Chat 20Sept22

10:11:58 From Mary : I’ve been listening to the Epic Positive Belief Plan multiple times a day!!
10:16:30 From Mary : Good point, Mary C! That’s a good win.
10:16:34 From Ruth Hvidston : my favorite saying is ” I can always choose to be kind to myself” I can
10:19:45 From williambrownlow : My weight is stable.
10:27:19 From Mary : “It’s better when I stop…”
10:40:56 From Ruth Hvidston : I made that choice last weekend too that I won’t make any pity purchases.
10:46:15 From Mary : That’s interesting about no pity purchases, Ruth, but so uncomfortable!!
10:58:24 From Mary : I think Mary C. is in my head!
11:02:02 From Mary Chandler : Tapas sounds so elegant compared to not enough leftovers!

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