Chat 8Nov22

12:08:49 From Jules Clancy :
12:13:27 From Emma : gosh I wish I would TALK in this group. 1 handed typing is SLOW!!!! mini win using app for surgery works well with NHC. eg tracks reminders etc for daily prac
12:14:39 From Emma : mini win: Wrote in circle for 1st time in forever.
12:16:23 From Emma : Hearing you Mary…..
12:22:27 From Emma : yes yes yes
12:29:22 From Emma : interesting cultural observation….
12:32:49 From Emma : Lei Lani ….woohoo. Solution more holidays. 😜
12:33:48 From Mary A. : That’s great, Lei Lani!
12:37:56 From Mary A. : We always had bread and butter on the table
12:45:35 From Emma : that’s soooo cool
12:46:20 From Emma : when are you coming to Australia?
12:46:27 From Mary A. : Next stop!
12:46:36 From Emma : ❤️
12:46:48 From Mary A. : A tour around the country!
12:47:06 From Emma : we want photos
12:47:16 From Mary A. : Will do!
12:47:26 From Emma : not respectable!!!
12:55:27 From Mary A. : So true, Bill! One thought that helps me is “every bite counts” at least that keeps me to maybe one additional bit!
12:58:49 From Emma : having dopamine activity after dessert is a good idea. never thought of before. Usually sweet treat is the thing I lookforward to, so when that is over…..
13:03:22 From Emma : absolutely!!!!
13:03:38 From Lei Lani M : Thanks everyone!

06:04:37 From Jules Clancy :
06:04:58 From Jules Clancy :
06:09:09 From Suzanne Fuller : Great attitude, Susie.
06:19:30 From Susie Danziger : Thank you Suzanne!
06:19:40 From Susie Danziger : I think I am in a similar place as Leslie. What does success look like?
06:29:23 From Doreen : Yes Thank you Leslie
06:30:22 From Rebecca : I want to go on Leslie’s trip!
06:40:52 From Adine : I find sometimes the distinction between being hungry and being thirsty hard.
06:48:37 From Susie Danziger : Agree! I can’t handle this, this is my way of coping and soothing
06:48:57 From Susie Danziger : I NEED THIS!
06:49:38 From Doreen : I’m full but enjoying this and I served myself so I can just finish..: it won’t hurt..
06:50:12 From Susie Danziger : If I don’t slow down, then I can pretend I don’t here the voice telling me to slow down.
06:51:59 From Susie Danziger : If I do slow down, and I do wait until I am going to enjoy the food then I can say yes when I am ready
06:52:38 From Suzanne Fuller : I had discovered that a bag of lollies would make me feel better when I was 8. Almost 7 decades later, that child can still make her presence felt.
06:52:52 From Susie Danziger : It’s not a hard “no,” it is just hold on a few minutes.
06:53:33 From Susie Danziger : OMG – the evening is the same time that colicky babies are crying and uncomfortable!

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