Chat 31Aug21

10:01:32 From Kim : feeling enough!
10:02:06 From Paula Staffeldt : Lovely, Jules!
10:07:59 From Lisa Standring : how long does the evaluation usually take?
10:08:26 From Paula Staffeldt : Lisa, it takes me about 5-10 minutes.
10:10:49 From Lisa Standring : Thanks Paula
10:11:29 From Caroline Ballard :
10:18:49 From Sue Fuller : I wonder how the Queen copes with peas???
10:19:18 From Lisa Standring : honey makes peas easier
10:19:27 From Leesa Ingalls : Very intentionally
10:19:36 From joan : hahahaaa. one pea at a time would surely slow you down!!
10:23:51 From Laura Anderson : I don’t think I understand how I’ll know. Will I feel a bit full but not stuffed? Cuz as soon as I start eating I no longer “feel” hungry, but I know a few bites isn’t enough.
10:25:00 From Jenny : When I’m paying attention to my food, it feels like there’s a break point where it doesn’t taste as good
10:25:30 From Lisa Standring : I’ve been trying to do this and I have the same experience as Laura.
10:26:53 From Sue Fuller : Yes, I agree Laura
10:27:13 From Paula Staffeldt : I notice a difference between feeling “satisfied” and feeling uncomfortable. I don’t like feeling “full.”
10:29:29 From Sue Fuller : That stuffed feeling is the worst thing.
10:30:27 From Laura Anderson : Yes, it does help, I will have to experiment.
10:31:24 From Laura Anderson : I think because I don’t tend to overeat all at once, I don’t often feel stuffed. My issue is grazing throughout the day and overeating in that way.
10:35:59 From Lisa Standring : I had that challenge as well Laura but my Invisalign has helped with that.
10:36:41 From Laura Anderson : Oh yes, I did Invisalign and it certainly did help reduce snacking!
10:47:39 From Laura Anderson : I always have more I could ask but don’t want to dominate! I feel like I ask questions every week!
10:48:01 From Lisa Standring : I learn a lot from your questions Laura. Please ask.
10:48:30 From Sue Fuller : Annie, totally agree. Sweets can be a real issue.
10:48:50 From joan : sugar is crack
10:49:31 From Sue Fuller : It is certainly one of my big issues, Joan
10:50:19 From joan : me too. i would love to learn to control it in moderation. i am not there yet. working on it.
10:51:01 From Paula Staffeldt : Crack. Ha-ha, Joan!?
10:53:42 From Sue Fuller : Bye everyone. I have to go. Thanks, Jules.
10:54:36 From Laura Anderson : Me too Lisa. We really have similar considerations.
10:55:00 From Kim : I have the same issue.
10:55:44 From Laura Anderson : I wonder if I’m actually restricting. Rather than really “enough”
10:56:04 From joan : i previously counted food and used visualization. Feeling full is the new skill

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