06:05:00 From Marissa Kennerson : It’s SO good!!
06:06:22 From Marissa Kennerson : Yay, Mandy!!
06:06:51 From Mandy : Mandy is… cranky. 😝
06:07:45 From Marissa Kennerson : Adore you, Mandy! So glad we are in the same cohort!
06:08:34 From Mandy : GREAT. I think it will be helpful to do the Tummy Challenge with everyone all at once.
06:08:44 From Mandy : Replying to “Adore you, Mandy! So…”

Back atcha!
06:12:13 From Mandy : LOL! Stable weight here but no questions.
06:13:47 From Marissa Kennerson : tummy wiggle question…
06:19:20 From Marissa Kennerson : I have a question about this
06:22:32 From Marit (she/her) : I agree Marissa — I think knowing I can have it as leftovers is huge for me
06:23:25 From Marissa Kennerson : Whoa. This is huge, Mandy
06:23:49 From Myfanwy’s iPad : Love that, Mandy! Going to try it
06:25:43 From iPhone CFR : 🙏
06:29:48 From Marissa Kennerson : hand on my heart, “of course I’m feeling (x)” is my new favorite thing.
06:30:04 From Leigh Ann : 😎The only reason I can think of from a primitive brain safety perspective is to protect us against family. Is there something else?
06:31:11 From Marissa Kennerson : Great question.
06:31:12 From Marney Wilson : love that one marissa
06:31:21 From Marissa Kennerson : Reacted to “love that one mariss…” with 😍
06:34:08 From Jules Clancy :
06:35:17 From Marissa Kennerson : My critical voice is called Sneaky.
06:35:18 From Leigh Ann : It feels a little vague and unaccessible to me….
06:35:26 From Leigh Ann : Reacted to “My critical voice is…” with 😂
06:36:54 From Mandy : Replying to “My critical voice is…”

Love that! 😝
06:37:21 From Emma : For a completely different reason ………My daughter calls her saboteur Gregory. Gregory retired due to Overwork. 🙂
06:37:40 From Marit (she/her) : Reacted to “For a completely di…” with 😁
06:37:42 From Mandy : Reacted to “For a completely di…” with 😂
06:37:46 From Marissa Kennerson : Reacted to “For a completely di…” with 🥰
06:39:34 From Fiona Dixon : Reacted to “For a completely di…” with 😂
06:41:22 From iPhone CFR : I feel like having another outlet other than food would be good to have
06:41:33 From iPhone CFR : Reacted to “For a completely di…” with 😂
06:41:35 From Marit (she/her) : Reacted to “I feel like having a…” with 👍
06:43:04 From Marit (she/her) : Replying to “I feel like having a…”

I agree. I’d like to find something that gives the same level of excitement when I’m doing it as a delicious meal can. I love walking around my yard, so that can do it sometimes, but that gets sabotaged (sp?) by weather and not being home. 🙂
06:47:25 From Leigh Ann : I went up 8 points.
06:47:57 From Marit (she/her) : I jumped 15 points!
06:48:09 From Emma : Reacted to “I jumped 15 points!” with 👍
06:48:13 From Marcia Moore : I went up 20!!😳
06:48:18 From Leigh Ann : WOW! That’s amazing!!!
06:48:24 From Marit (she/her) : Reacted to “I went up 20!!😳” with 👍
06:48:54 From Myfanwy’s iPad : That’s me. I am a uniquely f…ed snowflake!
06:49:06 From Marit (she/her) : Reacted to “That’s me. I am a un…” with 😁
06:49:26 From Emma : Reacted to “I went up 20!!😳” with 👍
06:53:36 From Leigh Ann : I personally think it’s really hard, in the dark moments of life, to remember that it won’t always be like this. The opposite also true.
06:53:52 From Marit (she/her) : Reacted to “I personally think i…” with ❤️
06:55:06 From iPhone CFR : Mandy have you noticed much change after last weeks – Jules said about the range of eating?
06:57:10 From Mandy : Replying to “Mandy have you notic…”

Not yet, which is part of why the discouragement has set in.
06:57:30 From Leigh Ann : Hearing others being coached is very helpful.
06:58:31 From Emma : Reacted to “Hearing others being…” with 👍
06:58:41 From Vicky : I read the article Jules suggested on the science behind intermittent fasting, since I always find that if I learn the why and how of something (approach it as a student) the process goes better for me. Also, I believe there are 3 main types of intermittent fasting – check out books by Dr. Fung?
06:59:42 From Mandy : Replying to “I read the article J…”

Vicky would you mind re-posting that in Circles? I missed it
07:00:27 From Vicky : I will post the link for sure (I think I got it in an email near the beginning).

11:30:52 From Jules Clancy :
11:30:55 From Adine Mintz : Kangaroo jumping in front of the car is the most Australian thing ever!
11:50:20 From Samantha Jewett : You’re definitely not alone, Sheryn!
11:54:57 From Margaret : Sheryn, house work is my saboteur when I should be working on a deadline. Thank you for sharing your experience.
11:55:47 From William Brownlow : Good for you Neera!
11:59:29 From Neera : thanks William.. im sooo happy for me☺️
12:12:54 From Neera : im noticing that I need permission from some one to succeed

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