Chat 12Apr22

09:02:40 From Paula Staffeldt : Cute companion, Sue!?
09:03:22 From Kris Carey : Can you put the name of it in the chat, please?
09:03:36 From Jules Clancy : Fried shallots
09:03:46 From Kris Carey : Thank you ?
09:05:28 From Sue Fuller : She runs the house, Paula 🙂
09:05:41 From Paula Staffeldt : ?
09:07:57 From Lisa Standring : Thanks for popping in Kris!
09:08:25 From Paula Staffeldt : Kris, I got my “cook of the week” prize in the mail this week—it’s great! I’m sure you’ll love yours! Congratulations!
09:08:56 From Lisa Standring : So much secrecy about these prizes. I have to up my game this week!!
09:09:01 From Kris Carey : Cool, thanks, Paula, how fun!
09:09:09 From Kris Carey : Thanks, Lisa!
09:09:31 From Paula Staffeldt : Lisa:?
09:10:37 From Lisa Standring : Jules you had yogurt, sour cream and mayo mixed in as a sauce??
09:11:25 From Cindy Metzner : I just saw a recipe today with mayo, sour cream and Dijon!
09:14:59 From Rachel : At mums and internet keeps cutting out may have to watch replay but will persevere as long as I can
09:15:26 From Ellen Devlin : Im going to get to where I can just buy the best produce
09:15:37 From Ellen Devlin : And cook from there
09:15:52 From Kris Carey : It makes such a difference Ellen
09:16:15 From Lisa Standring : what a luxury that would be Ellen.
09:16:17 From Ellen Devlin : Yes! It would have to, wouldn’t it?
09:16:19 From Paula Staffeldt : Yeah, I substituted a “pineapple” soft drink for pineapple juice.?
09:16:37 From Paula Staffeldt : That sounds like a good plan, Ellen.
09:16:55 From Ellen Devlin : ?
09:20:25 From Sue Fuller : Sounds good!
09:20:26 From Lisa Standring : Makes perfect sense
09:20:30 From Cindy Metzner : really opens the door
09:20:37 From Lisa Standring : it feels obvious in hindsight
09:25:00 From cynthia wilcoxson : Looks fine!
09:27:41 From Rachel : What about slow cooking tender cut??
09:30:07 From Ellen Devlin : Thanks for grading meats and carbs-helps to make decisions
09:30:28 From Rachel : I asked a question somewhere else on your view of tamari v soy both in health and flavour
09:45:45 From Lisa Standring : Do you use a pizza stone in your regular oven?
09:51:55 From Scott : Have you done a lot of experimenting with Mozzarella cheese? A large bag of shredded is the most convenient, but maybe the taste is much better shredding my own block…or even using fresh buffalo?
09:53:12 From Kris Carey : You leave the water in there? Mine is often too wet with the zucchini – I love this recipe tho, so tasty!
09:57:19 From Paula Staffeldt : pita pizza!
09:57:20 From Cindy Metzner : Tofu or almond
09:57:26 From Lisa Standring : I want to try the zuccini crust
09:57:26 From Sally : zuchinni for me
09:57:35 From Kit : Curious about tofu
09:57:38 From Kris Carey : Several look interesting, will contemplate which one to start with!
09:57:44 From Karen E : Also curious about the tofu!
09:57:59 From Kris Carey : Spinach seems intriguing
09:58:21 From Sue Fuller : So many choices, I am wondering if I can play with pizza bases made with a chickpea flour. Feeling inspired.

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