Chat Text 30Nov21

11:00:44 From Sara : Rather than doing the shaping and stuffing, you make the dough with the cheese inside and finish them like gnocchi and serve them with buttered crumbs
11:00:57 From Laura Anderson : Oh yum!
11:03:10 From Lisa Standring : dec 15th in the US
11:07:04 From Laura Anderson : Oh thanks Lisa, I just wrote it on the 16th!
11:17:01 From Caroline Ballard : Here is a link to the Imagine Challenge:
11:25:30 From Sara : Great. Now I have music going in my head. Accentuate the positive. Don’t dwell…on the negative.
11:29:07 From Sue Fuller : I cannot remember how that one goes 🙂 🙂 🙂
11:29:26 From Lisa Standring : It’s banging around in my head too Sue
11:30:13 From Sue Fuller : Guess I will have to google it 🙂
11:30:33 From Laura Anderson : Sometimes this sounds freeing to me and sometimes it sounds exhausting. Like in the quest for “normal” (or naturally healthy) eating, do I want to have to go through a process for every bite I eat? That sounds worth it when I know it means I can still eat things I like but as I said, sometimes it sounds exhausting and overwhelming
11:31:07 From Sue Fuller : Laura, I know what you mean.
11:31:27 From Lisa Standring : I don’t think it is about everything Laura – I think it when you are feeling like deviating from your plan.
11:31:58 From Sara : Agreed, Laura. There are times when being on such high alert for these experiences sounds exhausting.
11:32:00 From Lisa Standring : It would be way too much to have to do this every time you eat
11:32:42 From Sara : Then I remind myself that learning new things is tiring for me, at first, and then it gets automated and easier.
11:32:48 From Laura Anderson : Sue :). Lisa, yeah, that’s right isn’t it. That’s a truer thought too! Sara, yes, high alert.
11:32:51 From Sara : I’m just learning
11:34:10 From Laura Anderson : That makes total sense, I forgot that dynamic.
11:34:40 From Sue Fuller : Good point, Sara.
11:35:27 From Laura Anderson : Those are both such good aspects to remember.thanks! To Jules and other!
11:35:32 From Laura Anderson : Others . . .
11:40:05 From Lisa Standring : great point Laura about where else it could be applied
11:42:50 From Sue Fuller : Thought: I can always get back on track tomorrow.
11:47:20 From Lisa Standring : I don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings
11:52:01 From Gail Lewis : Jules I have everyone of these “Sneaky Thoughts” !
11:52:26 From Sue Fuller : Me too, Gail.
11:57:42 From Sue Fuller : “should” and “ought” are two words that need be eliminated from the English language 🙂
11:58:05 From Sara : Agreed Sue – massive trigger words for perfectionists
11:58:14 From Gail Lewis : Jules thanks for this insightful coaching – really helpful!!

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