Chat 28Sept21

10:00:40 From Sara : Pumpkin stuffed with everything good
10:01:25 From Kim : eye round roast with potatoes
10:01:49 From Laurie : Ghoulash from Simple Recipes
10:04:30 From Caroline Ballard : Here is the schedule >>
10:05:57 From Caroline Ballard : Stop Over Drinking replay > >
10:06:53 From Caroline Ballard : Kitchen Confidence Secrets WORKSHOP >>
10:11:47 From Caroline Ballard : P – Practice
E – Enough
T – Tracking
E – Evaluate
10:17:20 From Kate Caldecott : Great to hear. Pleased for you Sarah
10:17:28 From Laurie : Awesome Sara!
10:17:39 From Lisa Standring : Way to go Sara!
10:17:41 From Kim : congratulations Sara!
10:18:11 From Sara : Thank you. It’s feeling really good.
10:21:01 From Paula Staffeldt : Really appreciate your vulnerability, Jules!
10:22:23 From Sara : Agreed, Paula
10:22:49 From Caroline Ballard : Our Manifesto >>
10:28:29 From Lisa Standring : Jules is it fair to say the prefrontal cortex can control the quantity and frequency aspects of what to eat.
10:29:09 From Kate Caldecott : I did an experiment where I let my primitive brain decide because I had been reining it in. Overate on foods (that don’t agree with me). Pleasure was short-lived and unsatisfying. It has taken 2 days to recover = digestive issues, felt emotional and felt awful. It really reinforced the differences for me.
10:29:43 From mel b : Pre frontal cortex does not work so well if you’re tired/stressed !!
10:30:14 From Kate Caldecott : I realised that I wasn’t testing stuff. This was a way to free myself up.
10:30:17 From Lisa Standring : Kate I love that you consider this an experiment rather than “falling off the wagon” and beating yourself up.
10:30:41 From Sue Fuller : Kate, that was me, a couple of days ago. Was the pleasure worth the pain? Nope!
10:31:02 From Lisa Standring : oh I see Kate-you did it intentionally. ?
10:31:46 From Kate Caldecott : Yes very much. Just said to myself and that brain part do whatever.
10:32:07 From Kate Caldecott : Very much an experiment.
10:32:20 From Lisa Standring : It’s a great idea.
10:32:55 From Laura Anderson : Hi Jules, about the pre-frontal cortex, I recall that is part of why you have us do the daily practice of planning what we will eat. But you’ve mentioned that you often don’t follow that plan and actually we can even throw it away, don’t feel we have to stick with it. So, how does the pre-frontal cortex help us in that case?
10:35:06 From Sara : Wherever perfection is driving, shame rides shotgun
10:35:36 From Laura Anderson : Yes, that makes sense. And I do value the planning. I often stick to it but don’t feel badly when I veer off it. Thanks!
10:37:11 From Sue Fuller : Sara, I love that thought. I think we all suffer from our “inner perfectionist” at times .
10:38:18 From Sara : I certainly do – perfection has been my effort at self protection for many years and it doesn’t really help
10:38:39 From Sara : I am learning how to live without perfectionism 🙂
10:39:11 From joan : yes, perfectionism sets you up for self “criticism’”
10:40:32 From margaretnolan : Yes Sara, perfection really can be quite destructive. And so true Joan.
10:40:36 From Sue Fuller : And no-one can criticises us as harshly as we do ourselves. We would not treat our friends the way we treat ourselves, at times
10:41:00 From Sara : Sue, you are absolutely right!
10:44:52 From Lisa Standring : The trusting our internal nutrition compass makes me sad. I spent so much time learning not to listen.
10:45:23 From mel b : Jules – When you say meat – does that include eggs??
10:47:03 From Sara : I agree, Lisa. But it also appeals to the rebel in me because it feels like a giant rebellion against diet industry lies and misinformation.
10:47:37 From mel b : Eggs have been a game changer for me … And learning to have 2 in a meal instead of one egg.
10:47:39 From Sue Fuller : The diet industry has a lot to answer for
10:48:12 From Lisa Standring : excellent reframe Sara.
10:48:14 From Laura Anderson : Caroline, can you put it again? I joined on my computer just a few minutes ago and can’t access the chat beforehand.
10:48:42 From Caroline Ballard :
10:48:58 From Laura Anderson : Thank you!
10:55:53 From Sara To Jules Clancy(privately) : What a beautifully humble and helpful teaching you are sharing. Thank you
10:56:20 From Laurie : Thanks for that, Jules.
10:56:29 From Paul Atkins : nice pickup Jules. I appreciate your transparency
10:57:06 From Paul Atkins : and it shows in how effective your coaching is
10:57:24 From Sue Fuller : Thanks Jules.
10:58:56 From Sue Fuller : Don’t beat yourself up, Cynthia
10:59:40 From Kate Caldecott : Cynthia – this resonates to me as I can see how this bleeds into everything we do. Curiosity vs self punishment
11:00:02 From Kate Caldecott : When things not going as well as liked.
11:00:49 From joan : We can be our worst critic when we should practice being our biggest support!

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