Chat Text 16Nov21

11:06:19 From Lisa Standring : feelings challenge is pretty awesome. Lots of stuff coming up
11:06:48 From Caroline Ballard : Feelings Challenge link:
11:10:06 From Caroline Ballard : Replay link: Week 16. WE HANDLE OUR EMOTIONS WITHOUT FOOD –
11:22:15 From Caroline Ballard To Jules Clancy(privately) : Can’t hear it
11:22:26 From Laurie : it’s very hard to hear, jules
11:22:27 From Laura Anderson : We can’t hear it very well, or I should say I can’t
11:22:51 From Caroline Ballard To Jules Clancy(privately) : Do you need to unplug your headphones
11:23:23 From Caroline Ballard To Jules Clancy(privately) : yes
11:23:25 From Laurie : yes can hear now
11:23:38 From Lisa Standring : That’s good. Thank you
11:23:40 From Sue Fuller : Yes, good now
11:31:47 From Sara To Jules Clancy(privately) : SUPER scrunchy face – is everything okay?
11:32:10 From Paula Staffeldt : Good idea! Relating to feelings like colors.
11:32:16 From Jules Clancy To Sara(privately) : This is me focusing
11:32:30 From Sara To Jules Clancy(privately) : Ahhhh. Got it. Thank you.
11:32:38 From Lisa Standring : I agree Paula.
11:33:38 From Lisa Standring : I remember a TV show where the character explained she was feeling magenta. She thought of magenta as a swirl of colors and she was feeling a swirl of feelings
11:34:28 From Laura Anderson : I have a friend who experiences emotions in color. I cannot fathom it!
11:34:52 From Lisa Standring : Feels like a good experiment to try Laura
11:35:58 From Paula Staffeldt : Oh yes! Emotions experienced as colors: synesthesia!
11:38:13 From Laura Anderson : Wow, it has a name?! Lisa, I’m not sure, the concept escapes me completely.
11:43:42 From Lisa Standring : Perhaps a start with “seeing red” when you are angry.
11:45:43 From Lisa Standring : maybe we need a color challenge after the feelings challenge or as part of it.
11:48:05 From Paula Staffeldt : ?
11:49:51 From Paula Staffeldt : Also really like the message of observing the feelings…not identifying with them.
11:51:00 From Lisa Standring : That’s a good point Paula. A subtle distinction but an important one.
11:52:16 From Paula Staffeldt : Yes, Lisa, what a difference to me between observing and “being” the feelings.
11:54:02 From Lisa Standring : I like what Maggie keeps saying about having “authority” over your emotions.
11:54:58 From Paula Staffeldt : Right! We “make these feeling with our thoughts.”
11:55:39 From Jacinta Arnold : I will defs try this with other parts of my life. Thanks
11:55:49 From Sara To Jules Clancy(privately) : Laurie is volunteering
11:55:55 From Laura Anderson : That was super hard for me. I feel like we’re speaking a different language.
11:56:11 From Jenny Patrick : me too Laura
11:57:04 From Lisa Standring : I feel like we needed more time with it.
11:57:09 From Laura Anderson : I’m glad I’m not the only one! 🙂
11:57:46 From Paula Staffeldt : Neat, Laurie~ Thanks for sharing!
11:58:58 From Laura Anderson : That is a good take-away for me to start with, Jules.
11:59:09 From Kate Caldecott : Visualisation is always hard for me to get an image so for me if just felt my body instead.
11:59:17 From Paula Staffeldt : I sometimes ask myself, “do I feel less than positive or neutral?”
11:59:33 From Lisa Standring : That’s helpful Paula
11:59:34 From Paula Staffeldt : Helps me with confusing/overwhelming emotions that are hard to identify.
11:59:53 From Paula Staffeldt : I’m glad, Lisa!
12:00:08 From Kate Caldecott : Great – re the original video – that would be helpful. thanks.

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