Chat 1Nov22

11:10:08 From Jules Clancy :
11:11:37 From Jules Clancy :
11:42:59 From williambrownlow : No real changes since our coaching session last week. Everything in tonight’s session makes sense.
11:44:30 From Mary A. : Seeing the stress as a healthy response to enable an appropriate response to the environment
11:49:46 From Abbey : I can totally relate Adine
11:50:16 From Abbey : I love to control- but so does my mum too!! Which I know is not the right way 🙂
11:51:31 From Mary A. : I have used a grounding technique to bring my focus to the absolute present moment to avoid that future focus and catastrophizing.
11:52:02 From Abbey : Whats the grounding technique Mary? Would love to learn.
11:52:33 From Mary A. : SAEPDR
11:57:49 From Mary A. : Countdown of senses: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
11:58:30 From Mary A. : Sensing, Action, Emotion, Physical, Desire, Relationship
12:01:26 From Mary A. : Gotta go! Thanks

06:09:25 From Jules Clancy :
06:10:29 From Cate : I’m having trouble with the booking form again… it won’t go beyond the front page to let me book
06:11:24 From Jules Clancy :
06:11:31 From Cate : Thanks Jules – I suspect it is my elderly computer
06:19:27 From Cate : Have to go (having just got here) as the grandchildren are up and looking for attention… will catch up later – this is such an interesting discussion…. I find myself drifting into ‘doing something’, too.
06:37:54 From Susie Danziger : That is so true Rebecca! The concentration can be demanding and tiring!
06:38:03 From Adine : Me too Rebecca!
06:44:59 From Susie Danziger : Wow – I love that I can have my dinner in front of the fire and don’t need to sit at the table!

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