Chat 7Sept21

10:03:44 From Paula Staffeldt : A celebration: this week I found a substitute I really like for my heavily sweetened tea.
10:04:39 From Sue Fuller : That is really good, Paula. What is your substitute?
10:04:55 From Paula Staffeldt : Jules, do we need to register with you ahead of time for Kitchen Confidence?
10:05:23 From Paula Staffeldt : Great, thank! Looking forward to it!
10:06:24 From Paula Staffeldt : Sue, it’s called Chai SuperLatte, by Clear. I’ll look up the link. It’s delicious and very healthy!
10:06:53 From Paula Staffeldt :
10:07:19 From Sue Fuller : Thanks, Paula.
10:07:33 From Paula Staffeldt : ??
10:09:24 From Caroline Ballard :
10:09:35 From Paula Staffeldt : Evaluation has helped me see that planning is really my nemesis.
10:09:53 From Paula Staffeldt : It’s helping me trouble-shoot.
10:10:23 From Lisa Standring : Planning has been going well for me Paula. My challenge is identifying when I’ve had enough.
10:10:31 From Caroline Ballard :
10:11:28 From Paula Staffeldt : Lisa, glad to hear that planning works for you! That’s my learning curve.
10:12:41 From Kate C : Its taken weeks but I finally have found my “thought” to say enough. Thanks to Jules for a side comment which resonated..”I’m done”. Saying I am full, satisfied etc did not resonate but “I’m done”. Real comfort that I have found my word.
10:12:50 From Caroline Ballard : Key Thoughts
I can do this.
It’s better when I don’t over eat.
Every bite counts.
Enough is how I reach my ideal weight with ease.
I am in control of listening to my body.
10:14:52 From Paula Staffeldt : That’s great, Kate!
10:15:23 From Sue Fuller : So happy for you Kate
10:17:16 From Lisa Standring : I like “I’m done” as a thought. It is very decisive.
10:17:57 From Sue Fuller : Jules, Good point. Haigh’s chocolate vs cheap Easter egg? No comparison 🙂
10:28:39 From Caroline Ballard :
10:33:00 From Sue Fuller : Thanks, Jules. That is a good reminder. When it comes to food, I can be a real drama queen 🙂
10:39:44 From Jim Muir : I’m finding it easier to lose the FOMO and to skip a meal if Im not at all hungry.
10:40:06 From Kate C : Thats great Jim – I still have FOMO
10:40:40 From Kate C : Oops sorry Jacinta.
10:41:31 From Sue Fuller : Dumb question, but what is FOMO?
10:41:44 From Paula Staffeldt : fear of missing out
10:41:52 From Paula Staffeldt : ?
10:43:33 From Sue Fuller : Thanks, Paula. I know that feeling well. It tends to lead to “gobbling like a gannet”, to use one of mt Scottish Grandpa’s expressions 🙂
10:44:07 From Paula Staffeldt : Ha-ha! That’s a good one, Sue!
10:44:51 From Laura Anderson : I’m trying to think of a reminder to ask myself if I’ve had enough. I wonder if each time I eat, I could set a time for certain minutes (5-10) and when it rings, I check if I’ve had enough.
10:46:07 From Lisa Standring : love that idea Laura. I’m struggling with recognizing when I’m at enough but also getting distracted while I’m eating and not focusing on the food. The timer might be a nice gentle reminder.
10:46:09 From Kate C : What about you have a ritual eg: when you put down the fork, it is time to check in. So maybe checking quite regularly. A thought Laura…
10:46:12 From Laura Anderson : I do my daily practice the night before. It helps me to have it already planned.
10:47:03 From Kate C : I do too. I make it the last thing for the night. It’s my closure
10:47:06 From Lisa Standring : I love the streak in the 5 minute journal.
10:47:54 From Laura Anderson : Lisa, we seem to be two peas in a pod!
10:48:04 From Paula Staffeldt : I’m able to get my practice in first thing in the morning, when I check my calendar for the day.
10:48:05 From Lisa Standring : ?
10:49:48 From Kate C : Did you ask for leftovers? So you could eat the next day Kim?
10:52:27 From Sue Fuller : Kim, well done.
10:53:26 From Paul Atkins : I am out walking and listening and just loving the sense of people transforming their lives. it is joyful.thanks jules and thanks all.
10:53:59 From Sue Fuller : Enjoy your walk, Paul.
10:55:02 From Laura Anderson : I like that idea Kate, to try snd make it as often as each bite.
10:55:50 From Laura Anderson : You paint a lovely image Paul!
10:58:22 From Lisa Standring : love that idea of letting out a breathe (sigh) Margaret. I’m going to try to pay attend to that.
10:58:31 From Lisa Standring : attention
10:58:37 From joan : i love that! this week’s experiment is to look for the exhale!
10:59:32 From Kim : great question
10:59:45 From Laura Anderson : EXCELLENT question Margaret, I’ve been wondering that.
11:00:42 From Paula Staffeldt : Often if I’m going to have dessert, I “leave room” by not eating the full meal. E.g. instead eating bread, have dessert.
11:01:04 From Paula Staffeldt : That’s just because I don’t like feeling “full.”
11:01:38 From Paula Staffeldt : I remember my parents telling us kids to “save room” when we were going to have dessert.
11:03:03 From Sylvia Riveland : Sending good thoughts to you, Margaret. ❤️
11:03:21 From Kate C : Yes Margaret – so sorry to hear and so best wishes
11:04:27 From Jim Muir : all the best Margaret.

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