Chat 2Aug22

10:05:04 From Caroline Ballard : Daily Practice Challenge –
10:07:52 From Mary A. : I stopped eating something because it didn’t taste great!
10:08:51 From Liz : Good work Mary! Unfortunately I overate Indian food on the weekend and felt terrible afterwards! Will need to try to remember that feeling.
10:09:27 From margaretnolan : Started to use the 5 minute journal, has really helped to refocus what I am doing.
10:11:08 From margaretnolan : Fantastic Margaret🙂
10:12:07 From williambrownlow : Starting to learn to stop eating when I feel full.
10:12:24 From Mary A. : That was a great insight from Amy – I remember reading that and going “Aha!”
10:13:49 From Mary A. : Is milk a high protein food?
10:24:13 From joan : the days go better when I invest in the few minutes it takes.
10:24:22 From Mary A. : I guess that I plan ahead but don”t review what I actually ate. So I added a tiny wins section.
10:24:42 From Ruth Hvidston : I was out of town last week so I missed it. I’m happy to be back and like the journal.
10:25:03 From williambrownlow : I have been slow getting started
10:25:10 From Liz : Sometimes I don’t know which thoughts to work on.
10:27:12 From margaretnolan : Liz this is something I also struggle with.
10:28:25 From Suzanne Fuller : Good point, Leesa.
10:34:04 From Liz : Thank you 🙏🏻
10:37:42 From williambrownlow : I was on vacation the first week and dealing with some health issues the last few weeks
10:40:47 From Jane Wilson : Awesome Meal Tracking app
10:42:46 From Margaret MacKay : Is it important to record the foods we are eating?
10:42:52 From williambrownlow : The book you recommended Tiny Habits is excellent dis ver
10:44:10 From Jules Clancy : What’s working well?
Not working? Lessons?
Do differently?
10:45:19 From Jane Wilson : WW: leaving food at dinner time when enough and also daily exercise
10:46:20 From joan : WW: eat proper meals
10:46:57 From Ruth Hvidston : WW: intentionally choosing tomatoes, veggies or fruit for snack. intentionally planning protein and salads for meals
10:47:26 From joan : WW food choices are what i want not what I think I should have. Judge myself less, have a community of like minded folks for support, cook more
10:47:49 From Ruth Hvidston : WNW: snacking on corn chips in the car for 3 hours,;
10:48:33 From joan : Lessons: go over plan with Alcohol usually, always leads to way overboard with snacks, poor choices
10:48:55 From Ruth Hvidston : WDD: journal 5 min in morning to set myself up for successful change
10:49:19 From Jane Wilson : NW: writing my plan for food for the day
DD: using the new app to type up the plan 1st thing and then snap a pic of food when I eat. I think this will also help me stick to treats plan rather than just thinking it
10:49:19 From Suzanne Fuller : What’s not working well is slipping back into diet mentality. I need to remember that there is no good, or bad, food. It is all just food
10:50:31 From joan : slipping back into grazing
10:50:36 From Leesa Ingalls : Okay- so Joan and I are on the same wave length!! 1. Stopping when I’ve had enough food. 2. Learnings- not planning alcohol leads to unplanned snacking. 3 Plan alcohol and trust myself.
10:50:56 From williambrownlow : WW Stopping eating when I feel full.
10:51:55 From Suzanne Fuller : Attributing “moral values” to food. Food is neither good nor bad. It is just food.
10:52:14 From Catherine Stewart : Is it OK that I posted directly to circle?
10:53:27 From margaretnolan : Do you post the chat text with the replay? Sometimes hard to keep up with what people are saying and concentrating on what you are saying
10:56:14 From Jules Clancy :
10:57:15 From Mary A. : What was the second home play again?
10:58:00 From margaretnolan : Mary A. Think it was daily practice challenge
10:58:45 From Mary A. : Thanks, Margaret!
10:59:39 From joan : Yeah Laura!!
11:00:13 From Suzanne Fuller : Thanks for sharing Laura.
11:00:39 From Ruth Hvidston : we’ve all felt that way thanks for sharing
11:00:59 From margaretnolan : Thanks for sharing Laura
11:01:41 From williambrownlow : Thanks for sharing Laura
11:02:37 From Catherine Stewart : Thanks for sharing, Laura. The MIL portion resonates with me!
11:02:43 From Mary A. : That’s a lot to handle in one weekend, Laura! Good for you!
11:06:16 From Mary A. : Awesome book!
11:07:58 From Ruth Hvidston : “and be happy with it”
11:17:32 From Liz : Thanks for sharing everyone. I don’t respond to goals so for me it might be I’m willing to fail as many times as it takes to be naturally healthy
11:18:23 From Mary A. : Thanks, Margaret, for sharing that.

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