Chat 16Aug22

10:04:22 From Jules Clancy :
10:08:56 From Jules Clancy :
10:10:39 From Laura Pfeiffer : Daily weighing and meal planning
10:10:49 From williambrownlow : Started the Challenge and it’s working well.
10:11:37 From Cate : celebrating getting started after a slow start post covid – started the daily practice challenge
10:11:42 From Sheila’s iPad : Self coached when had an urge for ice cream- I can wait as inspired by Jules thought for the day.
10:12:23 From Leslie’s iPhone : Changed “I can…” to “I like to…” and it was a helpful. slowing down between bites!
10:12:33 From Mary A. : Daily practice with look ahead every day, daily review of what actually happened with curiosity not shame, recognized I ccould overeat for a special occasion.
10:14:47 From Maryann : Went out with friends and didn’t drink as much as usual. This meant that the next day was better.
10:23:27 From Mary A. : Yay Maryann! That’s a tough one – congrats on your win!
10:29:19 From Jules Clancy : What’s your dominant story about why you’re not at your idea weight?
10:29:32 From Mary A. : My weight is literal armor to protect myself
10:29:46 From Mary Chandler : I am not consistent.
10:30:04 From Leslie’s iPhone : Consistency
10:30:15 From Cate : Not worth the effort
10:30:17 From Maryann : It is too hard
10:30:31 From Laura Pfeiffer : it’s always been this way
10:30:34 From williambrownlow : I can’t seem to muster. the willpower to stop eating sugar
10:32:06 From margaretnolan : Lost weight in the past only to put it all and more back on
10:32:38 From Adine : I don’t matter.
10:33:40 From Adine : and I’m not enough.
10:48:11 From williambrownlow : thanks
10:48:19 From williambrownlow : great
10:49:24 From Caroline Ballard : Pleasure Permission podcast:
10:53:23 From Mary A. : Another one of those persistent beliefs is that there are “free” foods. But like Jules said you can overeat on carrots!
10:53:49 From williambrownlow : work in progress
10:54:34 From margaretnolan : Randomly picking at food
10:54:52 From Mary Chandler : It is still hard for me to leave food that I have purchased out (restaurant or take away).
10:54:59 From Mary A. : Not working well: sticking to my intentions on treats esp alcohol. What to do differently: pause and set intention again before and in the middle of eating or drinking.
10:55:05 From Adine To Jules Clancy(privately) : Can we just chat about my story that came up?
10:55:40 From williambrownlow : not focusing enough on stopping when satisfied
10:55:53 From Laura Pfeiffer : not working: daily practice and over eating. focus: stop when satisfied and focus on what I want not what I “should”
10:56:47 From Maryann : not working well: overeating in the evenings, I want to eat everything on my plate and then I want dessert
10:56:51 From Sheila’s iPad : Focus on pausing, in the moment- what do I really need right now? How am I feeling?
10:57:05 From Cate : concerned about sticking to regular meals – how to approach if I genuinely feel hungry in between meal times
10:58:24 From Maryann : focus on: slowing down eating my evening meal
10:58:38 From Cate : and recognising genuine hunger vs emotional eating or boredom
11:08:15 From Mary Chandler : I am reminded again how important our mindset is on all things! You do matter Adine!
11:10:21 From margaretnolan : You do matter Adine. I believe in you and you are worth it
11:11:20 From Mary Chandler : Raising kids is HARD.
11:12:41 From Cate : Adine, I was just going to say what Jules said – recoonect with your past self – you do matter!
11:13:06 From williambrownlow : self care is essential
11:14:06 From Cate : Find something that is just for you

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