Chat 4Apr23

06:06:39 From iPhone CFR : Oh can we do audible books too!?
06:08:50 From iPhone CFR : My boyfriend need the booze club but he wouldn’t do it 🥲
06:26:54 From iPhone CFR : A friend told me evolutionary it’s normal for humans to feel hunger. And we should embrace the feeling.
06:28:05 From Emma : I have spent a lifetime of listening to external sources to tell me how much to it. It is freeing and a relief to no that I can be the boss of me!!! 😉
06:28:27 From Emma : sorry….to EAT
06:28:44 From iPhone CFR : I’m noticing it’s hard to think about my tummy in social situations but I guess it’s just to be conscious before you catch up with people
06:30:07 From Tracey Frohock : I notice when there are distractions of any kind it is harder to check in with myself.
06:52:10 From Emma : Tummy is telling me it is breakfast time!!! Hand on tummy made the hungry feeling go away. Felt nice.
06:52:12 From iPhone CFR : I ate just a little too much yogurt.

10:05:11 From Mandy : Haha! Awesome!
10:05:27 From Mary : That’s a lot of books!
10:05:50 From Leigh Ann To Jules Clancy(privately) : Jules, I worked last night, and I think I’m too tired for coaching. I tend to get overly emotional in a way that would not be helpful. I’d love to do it next time. I appreciate hearing others get coached. Leigh Ann
10:08:23 From Mary : As someone eating carbs all the time now, let me tell you that I am craving vegetables!
10:10:17 From Marit (she/her) : Reacted to “As someone eating ca…” with ❤️
10:24:25 From Marit (she/her) : Clean plate club — that’ll be me. 😀
10:26:54 From Mary : It’s better to listen to my body than to live according to outside rules and restrictions
10:27:44 From Leigh Ann : Because it makes heaps of sense. I like not having my tummy be upset. Hopefully it will help me regulate my intake so it’s knows when it’s enough.
10:28:10 From Vicky : By listening to my tummy while eating, it prevents overeating which stretches the actual stomach muscle if done repeatedly over time. A too stretched tummy doesn’t feel full enough, so it makes it harder to listen to my body’s own cues.
10:29:08 From Mandy : I am having dinner (after joyfully cooking!) while listening to this. Very timely. 🙂
10:30:05 From Neera : By listening to my tummy I realize what I like and love and say no to when people pressurize me to eat
10:30:24 From Mandy : Replying to “By listening to my t…”

10:36:42 From Mary : Reacted to “By listening to my t…” with 👍
10:41:04 From Mandy : Starting to…
10:41:10 From Marit (she/her) : I haven’t noticed yet, but I look forward to trying
10:41:37 From Mandy : – too full =
– tummy pressing up against ribs
– harder to breathe
– full =
– comfortable, satisfied
– hungry =
– ??? (sometimes it’s hard for me to tell when I’m hungry)
10:43:03 From Marit (she/her) : Jules, do you serve yourself out a normal-sized meal even when you know you’re not that hungry? Rather than serving yourself a smaller portion?
10:43:14 From Neera : Satiety cue for me; comfortable
10:43:35 From Neera : no growliness
10:43:50 From Vicky : Tonight during dinner (takeout night of hamburger and fries), I put my burger down between bites and slowly ate my fries. But then my mind wandered to my worries and I noticed that I started eating my fries faster and ended up eating them all!! Now I feel a bit too full (but I did leave a couple bites of the bun as it was too big).
10:44:49 From Mandy : I don’t though… my sweetheart will often tell me when I’m hungry.
10:44:55 From Mandy : He knows because I’m cranky or tired.
10:45:01 From Mandy : But I often can’t physically feel it!
10:46:03 From Leigh Ann : Vicky, yes. A million times.
10:46:50 From Neera : sometimes the tummy is making noises and I drinh a full glass of water and that feels good
10:46:56 From Margaret : This is really helpful. Thank you. I rarely feel hungry but get shaky when I need to eat. Also, I worry that if I don’t eat until full, I will feel shaky when I am out eg driving. Doctor recently told me that blood test results OK.
10:47:52 From Mandy : That happens to me too, Margaret. Sometimes I get super shaky and suddenly ravenous. Those times, I know! 😝
10:57:24 From Marney Wilson : My tummy feels satisfied, but my oesophagus is hungry / uncomfortabl/ empty!
10:57:46 From Mary : My tummy is full! (I cleaned my plate at supper)
10:58:07 From Mandy : A little too full. But still having a bite of veggies because they just came out of the oven and a small bite will make me happy overall!
10:58:08 From Leigh Ann : Mine is satisfied from the cantaloupe I ate. Maybe 1 point above satisfied.
10:58:19 From Marit (she/her) : A little too full — I was hungry and went for a snack, then ate it distractedly trying to finish off a few work things. Ended up eating too much.
10:58:50 From Neera : My tummy is comfortable but intentines are wanting something
10:58:59 From Leigh Ann : Serving myself less is HUGE!!!!

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