12:09:28 From Leigh Ann : Is feeling full/satiety, the same as feeling satisfied? They seem different
12:10:30 From Leigh Ann : It seems like I could eat lots more cake if I was waiting to feel satisfied.
12:18:23 From Marissa Kennerson : Need some coaching on that…
12:24:15 From jennifer : The same thing happened to me w the scale. I told myself “it’s just information”
12:25:08 From jennifer : I tried to observe vs reacting
12:26:06 From Marissa Kennerson : Thank you, Jennifer. 😍
12:28:31 From Jules Clancy : https://nhc.circle.so/c/resources-cd2a06/what-causes-weight-fluctuations
12:30:15 From Mary : I heard a motivational speaker over the weekend and his message was “even if” instead of “what if” – EVEN IF the scale is higher than I’d like, I’m still a naturally healthy person (or gorgeous and inspiring like Marissa says!). Instead of WHAT IF I keep gaining or what if…catastrophe thinking.
12:30:45 From Leigh Ann : Love that.
12:33:32 From Marissa Kennerson : Love that, Mary!
12:43:16 From Leigh Ann : Does is “count” as overeating if it’s vegetables? (They’re “free” with Weight Watchers)
12:43:52 From Marissa Kennerson : I have a latte question…
12:46:20 From Mary : My lattes always have multiple syrups, maybe whipped cream 😉
12:47:00 From Leigh Ann : Looks like oat milk has twice the carbs as cow’s milk – Dr. Google.
12:47:37 From Samantha Jewett : I’m good! Don’t always enjoy it, but I’m doing it.
12:51:09 From Neera : Im not able to decide on treats… im regarding abundance bowls and healthy foods as treats… is that okay
12:51:27 From Leigh Ann : Good job, Mama!
12:51:45 From Marissa Kennerson : Adine – hugs!!!
12:52:03 From jennifer : Sending hugs Adine!
12:52:17 From Mary : I hear you, Adine! Our (four-legged) girls had fleas this week 😫
13:01:07 From Neera : Thanks Jules


2:02:29 Fantastic, okay, so we’ve got transcriptions on.
12:02:32 If anyone wants to see them, and I’ve got the live events transcribed as well.
12:02:38 So that if you wanna go back and just have a look, just you know, if you prefer a rate, or you just wanna quickly flick through.
12:02:45 Those are there. I posted the links to the transcriptions underneath the the replay videos inside so those are there for you to go if you want totally no pressure other news, just a reminder for everyone that we’ve got the private podcast feed so that’s
12:03:03 for the weekly calls and the live event, and also do a thought for the day.
12:03:09 I also put post the thought for the day in circle, but it’s I have more of an explanation on the podcast so that’s to if you haven’t already subscribed to that, there’s a link in circle so that you can check that out and I also post in in a link here in the group just in the
12:03:26 chat for the group, just to make sure you’ve completed the intake form and put in your address if you haven’t already done, I think most people have.
12:03:32 But just in case I thought I would mention it, and you.
12:03:36 Other news. So we have a post of the week Prize.
12:03:39 And so this prize is for it’s usually one person, so he does a post in the in in circle, in the group, and it’s open to anyone.
12:03:50 Any type of post asking for help, sharing a tiny win anything that you posted in the group.
12:03:53 Is eligible. And this week I actually couldn’t decide, because there’s so much activity on the group which I love and so I’m actually, what are 2 posts of the week price so ones for Anka, uncle and the others for Maria and they both posted something
12:04:11 that they were struggling with. So I want always to use something that you, struggling with.
12:04:14 But wanted to celebrate both both Anka and Maria, who were on the call this morning, for, like they noticed something that was like that they weren’t so sure about.
12:04:26 Oh, that was not feeling great! And they posted in the group so that is like exactly what we like.
12:04:31 I’m so proud of them for doing that. And just to reminder that, of course, is going to be times where you’re not sure what you should be doing or like you just, or you feel overwhelmed or just doesn’t feel great, and yet you can turn up to a one of the live calls that’s
12:04:44 a great place to get coach, but you have that ability to post in the group.
12:04:49 There’s a section that says help I’m struggling, posting the group, or even if you like.
12:04:52 It’s not like this big struggle like you can still post in the group.
12:04:56 If there’s something that you, or question, or something that you want help with, and I’ll actually go through and coach later on, and just on what, both on Kay and Maria had had posted, so that, like I’ve coached them in the group, but also just I
12:05:12 think, but both of them had some like them, some things coming up that I think are a really common like things to be worried about, or feeling at this point point.
12:05:21 So I’ll share that with. We’ll do some scratching for the whole group with that.
12:05:24 Okay, that’s news. So recapt from last week.
12:05:28 So last week I theme was, I maximized, the pleasure of food.
12:05:32 And why do we care about pleasure like? Why am I even mentioning that like?
12:05:36 It’s pretty radical in a food like health program that we do this.
12:05:40 And because it’s really fun, it’s the first reason I love that we. I’ve been given this gift of food, and that we get to enjoy that the beautiful pleasure all the flavors and things.
12:05:52 So that’s the first part reason. But the other reason is because it’s a really key part to satiety.
12:05:57 So when we tuned into the pleasure, and we’re getting pleasure from our food, we’re way more likely to feel satisfied with a reasonable amount than if we’re distracted and we’re not paying attention, because and you’ll know that yourself like you there’d be times, where you’d
12:06:12 like, you know, you doing work, and you got a bag of tips like the chips are gone, and you’re like, hang on!
12:06:18 I hardly even feel like I’ve had them. So that’s the 2 main reasons.
12:06:23 But it also like pleasure. And this is something I went from my sex coach last year is a pleasure is actually tuning into pleasure is a really great way to and and this is all types of pleasure.
12:06:34 But you know, eating in particular, it’s a great way to sue ourselves.
12:06:37 It’s a great way to get out of our brains worrying and stressing, and to like to de-stress actually.
12:06:44 And then another reason to tune into pleasure is that it builds that self trust, because when you’re giving yourself like giving yourself permission to 8 food that you really love, and then you’re eating it.
12:06:55 You’re enjoying it and just stopping like, you know, at a reasonable amount like you’re not going back and having, like, you know, 10 cookies are just having one or 2 that that feeling is like I can do these like that builds so much self-trust so heaps of reasons why we wanna
12:07:11 do that, and then with last week we spoke about like how to actually maximize the pleasure of food, so there’s 4 steps that I took you through.
12:07:18 So first he’s just this piece of giving yourself permission to have delicious things, and which is why we in with our daily practice.
12:07:26 The first thing I’m getting you to do is to plan a treat every day.
12:07:30 So you’ve got something that you’re looking forward to, and then and giving yourself permission to really enjoy food because a lot of a lot about over eating is just driven by like restriction and not letting ourselves have food that we love.
12:07:43 So that’s part one step, one step 2 is to enjoy the anticipation, because when we plan stuff, we get to think about it.
12:07:52 And that’s actually brings pleasure and releases dopamine in our brains.
12:07:56 At that moment when we plan just as much as when we actually have the cupcake or the the of wine, or whatever it is.
12:08:03 So we get to like, get we get to eat like it’s just by planning ahead.
12:08:08 We get to enjoy like an anticipate and that that is such a like.
12:08:12 It’s doubling like adding to our pleasure, just imagining having things so that’s step 2 step. So we’ve got.
12:08:19 Give yourself aission, enjoy the anticipation. Let’s say step 3 is to slow down and focus on the food.
12:08:29 And that’s just, you know. Use your senses and step 4 is to coach yourself when you want more, because, of course, like, if something’s really delicious, of course you’re going to want more and and like, of course, there’s gonna be times where you have a slice, of cake, and you’re like, oh, that was so good I
12:08:46 want more, and rather than like getting into that urge to have more just learning to coach yourself in that moment and go actually, you know, there’s a reason why I only plan to have one piece of cake, and also like give yourself the go okay, make a plan.
12:09:00 Okay, I do want more. I’m gonna have like, make it plan for when you can have it later.
12:09:04 So it’s like, you know, I’m going to. Okay.
12:09:07 Maybe I’m gonna have another piece tomorrow, or I’ll have.
12:09:11 I’ll have it next week, or whatever it is. But whatever makes sense for you, but yeah, it’s like giving yourself like coaching yourself and making a plan like what like makes it means.
12:09:22 It’s way more likely to stick to your original plan.
12:09:25 So that’s how we maximize pleasure. So we give ourselves permission.
12:09:28 We enjoy the anticipation, we slow down and focus, and then step 4 is to coach yourself when you want more.
12:09:38 So the answer starts to question, is feeling full society, the same as feeling satisfied.
12:09:42 They seem different. Yeah. And they can be Leanne. Very different.
12:09:46 So. And that’s like, and so what we like, yeah, what you wanna do is just like tune into how you’re feeling like.
12:09:56 And to, and cause because if you’re having like 2, yeah, like they can be the same as well.
12:10:05 I’m just thinking about the best way to to answer that like that.
12:10:09 Is. There’s a feeling of like fullness is like, you know, a feeling like a physical feeling in your Tommy, like I think, think of that.
12:10:21 Whereas feeling, sad he’s just that feeling of like you can feel satisfied like I’ve had enough of that, cookie.
12:10:28 I’ve had enough cookies without necessarily feeling fully in your body.
12:10:32 Does that make? Does that it seems like I could eat a lot more cake.
12:10:35 Yeah, exactly. Exactly. So what we wanna do in, and particularly for sugar, because it stimulates like, it releases a lot of dopamine.
12:10:45 So what we want to do for things like that. That’s why we have boundaries.
12:10:50 And we when we planning what we’re giving ourselves to mission, we’re not giving ourselves to mission to have the whole cake.
12:10:55 We’re giving ourselves permission to have whatever feels good to us, and we’re using our prefrontal cortex to decide that ahead of time rather than using like.
12:11:06 Because if you wait until the moment to feel satisfied when I’ve had enough cake, then you’re going to like you gotta keep wanting the whole cake. So yeah.
12:11:14 That’s the key. Yeah. Awesome.
12:11:16 Great question, Leanne. Okay? And so that’s how we maximize pleasure.
12:11:22 And then, and also that, like the other thing, to remember is that we learn by failing like it’s beginning in the beginning, particularly if you’ve been restricting.
12:11:30 And you’ve been telling yourself cakes bad when you, when you give yourself an opportunity to have them.
12:11:34 It’s there’s going to be a lot more desire. There.
12:11:36 But the more you do this and practice it, the more you’ll build that.
12:11:40 And when you have some means of like actually planning it like something sweet, having one piece really enjoying it and sticking to your plan like that, and building that self, trust the like when you have that evidence like it’s gonna just make it easier and easier.
12:11:57 But it’s a skill that we can learn, and we’re gonna get it wrong sometimes so we don’t wanna do when we get it wrong is to make it mean that we’ll never get there.
12:12:04 Just remember that this is just part of learning to find that balance and you know there’s still times where I get it wrong, like where I have too much sugar, whatever, and that’s okay, like, it’s not like we never need to be perfect.
12:12:17 At it cool. So we yeah. And then there’s the other thing we spoke about.
12:12:22 The other thing we did last week was we did that testing exercise where we had 2 pieces of food, and we ate one with distractions.
12:12:27 And it’s fast as we could, and the other where we slowed down and we’re completely focused.
12:12:32 And I guided you through, you know, taking our time with the food, and so if you haven’t done that exercise like definitely check out the replay from last week and schedule some time to do it.
12:12:43 I’m like just seeing because it’s one thing to intellectually know something.
12:12:49 But when you actually physically have that experience, you’ll like, it really will change how you think about and how you feel about about like eating quickly and eating with distractions.
12:13:00 So? Did anyone have any questions or any thoughts that came up from last week’s call that you wanted to?
12:13:10 I think sometimes I’m having when I go to plan my treat in the morning.
12:13:14 I’m like I don’t know what I get them.
12:13:16 Hmm!
12:13:17 What same leaving space?
12:13:19 Absolutely great.
12:13:20 Like, yeah, and I’ll be like it might be a piece of chocolate. It might be be a piece of cheese, but I that there’s going to be a tree.
12:13:27 It’s gonna be true. And that’s perfect, Marisa.
12:13:30 Okay.
12:13:30 Yeah, yeah, that’s right, yeah, black, yeah, it’s like, some.
12:13:32 Yeah, sometimes you don’t know, and I’ll say sometimes you can change it in the moment, too.
12:13:41 Okay.
12:13:37 Like if you did plan chocolate, and then you’re like, you know, what I really want chasing stead like totally, you can swap out, swap out cheap and also like it’s sometimes like stuff will come up like that.
12:13:46 You hadn’t thought about, and maybe someone’s gonna offer you a amazing doughnut. And you’re like, gonna be, oh, yeah, I’d plan my chocolate. But then you’re like, no, it’s good.
12:13:54 And so like, yeah, feel free to to stop the treats around.
12:13:58 Yeah, for sure. Excellent cool. Anyone else sending questions before we move on.
12:14:05 Okay. Great. Okay. Now, let’s move on to talking about learning things from daily. Wayne.
12:14:12 So we started out we I did kind of give you a high level on this. In the live event.
12:14:18 But I’m gonna gonna go deep deeper on daily.
12:14:21 Weighing today. So the first thing is like, why do we want to weigh ourselves every day?
12:14:29 And basically it’s, there’s no surprises. Then we know when we have the data, we know exactly where we are.
12:14:36 And it’s more immediate feedback than like doing measurements or stealing.
12:14:41 How you close food like that takes a while, but you have to at your body needs to change a bit for your clothes to fit differently unless you’ve got floating.
12:14:50 And so like, yeah, it gives you that more. I immediate feedback.
12:14:55 And the reason we want to do daily versus weekly or monthly is because then it normalizes variation.
12:15:01 So if you’re like, if you don’t, only doing like weighing yourself once a week, if there’s just not enough data for it to be actually meaningful.
12:15:11 And and also like, by doing it daily, it allows you to observe patterns, and it allows you to learn what what works for you, what doesn’t work for you.
12:15:19 And there’s a heap of research that’s showing that people who weigh daily are less likely to be overweight.
12:15:27 So there is a national weight loss registry in the Us. And it’s for anyone who’s lost 30 pounds and kept it off for over a year can join this registry like it’s a study, and most of the people in there have lost like an average of 66 pounds and kept it.
12:15:42 Off for 5 years, and the semi-pause 4% of those people weigh themselves on a regular basis.
12:15:50 So it is like, there’s research around it as well.
12:15:54 And and the cool thing is that like it just gives you like.
12:15:59 Yes, you can feel how you feel in your body, but it just gives you another data point like another frame of reference.
12:16:07 And so it’s just like having the data is like, I find, really, really helpful.
12:16:11 Because one thing I noticed like when before I used to I’ve been waiting for myself for about 10 years, probably won’t go and actually, I have data for 10 years, cause I like got my fifth birthday 10 years ago, when go on.
12:16:27 But yeah, so that like having that data is really, really helpful.
12:16:33 And and it just takes a guessing away, because, like before, I used to be like, always worried about, am I?
12:16:40 Getting white. Am I not like, you know I might. What is it like?
12:16:45 Am I okay? And where it’s now like, when I started weighing myself, I was like, right well, I know exactly if I’m gaining or not, and also, like, you know, if you get bloating, it’s like sometimes you can just feel the blur in your body.
12:16:55 But if you’ve waged yourself, and you know, okay, well, my weight.
12:16:58 Still, this or it’s only slightly up, then that can actually stop some crazy thoughts going on, where whereas if you’re feeling really Laura, in your body, from blurting like you know, you can you’re breaking going to like oh, I’m really like you know, make it a lot worse than it
12:17:12 is so so there’s all the reasons why, and like one of the biggest objections that people have to weighing themselves is that like, I don’t want to obsess about, I don’t wanna obsess about my weight.
12:17:23 It’s like it’s a biggest is the biggest objection.
12:17:26 And the thing is that if you’re fearing and avoiding this scale like it doesn’t make you any less of a slave to it.
12:17:32 And the way to, because you’re still worrying. You’re like in the back of your mind.
12:17:37 I don’t. Am I going? Why not like you’re still obsessing, even if you’re not weighing, and the way this to stop obsessing is really to step on the scale every day, and like without feeling shame or pride, and just put that that that separate yourself, worth from the number
12:17:56 on this scale because you are an amazing person, regardless of what that number is.
12:18:04 And the this is like having this daily practice is a way to remind yourself and to and to notice like, if you are getting attached to it, like what am I thinking about? This?
12:18:12 What am I making it means so like it’s an opportunity to coach yourself and to separate that out.
12:18:18 So yeah, data is power, like, knowledge is power. And it actually stops you stops, you obsessing and stops you guessing because you have that data.
12:18:27 Okay, Marisa says, need some coaching on that.
12:18:30 Okay when we coach that. Now, Marisa, tell me what’s going on, what’s coming up for you?
12:18:35 I’m I really am so proud of myself that I bought a scale, and I just like the first day I was like, Okay, I don’t love that number.
12:18:43 But the next day I lost a pound, and then I felt a little pride about it that I think like another day, went up a little bit.
12:18:49 Anyway, we had a little staycation. We ate every meal out, but I did all the things put, you know, put the color down cool, but I was still up a pound today on the scale, and I really like I had to it didn’t feel great.
12:18:54 Yeah, right?
12:19:02 And I’m like, I’m like, I’m fine.
12:19:05 I’m fine, but I don’t really feel fine.
12:19:06 Right, right, right. Right. Right. So.
12:19:09 I’m like I need to get some coaching because it upset me.
12:19:12 Yeah, yeah, okay, so what were the thoughts like, what were you thinking when you saw that number?
12:19:16 I think I thought like it’s so funny. I thought, like, Oh, I’m this is, it’s not gonna work like I’m not gonna lose weight, like I said, I thought, like last week, I’m going to.
12:19:20 It’s not gonna work. I’m not gonna lose weight.
12:19:26 And then I thought, like everybody’s posting these beautiful wins, and I was too I have had so many wins.
12:19:32 Why am I all of a sudden having this horrible defeatist?
12:19:37 Yeah.
12:19:39 They could cause. You have one.
12:19:36 Thought of, like the whole thing is not gonna work, cause I’m up more than when I persuade myself.
12:19:47 Over one week. One week, Jules.
12:19:44 Right right right over one week. Yeah, yeah. So this is like, okay, not so great that you like feeling like that.
12:19:55 But great that you’re like you that you noticed, Marisa, and great that you came up to, came to the group.
12:19:59 Yeah.
12:19:58 Yeah. And I have some sensitive humor about it, like, I know enough like, get the coaching and be like, it’s gonna be fine.
12:20:04 But I need coaching.
12:20:04 Yeah, cool. Cool, cool, cool. And it’s just can you notice now that like, when you look back on that that thought of like, I’m not gonna lose weight.
12:20:15 It’s not gonna work that’s what’s really freaking you out like.
12:20:18 That’s what’s making you feel the negative emotion.
12:20:19 Yeah, I think it is because I got used the number. I was like, yeah, I didn’t love that number.
12:20:24 But it’s fine. It’s okay, you know. But yeah, it was the like.
12:20:28 This story? Yeah.
12:20:26 All of a sudden this fear that like, what? Yeah? What if I really can’t lose to wait?
12:20:33 Yeah.
12:20:34 You know, that’s not very like. It’s scary and like. And I and I had to tell them, I’m like, it’s been literally one week. Who knows what that number even went away ago when I first weighed myself after years okay.
12:20:44 Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, so, now.
12:20:49 Yeah, it’s scared me. It defeated me. That thought, that story.
12:20:52 Yeah, yeah, so what I’ve installed like since it’s great that you recognize that like.
12:20:59 And of course, like, let’s do some kind of compilion like, of course, that’s still scary like.
12:21:05 And of course it feels like, of course, your brains wanting to immediately go to this means I’m doomed.
12:21:11 Yeah. And when that comes up again cause it’s gonna be times where the scales hired and you expect it to be just reminding yourself like like this, this 1 point, this 1 point of data does not predict the future like it’s just I just need to take it 1.1 one step
12:21:28 at a time.
12:21:29 Okay, this is, it doesn’t predict the future.
12:21:32 Yeah, yeah, and I just have to do it one day at a time.
12:21:36 Okay.
12:21:38 Yeah, so like, think now, like this, this isn’t a prediction of the future.
12:21:43 I just have to focus on 1 one day at a time.
12:21:45 How does that feel?
12:21:50 You think that’s enough to come? Do you tell me?
12:21:47 It sounds good. I think there’s like one. Yeah, I think, yeah, I think I just like to.
12:21:58 Yeah.
12:21:58 You know, I’m a doer that you can’t like.
12:22:01 Do super. Well, we know you can do it quickly, but it’s not gonna work right? You could.
12:22:05 I could leave a bunch of weight in 2 weeks, and then I can gain it all back.
12:22:13 Yeah.
12:22:09 So I think it’s yeah. It’s just a little patience, a little self-compassion, a little believe like you said, you know, having believe that this is going to work.
12:22:17 Yeah, yeah.
12:22:19 And then used to that. I just not used to that. I’m not used to the scale at all.
12:22:23 So it’s just.
12:22:23 Yeah, okay, so what about like, yeah, just bringing the curiosity to intuitive like, okay, well, what can I learn from there?
12:22:32 Okay, we started to see it in that way.
12:22:34 I don’t know. Yeah, okay, I don’t know.
12:22:42 Okay.
12:22:37 Yeah, like. But but telling yourself like, what kind of. And we’re gonna talk about that next of like the things that you’re gonna learn.
12:22:44 Sorry. But yeah, or maybe even just telling yourself, hey, this doesn’t mean I’m doomed.
12:22:50 Okay.
12:22:51 And this is something here for me to learn.
12:22:53 Okay, even if I don’t know what it is. That’s okay.
12:22:57 Okay.
12:22:56 Even if I don’t know what it is. Yeah. And sometimes I won’t know. But sometimes I will like.
12:23:00 This is how I all this is how I want it.
12:23:01 Okay. I know. Cause, yeah, that’s a lot of pressure on myself, too.
12:23:04 I thought, Marisa, how can you even know what that means?
12:23:07 It’s been a week like how could you? You can’t analyze that data yet.
12:23:12 Right.
12:23:12 Yeah, yeah, exactly. Exactly. Yeah.
12:23:15 Okay, so thank you. I just, yeah, I definitely have, because I felt kind of alone with it.
12:23:19 Right? Right? Yeah. And also something else. That I wanted to touch on, that you said in like that, you’ve seen that like people in the group.
12:23:29 So first of all, let’s stop like posting in the group like amounts of white, like, it’s so I actually like, naturally help, you cover, because it’s not biggest loser.
12:23:36 It’s not about sharing pounds and whatever. And so, yeah, like.
12:23:43 And that compare and Despair it, like everyone else’s. That’s in that sort of coach.
12:23:48 Maria, on this morning. Actually, it was like, it’s great when people are everyone’s posting kind of wins in the group.
12:23:54 But sometimes that can like you can like our brains. Our human brains want to go into compare and despair. So where you go.
12:24:01 Oh, everyone else is making so much more progress than me. Yeah.
12:24:05 And.
12:24:04 Yeah, I think, like someone that they had their tree. And the scale went down.
12:24:09 I had a day like that, too, but I don’t have that today.
12:24:10 So I was like, Oh!
12:24:11 Yeah, exactly. So we forget. Isn’t that funny that we forget?
12:24:15 Yeah, yeah, so this is like, it’s actually really great to remind ourselves that, yeah, like that when we go into compar, when we compare that, that’s really not helpful.
12:24:27 And that like an antidote to that, to coach yourself on.
12:24:32 That is just to know it is, and then bring it back to. But you know I’m where I need to be.
12:24:36 I’m learning the lessons I need to learn. And yeah, it just not is pulling yourself up on it like I’m on my journey.
12:24:44 And like, Yeah, I’m where I need to.
12:24:52 Yes. Yeah.
12:24:43 Yeah. And I think education in this session of like that, if it goes up it doesn’t mean it. All is lost, you know, like I don’t even know. I don’t know if means all is lost or not. So I think.
12:24:55 And like a pound, Marisa is like it’s 2 cups of water.
12:25:00 Okay, that’s interesting.
12:24:59 It’s like, yeah, it’s like, you know it. This game of things.
12:25:06 It’s really not. It’s not a big amount of white, and it’s really.
12:25:10 And everyone’s like white fluctuates like by that, just as it as it does like.
12:25:17 That’s just normal part of like, and we’ll go into those reasons why so?
12:25:21 Okay, thank you so much for letting me air it out a little.
12:25:21 Yeah, yeah. Great. No, I think that’s gonna be helpful for everyone.
12:25:26 And Jennifer said same thing happened to me, and I told myself, it’s just information.
12:25:30 Yeah, great Jennifer, so excellent, self-coaching!
12:25:34 So that might be your thought to think if this is just data and it doesn’t change who I am. As a person, it doesn’t change who I’m becoming.
12:25:39 One of my affirmations every morning, is, I’m gorgeous and inspiring like, so, no matter what my weight is, I’m gorgeous and inspiring.
12:25:43 Yeah, yeah, exactly. I love that. That’s beautiful. Yeah, yeah.
12:25:50 It helps. Cause. Yeah, that’s my fear. If I’m you know, too overweight, I’m gonna gorgeous and inspiring.
12:25:55 So I’m like I’m all.
12:25:56 Yeah, that’s right. Yeah, so good. Yes, excellent. Okay.
12:26:03 Great that we coached on that. So how do? How do we go about weighing ourselves every day?
12:26:11 So just you wanna have a prime. If the to help, and this is gonna help.
12:26:16 Marisa, with the with the like to get get before you jump on the scale.
12:26:20 Just remind yourself like, and like to bring the curiosity.
12:26:25 So it’s like I when I do it. It’s like, Oh, I wonder what it’s gonna be today, and particularly if I’ve had like a I like a hit.
12:26:32 At a big dinner and a very, and I know that it’s probably gonna be hot up.
12:26:39 Then I just remind myself, oh, I want it’s gonna be hot up. Then I just remind myself, Oh, I wonder what it’s gonna be like.
12:26:41 And oftentimes you’ll find like when you’re approaching it like that if you think it’s gonna be really high.
12:26:44 It’s not as bad as you think. It’s gonna be.
12:26:47 It’s not as high as it’s gonna be.
12:26:49 But that just reminds us as high as it’s going to be.
12:26:52 But that that thought is like helps to bring the curiosity or Jennifer’s thought.
12:26:58 It’s like helps to bring the curiosity or Jennifer’s thought. You know, it’s just information that can be a helpful one is use. It’s just information that can be a helpful one, as views.
12:27:00 Or it’s just data. This is just data. I’m not.
12:27:03 This doesn’t change me as a person, so have that little coaching session with yourself before you jump on the scale.
12:27:07 So you wanna treat it as an experiment. But and to weigh yourself every day like it’s important to do it.
12:27:12 Like first thing in the morning before you have anything to eat and drink, and I’m wearing the same thing.
12:27:18 So you’ve got that consistency. There was a time where I started wearing these bed socks on it, weighed myself to be the bed soaked on, and like I was like, Oh, my goodness, why so?
12:27:28 And I didn’t really realize. And then I weighed the socks.
12:27:31 Later separately, and they were like they were kilo, like my Big 6 socks, like.
12:27:36 So it’s 2 pounds like from the socks.
12:27:38 So, yes, wait a second. Where the same thing every day. And then we want to graph your results, because that helps to see things in perspective, because it is the number.
12:27:49 Like that the when I was going to go up and down and plus or minus like one pound or 2 pounds.
12:27:54 Is normal fluctuations, so puzzle, minus it like 500 grams, is normal fluctuation.
12:28:01 And so, yeah, you want to be able to see it on a graph and just remind yourself, yeah, it’s just, we wanna just be really careful about what you make it mean.
12:28:12 Whatever the number is. So yes, so things are cause weight to fluctuate up.
12:28:19 So the first thing is and there’s actually this, this is in circle.
12:28:23 I’ll just post the link if you wanna if you wanna have a look at it and see the visual, I will see words written down.
12:28:33 Yes, that’s this, is it under the resources section in Circle?
12:28:38 But the things that cause weight to fluctuate up, any more than enough eating, more than enough.
12:28:44 Number 3, eating more than enough. So eating more than your body obviously cause this way to go to go up number 4 is grazing, so that, and that the reason for that is, it’s really it’s much harder to tune into your body.
12:29:00 And it because you can, if you’re grazing all day, you can be eating little bits of food.
12:29:03 You never actually feel super full. So if it’s satisfied, or feel like you’ve overeaten.
12:29:08 But you have still eaten across the you know that time period more than your body needs number 5 is Constipation.
12:29:17 Nobody’s friend, but that can be another thing that particularly if it’s really surprising.
12:29:21 That’s one of the first things I check in with all.
12:29:23 How my digestive health number 6 is sold. So what?
12:29:27 And that’s because when we have a if, you’re not used to having a lot of salt food, and you have something really salty that can cause water retention.
12:29:35 So that causes the weight to fluctuate off high carb foods.
12:29:40 If you so, and the reason for that is just the way that we store carbohydrate as glycogen when we store one gram.
12:29:48 So one unit of carbohydrate our body does the chemical way that it does it.
12:29:54 It actually stores 4 grams of water at 4 units of water.
12:30:00 So, even though you’ve only eaten like over eaten by at least one.
12:30:04 This, this this amount. Then you’ve got the 4 extra bits of water that it contributing to the weight being up.
12:30:10 And so what you’ll find is if you have. Say, shoot, sushi!
12:30:14 Then you you know you can, listen to your body. Feel like I didn’t really oververeat that.
12:30:19 But then it’s on like, unexplicably high.
12:30:24 It’s because of this water storage thing. And so then the next day if you haven’t had Sashaid like, it’ll you’ll that you’ll go back down so that’s not a reason to never have cbs or never have a sushi but it’s just something to
12:30:35 be mindful of that sometimes you know, if that’s you’re making that choice to have high-cab food that that’s going to reflect. The next day.
12:30:41 But it will go away afterwards. Heavyweight sessions can cause cause weight to go up, and but personally, I don’t experience these like I do work out with weights, but I I’m not like crazy.
12:30:57 I’ve never noticed a correlation between like weights, days and training days.
12:31:03 And in my way. And then the final thing that causes weight to fluctuate up is, you know, pre-period, water retention.
12:31:09 So depending on your hormones that can put some people that that ease like a couple of days before that period the white will be higher than the expected.
12:31:17 Again. That’s something that I don’t. But I’ve got Pcrs and crazy cycles so that’s all the reasons that things like white fluctuates up.
12:31:25 But then in terms of like things that cause weight to fluctuate down, we’ve got listening to your body, listening to your body.
12:31:31 And number 3 listening to your body, so eating, getting that quantity piece right is so key to this.
12:31:37 Number 4 is eating proper meals, because, as like, it’s a opposed to the grazing one, like, if you’re eating proper meals, you’re more likely to feel satisfied and listen to your body.
12:31:49 Number 5. It causes weight to fluctuate down, and this often will be a surprise.
12:31:53 Is like the diarrhoea opposite of the concentration.
12:31:57 No need to explain that I find eating like a lot.
12:32:01 80, more hy protein. Food causes weight to fluctuate down because and I think that generally because when you’re the more when you’re having more protein, you are feeling more satisfied, so you’re more likely to stop stop with less lose that over, any number 7 is dehydration so
12:32:19 just if it’s a hot day, and you haven’t had enough to drink, and then number 8 is alcohol.
12:32:24 So. And what happens is like when we have alcohol, it dehydrates us.
12:32:29 So so often, you know. We’ll go out for a bigger night, and you know, over age, and then the next day, then number on this scale won’t be as bad as we were expecting it to be, and that’s just because the alcohol is dehydrated, is so even though
12:32:45 we’ve over eaten the net negative is that the weight isn’t as high as you’d be expecting.
12:32:50 So so that’s the the key things that cause these like day-to-day fluctuations.
12:32:56 And then there’s other factors that play into it.
12:32:59 So it’s like things like sleep. Your activity, level stress and insulin resistance.
12:33:03 So they impact your that like the one-term trend.
12:33:09 But they don’t call the cause. These like date daily fluctuations, and and the reason they impact your long term trend is because of the impact that that sleep, activity, level stress and insulin resistance have on your appetite.
12:33:24 So, so we’re just gonna I’m just gonna share.
12:33:27 Chronica chart with you guys. So this is Veronica is someone who is in the oh, actually, have I got this happen? Yeah, we’re gonna screen share.
12:33:37 Let’s do it, screen share. I think this is the right one.
12:33:43 Okay, no. Oh, no. Where is it? Oh, where I go? Here we go.
12:33:54 So cause you guys can see it. Can you guys see a graph that?
12:33:59 Yeah, and so what I want you to take away from this is like, you know, this is over.
12:34:06 The 6 months is like the other was period. There appears where you know the number was pretty pretty flat, and then it would be up and down and up and down.
12:34:16 So this is, this is like normal, like, but you can see the overall trend.
12:34:20 How that’s changed. So you know, there was a good few weeks there where, like nothing was happening, where it’s not like like it was kind of looked like it was stagnant.
12:34:30 And then you know, it changed down. So just this is important, I think, just to normalize that you know, it’s not ever going to be this like amazing perfect curve down that we do get ups and downs and there’s but instead, we like just wanna be looking at the long term picture.
12:34:50 And yeah, and just remembering to focus on 1 one day at a time.
12:34:55 So it’s like just knowing that like this, doing your best with each day like is the best it’s the fastest way to get that curve to change.
12:35:06 And yes, Veronica said, like I already know, this is on a subject that needs big pictures, stravizing, so I already know what to do.
12:35:14 Just the same old little things one day at a time, one of a time, one meal at a time, one at a time.
12:35:23 So so yes, so share. That’s yeah. That’s all.
12:35:27 Part of playing ourselves. This is, it’s normal. Okay, what am I saying?
12:35:35 Even if instead of what if all right, even if the scale is higher than I’d like to be, I’m a naturally healthy person, or gorgeous and inspiring instead of what if yeah, right?
12:35:47 That’s a really powerful reframe, Mary, like I love that like thinking about.
12:35:52 Even if this girl is higher than I expected to be. Yes, so good.
12:35:55 Thanks for sharing that. Mary. Mary. Okay, so we’ll just some sneaky thoughts that can creep in when we’re weighing ourselves is like, you know, it doesn’t make sense.
12:36:06 But I did everything right like, but I was being so good, and the numbers still higher, so you can see like you’re thinking like I’m being so good, and the number is still high like that makes me feel like poor me.
12:36:18 It’s not very helpful. It feels very really demoted.
12:36:20 Do motivating, and so, rather than thinking that just remembering like, it’s supposed to fluctuate that’s okay, like this is part of normal part of fluctuation, I think, is a way more power like inspiring and more.
12:36:33 Motivating thoughts, or, if you notice yourself saying, Oh, that’s like Marissa, like it’s not working.
12:36:41 Just remember, yeah, it is supposed to fluctuate. It is supposed to it’s not supposed to go down every day.
12:36:47 I’m exactly where I need to be.
12:36:49 Oh, another one is like Oh, you know, why can’t I?
12:36:54 I can’t eat. Sushi! I can’t eat pizza. I can’t eat.
12:36:55 I-cream if I want to lose weight, and what we want to remove is that that it’s never any particular food like there’s no bad food, so there’s never any particular food.
12:37:05 That’s a problem. It’s like, yes, you can eat those foods.
12:37:08 It’s just the amount that you have in the frequency that you have.
12:37:12 So you might find, if you have associate, you know, every day, but like that’s fine.
12:37:18 As long as you’re only having it as a small amount, that you will still be able to lose weight.
12:37:23 But we you don’t wanna like think to yourself if you really love sushi, and don’t start thinking to yourself or if I want to lose weight, they can’t have sushi that, because that just get get you into restrictive mindset so we want to just remind ourselves.
12:37:36 That yeah, like, just be careful about. During that conclusion, or the same as like, oh, I can’t eat at restaurants if I wanna lose weight.
12:37:43 Yes, you can eat at restaurants if you want to lose weight.
12:37:45 What we need to do is when you’re eating at restaurants, really tuning into your body and like look at the quantity pace.
12:37:53 So some helpful questions that I find, when you to like to get you curious when you’re like, and to kind of diagnose what’s going on first is like, does looking back like when I’m when the weight’s higher than I would expect it to be I think back to like was I
12:38:09 grazing. Was I snacking? Was it picking when I was cooking, and oftentimes the answer would be Yes, or like another one to think about is like, you know, did I really listen to my Tommy Meal? Time?
12:38:22 Particularly at dinner time, like and you know, do I not just sleep food on my plate?
12:38:26 But did I really tune in like, how was I feeling after dinner?
12:38:30 I also always check in with like a wonder about like how’s my digestive health?
12:38:34 And just make sure that that you see, that could have been the cause.
12:38:40 And then I think about like, do I have a lot of cobs, or do I have a lot of alcohol assault like with with those factors?
12:38:46 And then also, like you know, what do I want to do differently now now that I know that this this happened, and this is the result like, is there anything that I want to do differently because of this?
12:38:54 And that’s how we learn. Hey, Mary, just still your hand up.
12:39:03 Yeah. Cool. Yes.
12:39:08 Amazing.
12:38:59 Yeah, I thought I could add something on that. Since I’ve been doing it for since July, and I was not surprised when over the holidays, like, I, you know, did some sort of ups and downs more ups and downs.
12:39:18 But then in January, I thought making the most of January, it’s gonna be great month, and it wasn’t.
12:39:25 And so I thought I was doing everything right that I remembered what you said about when it’s not like you feel like something’s out of whack, like, you know.
12:39:35 I think I’m doing everything right. But my, this scale isn’t reflecting it, or I’m not feeling good at my clothes or some other indicator.
12:39:41 Yeah.
12:39:56 January is a month of protein in chocolate.
12:39:43 So what I did was I got really honest with myself about treats, and I told Lisa at lunch the other day I took, I think I got to where basically, I was eating protein and chocolate like I was like I can eat what I can eat whatever I want but I have to eat
12:40:02 protein. So then I feel really righteous that I, my protein, and then I would have chocolate, and and I was always listening to my belly.
12:40:08 And all of that, but but when I got really honest about, and I like how you said it last week like a treatise, whatever feels like an indulgent, and when I stopped that weight watchers kind of thinking of you know well, this is a point, and this, is a point, so they’re equivalent.
12:40:28 and I can just eat as much truckload as I eat protein, and I kind of got really honest with myself.
12:40:33 I always have a journal, anyway. So I plan out my meals.
12:40:37 And then in the evening or the next morning, I would be like, what did I really?
12:40:40 Okay, and just check it.
12:40:40 And then I would notice that I had many more treats than I thought I was having, and so now I’m kind of setting and being very intentional about that setting that tre goal and thinking to myself when I have an opportunity to eat, something, and I think oh, but I’ve done so well and of course
12:41:01 my stomach. My tummy is still not satisfied.
12:41:05 It’s completely stuffed. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
12:41:04 I can have chocolate instead. Yeah, then of you know, another bite of sandwich.
12:41:10 I I think. Oh, but that’s an indulgence.
12:41:14 So that’s a treat like I’m trying to train my mind to be like.
12:41:18 Right, right, yeah.
12:41:19 That’s a tree, you know. That’s not part of your meal, Mary.
12:41:22 So, yeah.
12:41:29 Yeah.
12:41:22 Yeah, right? So do you think it’s just like, I think all the way you sit there about being a bit more honest with yourself, Mary, like that’s that’s really it. Yeah.
12:41:32 And sounds like you’re doing it from like a like a kind place to like.
12:41:36 Not a like.
12:41:36 Yeah, it was really. It’s been a week just not trying to control it or anything just like noting it, like just data.
12:41:46 You know just data. How many times did I have a chocolate, or how many times did I, you know, have a latte right?
12:41:55 A moka latte. How many times did I do that?
12:41:58 And I just kind of kept kept tracking. By the end of the week I was really surprised that I had.
12:42:09 Yeah. Fascinating, isn’t it?
12:42:02 I was indulging myself like twice as much as I thought I was like, if you had asked me, I would have said, Oh, no, no!
12:42:18 Actually, there’s a lot. There’s a lot of intelligency. Yeah, yeah.
12:42:14 More than once or twice a day, and by the end of the week it was like, Oh, okay, it’s more like good, more like 4, 5 times a day, you know.
12:42:24 So then I, so that refocusing what you said last week, you know, getting back with the 3 h, you know.
12:42:33 Kick, starting again was like, alright. Think of it as it’s an indulgence, not it’s like my last course of my lunch, or it’s not my snack, you know my snacks should be something that gives me energy, and keeps me going.
12:42:49 Nuts is okay. But it’s an indulgence.
12:42:53 Yeah, got it? Got it?
12:42:52 If it’s just a that was my learning to myself.
12:42:57 And I you know I wasn’t mad at myself. I didn’t.
12:43:00 I didn’t, you know, punish myself or anything? It was just sort of like, okay, you know.
12:43:05 Come on in or 3 year old. You’ve taken the wheel for a while like, get back in your car seat.
12:43:08 Yeah, yeah, and like, we, we know where what happens when you’re driving.
12:43:14 Right? Yeah, we see what happens. Yeah.
12:43:14 So, thank you. Yeah, yeah, I I love that, Mary, like it sounds like you’re approaching it from like, yeah, this is what like, I don’t need all that that indulgence.
12:43:26 Right.
12:43:26 Actually, I wanna like this is what it like. This is what I like.
12:43:29 I can. Still it had some indulgence, but I can rain it back.
12:43:33 Yeah.
12:43:33 Yeah. It’s well, it’s feels like now.
12:43:37 And then using, you know, different tools. It’s like, No, I want to anticipate it.
12:43:42 I want to look forward to it. I have to tell you.
12:43:43 Hmm!
12:43:45 This is my tiny win for the week is I bought Girl Scout cookies on Friday. I haven’t had one yet.
12:43:51 Right, right, right.
12:43:53 It’s like, you know. So I. So I just you know I’m but that’s gonna be my treat today.
12:44:04 Yay, so you’ve been looking forward to the girls.
12:44:02 I’m gonna have my some golf happens, and I’ve been looking forward to it.
12:44:08 Yeah.
12:44:07 Yeah, so good. It’s like I was wondering if you like, you didn’t actually like.
12:44:12 Go Scott! Cookies, and you just bought them because they are they good.
12:44:13 Oh, no, no, no, no, no! Have been known to eat a whole box.
12:44:16 They? Good. Yeah.
12:44:18 Yeah, no, no, no, but yeah. So that’s I’ve been looking forward to it all day long today.
12:44:23 You know, it’s just like, Yeah, I’m gonna have. Yeah.
12:44:23 Yeah, and how much fun is that? Yeah, yeah, yeah. So good.
12:44:29 Hey, Marissa, what’s your question? Oh, and Leona actually does it count as overeating if it’s vegetables?
12:44:37 Yes, Leanne, like too much food, is too much food.
12:44:42 Yeah. But great question, Lia. I’m glad you asked.
12:44:48 Oh, so I know there’s no bad food and stuff.
12:44:47 Okay, Marisa, what about you? What did you? What was your question?
12:44:51 But really just a nutrition education question, kind of like too many vegetables, is a latte with like oat milk.
12:44:57 But no sugar like. I don’t consider that a treat, but if there’s a lotte with like lavender honey, that would be a treat, but is just a regular latte with oat milk is that a treat that I just for like.
12:45:11 So does it feel indulgent to you.
12:45:14 No, if I have it with any kind of sugar in it like a this lavender, honey, one that’s a treat.
12:45:20 Yeah.
12:45:20 But at 110’clock I like to leave because I work from home.
12:45:23 Sometimes I go get a latte. It just feels like I I mean, I love it, but it doesn’t feel like chocolate or drink with sugar in it, or it feels like work.
12:45:36 Survival.
12:45:32 Yeah, yeah, okay, well, it sounds good to you. Sounds like it’s it’s not a trade for you.
12:45:38 Okay, it’s just like.
12:45:39 Yeah, yeah. The one thing I would just say, like for anyone that’s got insulin resistance milk having milk is like, even though it doesn’t have a lot of carbohydrate in it.
12:45:50 There’s something about wayp, powder, wave protein that acts in a similar way to glucose in your body.
12:45:57 So it actually stimulates insulin. So if you have any.
12:45:59 I always do. Is that like oat milk?
12:46:05 Kind of sugar, though probably right, and it just.
12:46:02 Oh, yeah, so it doesn’t have the waypad at well, it has some carbohydrate in it, but like they they definitely add some sugar to sweeten that.
12:46:14 But I I’m not sure if yeah, I need to have a look at the ingredient list.
12:46:17 Okay.
12:46:19 But yeah, like, which is, I was just thinking for for everyone else.
12:46:22 Like, if you are interested in these things. That’s something just to be mindful of that.
12:46:26 Yeah, okay.
12:46:28 Yes, yeah. My latte always has multiple series menu with cream. Guy.
12:46:32 Mary, awesome. Okay. So does anyone else have any questions on weighing yourself like, how’s everyone feeling about that?
12:46:40 Let me go into Gallery View a second. See?
12:46:47 Anyone got any worries, hesitations, no, we’re feeling good about weighing yourself. Money.
12:46:56 You’re feeling okay about it. Yeah. She’s not in great great Samantha Jennifer.
12:47:01 Chris, nera.
12:47:05 Right, right.
12:47:13 Yeah. Okay. No one knows everyone feeling good about it. Okay, actually, Chris, Chris is like you’re still thinking about it. So that’s good. I hope you’re still thinking about it, Chris, you don’t have a desire for anyone else that’s like flag that they’re like not comfortable
12:47:28 with, weighing yourself. Just remember, take all this with a grain of salt and that, you know we’re getting we’re working out alternatives, tracking strategy for you guys.
12:47:38 All the answers that looks like oatmeal has twice the cards as cows milk. Yeah.
12:47:43 So like to be mindful of that. But we don’t wanna like if you love art milk lates like include them in your life.
12:47:51 Marisa, yeah. Samantha says, I’m good.
12:47:56 I don’t always enjoy it, but I’m doing it. Okay.
12:47:58 So, if you’re not enjoying it for the matter with like, bring some buttons.
12:48:02 How can you bring it? Some? The curiosity into it, and like, have it make it as a game with yourself, like it doesn’t have to be this life or death being, it doesn’t have to be this heavy like awful thing that you’re doing.
12:48:14 It’s like, just you’re allowed it’s allowed to be fun.
12:48:17 I know that sounds crazy. Okay, so before moving to coaching, just so, your home place to where we’re meant to be focusing on at the moment, it’s the same as last week.
12:48:29 So wanna start your daily practice habit so that habit of like writing you one sentence and planning your daily treat and you you’re welcome to take.
12:48:41 There’s a running, a challenge to help you with that.
12:48:42 Habit. So that’s details for that are in circle.
12:48:45 The second thing we have about we’re working on is weighing ourselves every day, or tracking ourselves in other ways.
12:48:52 The third habit that we’re focusing tiny habit that we’re focusing on is that putting our colorary down?
12:48:57 So when I just keep going with those 3 habits.
12:49:00 And then the final thing is to your other homework is to post a tiny win in the group or post.
12:49:06 Something in the group of it doesn’t have to be a tiny when it can be a fail if you like, and just to like, I think we’re doing that like as soon as you do it like, as soon as you notice something thinking oh, this could be I could share this, in the group just grab you find
12:49:18 out like, get the open up the circle, app and share like if you wait till later, you usually forget.
12:49:24 So yeah, it’s really incredible. And nothing’s too small to share as well.
12:49:28 So that is our home play. Okay, so does anyone actually, does anyone have any coaching that like, does anyone have anything that they wanted?
12:49:38 Like they’re like, Oh, I want I want to help with these before I move onto the okay.
12:49:47 And Maria.
12:49:50 You can type in a group of Dane. Tell me what’s going on.
12:49:56 I just needed a little bit of Jules love today.
12:49:59 It’s been a horrific week. Everybody was sick, and halfway through the week the girls got lice.
12:50:09 I can be fighting it is, and and the first treatment didn’t take, and I did another round today, and I’ve watched every bed sheet and every talent again in the house, and I just have reached my point of I can’t.
12:50:27 I can’t anymore. I can’t. I can’t.
12:50:32 Really bad bad week, but on the bright side I’ve really still capped with not eating sugar late, so that at least I’m sleeping.
12:50:41 Okay and and trying not to eat late. So just to still to keep those self-care things that I think are becoming part of my very important part of my naturally healthy Dean, so that at least I can slowly and I don’t have to think about license in the middle of the night.
12:50:28 Fantastic. Fantastic. Yes, we are seeing. Oh, yeah, like, what’s really celebrate you? Do that like that?
12:51:06 You’re doing that. Yeah. Cause it’s like, that’s hot. Hey?
12:51:11 Oh, it’s hard, it’s hard. And tonight I I just.
12:51:15 I’ve been looking for something. I went wrestling through the fridge, and I thought, Jules is online.
12:51:20 I’m gonna talk to Jules just for a minute, and that will make me happy, and then I won’t feel like eating, and I will go brush my teeth and be okay.
12:51:24 Oh, yeah, oh, good for you, Jane.
12:51:32 No!
12:51:30 Yeah, yeah, let’s like, title of opportunity, practice in self-compassion. Hey? Like, how hot is that lie?
12:51:40 So gross!
12:51:38 Sman, Grace. Yeah, I’m looking like it’s a really tough week and taking care of yourself.
12:51:46 And like, yeah.
12:51:48 So we we we are working.
12:51:52 We are getting forwards. I just I needed to share. We talked about that before that.
12:51:56 Just I need it. Yeah, yeah.
12:51:53 Yeah, yes, sometimes. Just get it out. Yeah, it’s been hard.
12:52:02 It’s like to be saying, Yeah, yeah.
12:52:02 Yeah. But Michael, sick of me, because I’m just so cranky.
12:52:06 But I’m yes, I appreciate I appreciate the love and and yes, and now I will go and not eat, and brush my teeth, cause I don’t.
12:52:16 I don’t need to. I’m okay.
12:52:15 Oh, fantastic! You don’t need to. You don’t know. Yeah, I’m like, Hey, there we go!
12:52:21 This is hard. And I’m okay. That’s like the thought to go up with the team.
12:52:27 Thank you. I feel better.
12:52:26 Yeah, I’m okay. Hmm, sending you a big hug a day in good.
12:52:31 Hello!
12:52:33 I’m glad to hear that you yeah, you are okay.
12:52:34 You’ll be okay. Yeah.
12:52:37 That’s top. The nearest posted. I’m not able to decide on traits.
12:52:43 I’m regarding abundance bowls and healthy foods as treats as that.
12:52:47 Okay, it’s really up to you, Nero, like, like, yeah, like, my stays.
12:52:52 If you wanna just have abundance balls. Great! But I would encourage you to think about like, what’s something that you wouldn’t have normally have considered bad and get a plan to have it like like in the next week.
12:53:05 So if you don’t have to. But your tree can be like it can be healthy, but like it’s your trades don’t have to like.
12:53:13 Yeah. Don’t have to be like sugar, and whatever.
12:53:18 However, I think it is also important to like as part of being having a healthy relationship with food is actually giving yourself permission to have like food that you would have considered that, or that you would have considered you know that not permissible food.
12:53:33 So? Is there anything that that you like? You kind of like you’re craving near that your buddy really wants?
12:53:38 But you really want like that your soul really needs like I’d be thinking about that.
12:53:43 You know, it’s just like that. I don’t want to have them.
12:53:47 You don’t want to have them. There’s nothing that you really want.
12:53:50 Okay, we’ll keep doing that like if you don’t.
12:53:50 No!
12:53:55 So it it is like, I.
12:53:52 Really, if there’s nothing that you’re like. Hi, I really want one of those like Indian. This is like, if you don’t really want them in joining. But.
12:54:02 You know I’ve I just don’t like my favorite rates would be like chips and chocolate.
12:54:09 Okay.
12:54:11 But but I really don’t want to have them, but because I’m supposed to have a trade, I will take them out and have them.
12:54:18 Okay. Okay, okay, well, that’s that’s not it.
12:54:22 If you don’t want it, then it’s not.
12:54:21 So it’s like it’s it’s counterintuitive.
12:54:24 It’s not if you, if you don’t want them, then it’s not really a trade.
12:54:29 Yeah.
12:54:29 But I regard them as a treat, because I cannot stop when I start eating them.
12:54:34 Right? Right? So just tell me, understand a little bit more at say so.
12:54:42 Yep. Are you planning to have chocolate in tubs?
12:54:45 So when I think of a treat that I have for the day, nothing comes up.
12:54:51 Okay.
12:54:52 But during that, but during the day. Then I said, you over have to have a treat. I have to have a treat, and then I’ll see some chocolate or I see some chips, or I’ll see some nuts.
12:55:03 Okay.
12:55:01 Then I’ll take some, and then, you know, I finished the whole bag.
12:55:06 Okay, let me test it out, or something like that. And.
12:55:08 Right. So you’re deciding in in the moment what your treats gonna be. And you’re not deciding how much you’re gonna have before you start eating.
12:55:17 Yeah, yeah, so there are 2 things I’ve noticed. One is when I sit down to write in my diary in the morning.
12:55:24 Yeah.
12:55:25 I cannot think of any treat, because I really don’t crave for anything.
12:55:28 Yeah, okay.
12:55:38 Okay.
12:55:29 But during the day, in the moment I discussed that I haven’t had my tweet, and this can be a treat if I’m going out with a friend that can be a treat, and then it then you know, it is like I listen to my body, and I listen to myself.
12:55:54 Right.
12:55:46 And I say, Okay, only so much, and not more than this, but I realize that when I’m in that process my brain has also shut down, and it’s on automatic part, you know, whatever I’m doing.
12:55:58 Yeah.
12:56:00 It is like, Okay, I can have only a handful I can taste every bite.
12:56:06 So this is working somewhere, and I have that much, and I’m satisfied.
12:56:07 So there are times where you’ve done that, and it’s worked.
12:56:12 Yes, it’s working.
12:56:11 Nera, yeah. Okay. Okay. Okay. Great, great. But it’s not working every time.
12:56:15 Yesterday and day before. Yeah, yeah, no. But I’m realizing that my brain just shuts down you know, it’s like a complete shutting down of the brain.
12:56:30 Yeah, okay.
12:56:28 And the search. The urge takes one. We are wanting more, but somewhere at the back of the mind it is coming through that.
12:56:37 You know, I just have to have a handful, and I have to take it slowly.
12:56:48 Yeah.
12:56:42 Have each one and saver the flavor and then, you know, it’s not as if I’m having the whole bag of chips, or maybe 3 bowls of cache nuts.
12:56:51 Yeah.
12:56:53 Well, you, just yeah, you.
12:56:52 I’m just restricting myself to a handful, so the time find it very strange.
12:57:12 Okay.
12:56:57 Yeah, okay, so I think so, one of the things to like prevent that when your brain goes on autopilot like that is to like, serve the food out and put it away before you’ve got any it. So once you’ve decided what your treaty is yeah, like, don’t just start
12:57:20 Okay. Okay.
12:57:16 grabbing through like out of the bag like you serving it into a ball or onto a play. And then you’re putting the rest of it away, because then you have to actually make a conscious choice to get up and get more.
12:57:29 Did you think like that could be something to it? Play around with this week?
12:57:33 I’ve done that, you know.
12:57:35 Yeah.
12:57:39 Yeah.
12:57:37 Just take out and leave the rest in the other room, but then I will get up and go and get more.
12:57:42 Right right. But that’s you’re making a decision to do that.
12:57:47 Yeah, yeah, so.
12:57:46 Okay. Okay. So this is something I’m using about the entire thing.
12:57:52 You know one is not deciding tweets ahead of time.
12:57:56 And the other thing is having it in the moment, and then, in the moment the craving takes over and realizing that you know your there’s something going on where your brain is not functioning.
12:58:09 There are 2 things in there.
12:58:06 Yeah, okay, yeah, yeah, there’s a lot to it. And like, it’s just yeah, we’re gonna talk about cravings next week.
12:58:17 Okay.
12:58:16 Near us, or like definitely that’s coming but I’m just thinking like for you, for now, maybe like, Oh, maybe it’s like when you have that, urge to have a tree like in the moment rather than giving into that, like having the trait thinking I have to have a trait now on giving into it
12:58:38 now, maybe the thing is to do is to plan it’s good to go.
12:58:41 Okay, this is my treat. I’m gonna have it tomorrow.
12:58:44 Okay.
12:58:44 And actually put some separation. And then in that morning that morning, remember, okay, this is and you might have to like it.
12:58:52 Like to have a trade list. This is my list of trades, and deciding in that in the morning.
12:58:56 Okay, yeah, yeah, I think that. Yeah.
12:58:57 Yeah. Do you think that was, yeah, okay? And the other, the other thing is that you don’t have to have like your treat doesn’t have to be chocolate or chips, or like food that triggers you to over eat every single day.
12:59:13 Like you don’t have to have a treat every single day.
12:59:17 Hmm!
12:59:16 It could just be that you’re like you can you can have days where you skip tricks, where you just don’t.
12:59:21 You don’t do the treaty. You don’t have to.
12:59:23 Yeah, like, in like, it does no pressure to have treats.
12:59:21 Okay, okay, okay. No pressure to Heartbridge.
12:59:27 Yeah, like, if you really don’t want them if you’re not like, you’re working on in the morning.
12:59:31 And you’re like, not really want anything like, Yeah, that’s yeah like, that’s completely fine.
12:59:35 Okay. Okay, thanks. Thanks. Okay. It feels good.
12:59:38 Yeah, but that’s okay. Yeah, how does that feel? An era yeah, I’m glad that you’re outside Christian.
12:59:45 It takes the pressure off.
12:59:46 Yeah, great. Great. Yeah. Yeah. And and we’ll talk about urges and and cravings next week.
12:59:52 And like, I’ve got a tool to to help you help you with those.
12:59:56 So to bring you to be more intentional. Okay, excellent.
12:59:59 Thanks. Thanks. Thanks. Julie.
13:00:02 Okay, well, we might wrap up there, everyone. So yeah, that was some really great coaching today.
13:00:08 I think we like really like deal delving into these. And yeah, 2 things to think about is just not doing going into compare and despair.
13:00:17 If that happens, no pull yourself up on it, and remember like you’re exactly where you need to be.
13:00:23 And also like, Oh, yeah, if you feel like you’re behind, and you don’t like that, you’re like, cause that’s on kids.
13:00:30 The price was that she felt like she’d been missed out, and she hadn’t started well, because she was like 2 weeks behind.
13:00:36 Then again, don’t like just notice it. That thought I’ve I’m fine doesn’t feel very good.
13:00:43 So instead, just remember, like, you’re exactly where you need to be.
13:00:47 And if you used to about anything, or you’re not sure like reach out the coaching like I did, so that we can get you feeling clear and making it feel like you know, exactly where you need to be.
13:00:56 Okay, how’s that feeling for everyone? Good. Awesome. Okay.
13:01:01 Have a great week, everyone and I look forward to seeing you in the group.

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