Chat 12Apr22

10:10:38 From Stephanie Chrystal : it makes sense for sure
10:12:23 From Doreen : Good rant for me. Works for me my weakness is bread and pizza but if I stop at enough I can still eat what I want and not gain or at least not go up too much. Thank you Jules for clarifying!!
10:16:37 From Doreen : I receive that belief ?
10:21:29 From jen : Where is the quiz in circle?
10:22:49 From Caroline Ballard : Progress Tracking Quiz –
10:23:37 From jen : Thank you
10:34:19 From Doreen : Yes ??
10:34:31 From Doreen : Love the idea of growth mindset
10:35:30 From laura’s iPhone : Yes, I love Gretchen rubins insights but I really believe growth and change is possible.
10:42:11 From Adine : “making mistakes and trying is better than not trying at all” I added after coaching a little while ago and it has helped A LOT!
10:44:33 From laura’s iPhone : I just heard Thracian’s thing today from Jon Acuff – be brave enough to be bad at something new!
10:44:38 From Donna Kelly : Yep makes sense Jules. I need to work on this for sure.
10:51:31 From Nancy : Beautiful Jules felt great
10:51:32 From Donna Kelly : Oh I like that, that was fun.
10:52:05 From Leslie’s iPhone : Very relaxing and positive- good before bed.
10:54:05 From Leslie’s iPhone : Thought : instead of the obligator label – sometime I think there are things we view as “easy to do” and they are also “easy not to do”

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