Chat Text 18Apr23

06:06:53 From Amy Welch : Yay 😃
06:12:02 From Jennifer : I appreciate the new perspective in regards to thinking about overeating as food waste
06:14:36 From iPhone CFR : It’s a great concept. Although for my dinner I always give myself a small portion. I suppose I should give myself a bigger bowl and then leave a bit for lunch the next day.

I haven’t been able to leave any of my treat even when I’m satisfied. I think because I know I won’t get another bit of a treat until the next day. Need to work on coaching myself on that.
06:14:41 From Jennifer : I think 2 bites is definitely worth saving. There are so many times I eat those as a snack instead of something unhealthy.
06:16:03 From iPhone CFR : Thanks for bringing that question up Maria!! Two bites I’ve thought that too.
06:16:17 From Marcia Moore : I often save it for later, but honestly, I’m fine throwing it away because my kids waste so much food. When they aren’t hungry, they easily leave food on the plate.
06:19:06 From margaret mackay : I like that idea of saving bits up over the week. Because I have been managing to stop and leave a bite or two but forgetting that I’m doing that and then eating them.
06:20:12 From Marcia Moore : I had to sit for SOOOOO long.
06:20:40 From Amy Welch : My Labrador loves the last few bites of anything I leave 🤣
06:27:38 From Emma : Hi Lovelies. Just staying for 10 mins-ish. Will listen to the replay. Need my morning daily dopamine. 🙂
06:29:02 From Emma : 👍 Thx.
06:31:14 From iPhone CFR : Definitely know about being tired and more hungry!
06:32:49 From Leslie’s iPhone : Reacted to “Definitely know abou…” with 👍
06:44:33 From iPhone CFR : Why do the carbs make us feel so full and cosy
06:57:35 From iPhone CFR : Maria – I’ve found that really thinking about your tummy at each bite and asking if I’m still hungry. Even at the beginning of the meal when you know you’re still going to be hungry and notice the difference towards the middle/end of the meal. Maybe you’ve already tried it?
06:59:28 From Maria Nicholls : Reacted to “Maria – I’ve found t…” with 👍

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