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10:03:33 From Suzanne Fuller : Hi Leesa. I had not realised it was tomorrow. That will be really good šŸ™‚
10:05:19 From Jules Clancy :
10:06:01 From Emma : Jules the above link is from previous group
10:06:28 From Jules Clancy :
10:08:18 From Leesa Ingalls To Jules Clancy(privately) : Are SNH members part of the 1:1?
10:10:23 From Mary Chandler : Intentionally enjoying seasonal food!
10:10:27 From margaretnolan : Being more intentional around treats
10:10:42 From Maryann : Stopping snacking when I cook
10:11:53 From Leesa Ingalls : Choosing again!
10:12:08 From jordanbacon : As you suggested, I gave myself permission to have an after dinner snack. And you were right, taking the “forbidden-ness” away seems to have lessened my urge to snack. I think I’ve only had that after-dinner snack only half the time this past week.
10:12:09 From Emma : I drank lots of water with help of app this week. Really helped with hunger.
10:12:13 From williambrownlow : Stopping eating when I feel full
10:12:46 From Leesa Ingalls : Me too, Bill!
10:13:24 From Mary A. : Like Adine, had a stressful couple of days and had chocolate. But otherwise, what’s going well is that the belief plan is helping me manage the stress in other ways. I have a lot going on but I’m not stressing as much as usual – even noticed by my husband.
10:13:52 From Mary A. : YAY to Bill and Leesa!!
10:15:02 From Suzanne Fuller : Well done Bill and Leesa. Good points, Adine.
10:18:27 From Suzanne Fuller : Diet Sue
10:19:48 From Suzanne Fuller : Diet Sue is in the cupboard for the moment.
10:30:14 From margaretnolan : Sometime when eating with other people I miss the cue to stop or stop before Iā€™m satisfied.
10:33:25 From Suzanne Fuller : Margaret, I think essentially we are “herd animals”
10:34:28 From margaretnolan : So true Sue
10:36:33 From Suzanne Fuller : Jules, what about genetic hunger? I was watching a program which suggested that some of us are actually genetically wired to feel more hunger. It was a great survival mechanism back when we were all hunter gatherers, but not soulful now
10:36:52 From Suzanne Fuller : Useful
10:37:16 From Caroline Ballard : Psychological Hunger :
10:37:44 From Suzanne Fuller : Thanks Caroline
10:44:36 From Emma : popcorn in cinema
10:44:58 From Mary A. : New flavors for the seasons (looking at you, pumpkin spice!)
10:45:54 From Suzanne Fuller : New flavours in Tim Tams
10:53:16 From Mary A. : Now we’re in a new city, we are trying to shop local and avoid large chains. So that’s helping with the old habits of Starbucks drive through!
10:54:29 From Emma : ā¤ļø
10:54:56 From Mary Chandler : I like the plan to prepare for emotional eating triggers!
10:55:39 From Mary Chandler : I figured out quickly that I stress eat at work. And I did not today!
10:56:47 From Emma : review: set time for reg meals.
10:57:05 From margaretnolan : Pausing before I eat
10:57:29 From Mary Chandler : Agree on regular meals and make the meal satisfying so snacking is less of a temptation.
10:57:29 From Mary A. : Forgetting my planned snack leads to over-hunger at dinner time so I’ll find a way to take a break.
10:57:30 From Suzanne Fuller : Stopping when I have had enough
10:57:49 From jordanbacon : Ditto, Margaret – I like the idea of a pause before I start. Kind of a focus of intention.
10:57:51 From williambrownlow : I want to work on forming new habits
10:58:07 From Maryann : Experiment with eating dinner away from the tv. šŸ˜€
10:58:15 From margaretnolan : So great Adine
10:58:53 From williambrownlow : Excellent Aldine
10:59:08 From Suzanne Fuller : Good one, Adine.
10:59:35 From Emma : Adine, I set JULES recording of NHC philosophy as an alarm for 5.30 this morning. Woke up with a fright. šŸ¤£ Might modify for tomorrow. Maybe just one of them.
11:00:41 From margaretnolan : Listening to the epic belief plan more often and listening to the thought of the day
11:01:03 From Leesa Ingalls : It;s awesome
11:01:22 From Mary A. : I listen every night!
11:01:25 From Mary Chandler : EPIC belief plan??? Nice!
11:01:47 From Caroline Ballard : Epic Belief plan:

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