Chat 13Sept22

10:11:25 From Catherine Federle Stewart : It’s nice to be back! Been derailed for a bit and it’s nice to see everyone and reconnect.
10:11:42 From Emma : Started pleasure project yesterday intentional snacks. Choc never tasted soo good. Also ate 1/2 the normal amount.
10:22:27 From Mary Avery : I could also hear my dog breathing which was relaxing.
10:22:29 From Ruth Hvidston : It is a good exercise. I am feeling irritated, not with this class with other stuff in my house.
10:22:32 From Emma : realised how tense my muscles were. relaxed into it.
10:23:12 From williambrownlow : Peaceful it’s been a hectic day.
10:24:30 From Catherine Federle Stewart : Visiting family and realized I am really irritated with someone here…and then I felt guilty. So “It’s OK to feel X is helpful.
10:29:33 From Emma : Jules when are you starting the joyful movement group? 😆
10:30:16 From Mary Avery : It makes sense but being able to eat more is a motivator for exercise too. Not just weight loss should that reason also be let go?
10:37:04 From Leslie McKee : daily habits are still tricky.
10:37:09 From Emma : I had call with Julz yesterday. Everything is working. 😇 Check in with me next week. 😜
10:37:35 From Mary Avery : So i am having trouble breaking the scale “victory” mindset. I was down earlier this week and found that I ate more snacks and also dropped my daily practice (broke my streak!). So for a couple of days there was no effect and I felt like I was “getting away with” something. Then today the hammer came down and I saw a jump up. And I’m mad at myself for the “victory” mindset that got me here.
10:38:41 From Nerida Creswick : I keep forgetting to weigh myself every day.
10:38:43 From Maryann : My brain seems to be sabotaging me at the moment. I am getting the sneaky thoughts coming in like “it doesn’t matter if I eat more” & “I am so tired I can’t be bothered slowing down”
10:47:52 From williambrownlow : I have mixed experience with being intentional. It works for a couple days, then an off day happens.
10:48:03 From Leslie McKee : not tonight
10:49:11 From Emma : HELP Anyone……I keep getting kicked off. Anyone know if I can cancel everyone’s video for less bandwidth???
10:50:00 From Catherine Federle Stewart : I’m in the midst of some significant challenges in other areas of my life and I’ve succumbed to all or nothing thinking that bled over into my NHC work.
10:53:20 From margaretnolan : Emotional eating and loss of appetite at times as we are dealing with some really hugely emotional times
11:04:21 From Nerida Creswick : I have been finding that lunch only takes 5-10 minutes to eat anyway, so I at least try to start my lunch or snack away from the desk. And I find I’m finished quite quickly.
11:06:16 From Emma : I have found having a lunch buddy works for me. They have to eat lunch at a certain time. So I do to.
11:14:36 From Catherine Federle Stewart : So sorry…time for family dinner!
11:16:00 From Emma : ❤️❤️❤️ Awesome to hear,,,,,,,,,

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