:26:28 From iPhone CFR : Good one Maria!
06:26:41 From Mandy : Congratulations Maria!
06:26:43 From Marissa Kennerson : Yay, Maria!
06:26:47 From Marit : I did something called BujoRPG for a while, which turns your life into a role-playing game where you get points/experience for doing habits and activities every day, then when you get enough you “level up” and become a better you. 😀
06:26:51 From iPhone CFR : I could track how many times I do that bilateral tracking and stop eating sugar?
06:27:06 From Marit : I’d like to track becoming a tidy person
06:28:03 From Emma : Marit. Love. going to research.
06:28:16 From Marit : Reacted to “Marit. Love. going t…” with 👏
06:29:33 From Marit : Easy to find (although a little complicated to wrap your head around, or at least it was for me) 🙂
06:30:28 From Maria Nicholls : Love that Marissa!
06:31:52 From Kari Richards-Dinger (she/her) : Reacted to “Love that Marissa!” with 👍
06:33:05 From Emma : Reacted to “Easy to find (althou…” with 👏
06:34:15 From Jules Clancy : What am I proud of?
What will I do differently?
06:35:55 From iPhone CFR : Can you repeat the first question for the review pls
06:36:02 From iPhone CFR : Ohh sorry just saw it
06:37:35 From iPhone CFR : Do you write it on your journal?
06:38:49 From Emma : Reacted to “Do you write it on y…” with 👍
06:38:53 From Kari Richards-Dinger (she/her) : Very interested!
06:39:18 From Marit : Sure, I’ll give it a go. It’s something I’ve thought about in the past but never implemented.
06:39:28 From Marissa Kennerson : Very interested with small resistance for some reason. But going to do it. ☺️
06:39:30 From Emma : After I do Daily Journal Practice I will do a review.
06:39:37 From Mandy : I do this in another area of y life so I’m excited to do it here as well
06:41:15 From Jill : I think I am already doing it informally … I reflect on what I need to do better, especially when I have been overeating. Happy to write it down – I think each Saturday morning.
06:42:13 From Jill : OK – yes, Saturdays after daily practice.
06:42:34 From iPhone CFR : So if the day before was bad, how would you frames that to do better the next day without feeling negatively.
06:50:47 From iPhone CFR : Pls can you recap todays new bits to bring in
06:51:12 From Marissa Kennerson : A fine line. So brilliant.
06:51:33 From iPhone CFR : Also I love that auspost what you said for Tammy because we’ve all been there. And great to think about that whilst we aren’t in that mindset.
06:51:45 From iPhone CFR : That advice (not auspost)
06:51:56 From Mandy : I sometimes get discouraged when other people report wins (yay!) and I am feeling stuck in some way. This is sometimes true even if I am having tiny wins myself.
06:52:11 From Marit : Reacted to “I sometimes get disc…” with 👍


12:02:49 From Marney Wilson : I wanted to go to Paris to study French, and now I’m doing it in JUne
12:03:19 From Adine : Family
12:04:34 From William Brownlow : Going to the Outer Banks with my family in JUly
12:06:49 From Jules Clancy :
12:12:05 From Margaret : I find it difficult drop the habit of eating when I cook. This stops me from being hungry for the meal and I don’t enjoy.
12:14:35 From Leigh Ann : I find the most benefit from hearing other folk’s struggles. It’s really helpful.
12:14:46 From sheryn Hodges : Reacted to “I find the most bene…” with ❤️
12:15:39 From sheryn Hodges : Late , cause I was having a nice meal with my husband ( pleasure ) 🙂
12:16:32 From Leigh Ann : I’m relieved to hear this, as I’ve recognized that I eat more slowly if I’m working or on my phone/computer when I’m eating.
12:27:39 From sheryn Hodges : Sounds naturally health Neera
12:29:33 From Vicky : I used to have bad constipation and I tried 2 fiber supplements together called Psyillium and acidophillus (a natural gut bacteria) in capsule form for a few months. Now I make sure to have oatmeal a few times per week or bran.
12:38:13 From Neera : I didn’t realize that eating less could help in passing a motion…. I was eating more so that I could have enough to pass motion..LOL
12:40:08 From Mary : Or if you don’t have access to a scale!
12:41:56 From Mary : I am tracking if I do bilateral stimulation. Aiming for once every day but don’t have a recipe yet.
12:42:17 From sheryn Hodges : Reacted to “I am tracking if I d…” with ❤️
12:44:42 From Vicky : I’m also having trouble sticking to my daily practice because my schedule changes day to day (and I sometimes wake up at different times), so I need to make that a habit.
12:50:33 From Neera : sometimes I miss writing in the morning.. but write it during the day.. does that count
12:52:46 From Jules Clancy : What am I proud of?
What will I do differently? << choose one to focus on. 13:06:01 From Cynthia : My chiropractor encouraged me to get a measured container to be sure I know how much I am drinking, so I have a 32 oz, container. My goal is to drink 2 of those. It has helped me so much. 13:06:34 From Vicky : That is a great idea Cynthia. I should try that too 13:08:23 From sheryn Hodges : App called How we Feel is neat 13:08:26 From Cynthia : I was drinking a cup at a time. Since I switched to my chiroprator's way, and take it wherever I go, I actually drink more.

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